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  Holly and the Sutton Oil Scam
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Luke couldn't take his eyes off the mysterious Holly.
In the mountains, Luke came upon a mystery girl swimming naked in a lake and was instantly intrigued. Holly Sutton and Luke kept running into each other and Luke came to her rescue after she injured her knee. 

Later, the couple made love but in the morning Luke awoke to find his British beauty gone. Relaxing in a penthouse, Holly reported her success on the phone. "I'm heading for Port Charles to begin the second round of our plans. Soon we will have Luke Spenser right where we want him," she told her "Daddy."

Robert noted that Luke had returned much more cheerful. Luke's good mood improved even more when he was called in to bail out Holly, who had been charged with vagrancy. After letting her sit in jail for the night Luke bailed her out the next day.

Meeting Robert and Jackie, Holly told the friends the reason for her arrival in Port Charles. Her father's will left Holly a piece of property there, a local swamp. Upon inspecting the area Luke discovers a dark sticky substance that appears to be oil. Soon, PC residents were all buying into the "oil field". Robert and Luke event mortgaged their business to invest in the oil field.

While the residents all revelled in the adventure, Holly met up with her uncle Basil and her father, Charles Sutton, who was very much alive and pretending to be Charles Corso. The Sutton clan, it turns out, were con artists who planned the oil scam. There was never really any oil field. When her father noticed Holly's true feelings for Luke the tormented girl lied that her true affections lie with police commish Scorpio.

When Luke refused to believe his allegations that Holly was a con artist, GH administrator Dan Rooney began digging deeper for more proof. Realizing Dan had discovered the missing pieces, Basil stabbed Rooney and made it look as though Spenser was the culprit. Once again Luke was on the run, this time dragging Holly along with him. Holly confessed all, claiming she did it to protect her ailing father and proclaimed, "But I hate what I've done, Luke. I hate it." The couple reaffirmed their love and Luke called his best friend for help.

Robert arrived in time to help the couple fight off Sutton's goons but unfortunately Robert and Luke were knocked out. Awakening, they discovered that Holly had been taken. Locating where Holly had been taken, Luke and Robert snuck into Vancouver and managed to help Holly escape her family's compound. But the trio's return to Port Charles was anything but happy. Angry investors comfronted the group and Holly was imprisoned for attempted murder on Dan Rooney.

Her reprival came when Holly's father made his deathbed confession. Released from prison, Holly reunited with Luke but their relationship hit a rocky patch. Luke couldn't bring himself to completely trust his lover and after a particularly nasty fight one night, he stormed off and warned her, "Don't follow me!" With a few items stuffed into a knacksack, Spenser headed back to the mountains to cool down.

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