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The Mysterious Duke Lavery
Frisco and Sam are assigned to walk the docks after a man named Carson is beaten up there. Carson leads them to a floating crap game run by a man named Angel, whom Carson gets into a fight with. Frisco and Sam arrest Angel.

Sean invites Monica to the Policeman's Ball, and later lies about arranging a financial transaction with someone in Hong Kong. At the ball, Anna's honored for meritorious service, but is distracted by a handsome stranger who retrieves her scarf (or is it a shawl?) drops on the floor. Looking for him later, Anna only finds a sprig of heather he left behind [transcript]. Back at the station, Anna finds her mystery man bailing out Angel Moran. With a dimpled grin, the stranger introduces himself as Duke. His smooth manner immediately bristles Anna, and she becomes suspicious of the scotsman [transcript].

Not one to give up, Duke shows up at her house and after a bumpy start, the two end up talking through the night. Duke's shocked when Robin walks in to inform her mum she wants breakfast. Anna smugly informs her guest that Robin's father was the former police commissioner of Port Charles [transcript].

Knocks and Pills
After undergoing a second operation for his infected scalp incision, Buzz murmurs the name of his long-lost daughter. While Jimmy Lee enlists the help of Anna and her WSB computer to locate the child named "Sandy," Buzz develops an addiction to pain pills. When Buzz's addiction spirals out of hand, Anna arranges a plan to prove if Buzz is the culprit stealing drugs at the hospital. He is and Buzz goes into rehab. Duke arrives in time to comfort a sobbing Anna who Buzz has thrown out of his hospital room.

Jimmy Lee thinks he's pulling a fast one on Sean when he summons Anna to the warehouse to arrest his nemesis for smuggling artifacts into the country. His allegations prove false when Donely shows Anna the import payment stickers that he's concealed on the inside of the crates. Afterwards, Sean's right hand man, Pete Barnes, has his henchmen rough Jimmy Lee up for calling in the cops. Jimmy Lee shows Monica the bruises, who asks Sean why he is beating up on her family. Sean tells his lover, whom he has just given a diamond bracelet, the dockworkers don't like stool pigeons, unaware that Barnes arranged the assault.

Wedding Bell Blues
Bobbie's loudly proclaimed disappointment forces Felicia to turn down Monica's offer to host Frisco and Felicia's wedding at the Q mansion. Felicia's also unhappy with Frisco, repeatedly threatening not to go through with the wedding due to her jealousy over Sam. The other cops' wives don't help the situation, making Felicia even more convinced she's not cut out to be a cop's wife. Graduated from the police academy, Frisco walks the beat with Burt Ramsey, who had promised Robert that he would watch over hot-headed Frisco.

Felicia applies for a job as a bookkeeper at Duke's Club and the enigmatic owner's interest is piqued when he learns of her connection with Chief Devane. Anna's surprised when Duke asks her opinion of Felicia but gives her a glowing recommendation [transcript]. Duke hires Felicia, hoping her skills at organizing accounts will help cover up his activities.

After Anna and Burt rescue Frisco and a group of others who had been taken hostage, a hysterical Felicia calls off the wedding and cancels the arrangements. She changes her mind after her friend Nina, wife of Frisco's big brother on the force, delivers a son which Nina names after Frisco, who had saved his big brother Vince's life during the hostage situation.

With the wedding back on, everyone scrambles to reorganize the affair. The impetuous bride had cancelled all the arrangements in her haste to call off the wedding. Ruby and friends make food at Kelly's Diner, flowers are gathered, the Brownstone is decorated quickly, and Sean arranges for his penthouse to be elaborately decorated for the Jones's use for their honeymoon. "I would move mountains so those two kids would have three nights of a fantasy honeymoon in my penthouse, believe me," Sean proclaims to Monica.

That morning, Frisco gives his flowergirl, Robin, a ring as a symbol of how special she is to him. Robin's thrilled. She had just been bemoaning that Frisco forgot his promise to give her a ring. Kneeling, Frisco tells his godchild, "Now, when you wear this, I just want you to remember how much I love you and how special you are to me, okay?" [transcript]

Back at the Brownstone, the crew are busily at work. Guy Lewis's wife organizes the cops wives and takes charge of many of the duties. Despite Felicia's worries, everything seems to be going well. That is until the bride shrieks that she cancelled the minister. Everyone scrambles to find someone to conduct the wedding and Anna finally puts an APB. A reverend is kidnapped off a tennis court so that he can administer the vows [transcript]. Finally, the happy couple are married and a cheerful celebration takes place. Frisco serenades his bride with "Lady of My Heart".

At the reception, Anna coldly tries to shake Duke off but is also determined to quiz him about his shady background. Duke catches up with her at the buffet table.

Duke"I watched you during the ceremony. You know you had a far away look in your eyes? It was quite lovely really."
Anna (smiling to herself):
"I was thinking about another time, actually, another place... another ceremony."
Duke: "I understand."
Anna (irritated):
"No, you couldn't possibly."

