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The Scorpio Files Episode Guide
The following are episode summaries I wrote.  *Please ask before taking any of my pictures. Thanks!

  Laura's Return
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Luke is reunited with his beloved Laura.
Two years after she disappeared from the Port Charles waterfront, Laura Spencer returned as mysteriously as she had left. The force which separated Luke and Laura was not the Cassadine curse, but another Cassadine, Stavros! He abducted Laura (with Helena's approval) to avenge the destruction of his family at the Spencer hand. For nearly two years, Laura had been held captive on a remote island off the coast of Greece. Helena allowed Laura to escape. Stavros was consumed with getting her back. After his inauguration as Mayor, Luke walked out onto the balcony and noticed Laura in the yard. They were joyously reunited. Stavros prepared to rape Laura at knife point as Luke, his hands tied to the bedpost, watched in horror. Luke used the bedpost to hit Stavros over the head. A groggy Stavros fell down the stairs and died. Luke and Laura departed Port Charles in pursuit of new adventures.

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