Realizing Robin is Anna's achilles heel, Duke then charms the little girl and a displeased Anna watches him dance with her daughter. The little girl becomes quickly taken with Duke. Later, the ex-spy states, "Well, you've seemed to have conquered all the ladies." Looking pointedly at her, he responds softly, "Not all, I'm afraid."

When Frisco and Felicia start to leave for their mystery honeymoon, they stand on the staircase and throw the bouquet and garter. Anna Devane gets the bouquet when it hits her in the head, while Duke Lavery, who's standing behind her, gets the garter. Smugly grinning, Duke slides the garter onto his arm and wears it around to annoy her. Sean lets in a man in arabic garb to lead the newlyweds to Sean's penthouse, which is done up like an arabian nights fantasy.

Alan and his detective, convinced that Sean is arranging the penthouse for himself and Monica, sneak in with a camera. They manage to get into Sean's safe and find evidence of a Swiss bank account with roughly the amount the Qs lost in stupid investments. The clumsy duo then embarrass themselves by crashing Frisco and Felicia's wedding night with flashbulbs aglow. Looking up, a stunned Frisco, proclaims, "Alan Quatermaine?!" Alan makes up a flimsy excuse about wanting to wish the duo best wishes and makes a hasty exit. The newlyweds burst out laughing and return to their night of passion.

Macho, Macho Men
Sean's having a hard time in his romantic pursuit of Monica. With the custody battle underway, she tries to cut ties with her lover, but relents after he sneaks into her bedroom. Their lovemaking is interrupted when Alan arrives. Sean sneaks out, but not before Jennings, the butler, sees Donely's shoes and rats to Alan.

Bored, an ambitious Frisco decides he wants to skip rookie term and go straight to detective. Snooping about the docks, he becomes suspicous of Stan, who just happens to work for Duke. Frisco chases him but loses his trail. Stan drops his package. A drunk uses the package for a pillow but by the time he realizes it contains money, Stan's returned for it. The drunk tells Jimmy Lee that the package came from Donely's warehouse.

Trying to catch Stan, Frisco is tripped by Tessie, causing him to accidently drops crates of Sean's crates into the harbor. No one realizes that Tessie is also part of Duke's money laundering scheme. Sean's furious, but Anna intervenes, though she does later read Frisco the riot act. Though she thinks he's better suited to the WSB, Anna decides she needs to reel Frisco in before his zealousness gets him into real trouble. She threatens suspension after catching him using her WSB computer without permission. The rookie was secretly checking out Donely after Jimmy Lee accuses Sean of bilking the Quartermaines of their fortune, but instead learns that something bigger might be going down on the docks.

Anna's threats fall on deaf ears as Frisco accepts an invitation to play poker with some dockworkers in hopes of getting into their inner circle. He's suppose to let another experienced cop take his place, but Frisco goes ahead and joins the game, not realizing that Duke's the reason Frisco's been invited to play. Duke needs to keep the rookie busy while shipments of laundered money come into town. Frisco catches on that his pokerpals are letting him win the larger antes, and sneaks onto Tessie's boat where he sees Tessie and Stan talking. Before he can leave, however, he gets trapped onboard the boat, which has just set sail. Meanwhile, a worried Felicia blabs to Anna that Frisco's on "secret assignment", alerting Anna that Frisco's still digging around despite her orders to stop. She doesn't alert the upset newlwed to her suspicions.

The Set Up
Alan asks Jennings, Monica's butler, to plant a bug on the back of her headboard and later plays for his estranged wife a tape of her most recent lovemaking session with Sean. If she doesn't give him custody of Alan Jr., he'll play it for their son, says the revenge-minded doc. "I'll kill you first," says Monica, knocking Alan to the ground and trying to strangle him. Their divorce lawyers walk in on this spat. Alan's attempt to portray Monica as a maniac succeeds. So does his staged plane crash. Jimmy Lee rescues himfrom the lake after he jumps out of the plane. Alan changes into drag as "Mary Lou Blaine" and leaves town. Hours later, his plane, operating on automatic pilot, crashes and Anna reports to Sean the grim news that no body has been found. Monica slumps against the wall.

The Quartermaines move back into the mansion to comfort an upset Monica who's blaming herself. When the police find sugar in the plane's fuel line, Anna hears that Jimmy Lee is making accusations of Monica sabotaging the plane. After Alan's scarf, helmet, wallet and some pottery shards turn up, Anna halts the search and calls Monica in for questioning. "Bring your attorney," she advises. Jake is furious that Anna even suspects foul play on Monica's part; Monica is baffled and terrified that the existence of the tape Alan made will become public.

Sean argues that Monica wouldn't have the know-how to sabotage a plane. Anna points out that Sean does. He is familiar with the exact method which crashed Alan's plane- a cup of sugar breaking in the gas tank on take-off- and Anna remembers seeing the shards of pottery on the plane before- on Sean's mantle. 

Clash of Opinions
At the Waterfront Renovation Committee, Duke annoys Anna by wearing the wedding garter and pointedly playing with it. They take opposing sides on the waterfront issue, Duke in favor of expanding the city's port because it will mean more jobs and revenue. Anna opposes it on the grounds that a rise in crime will be a certainty. She's got the facts and figures to prove it, but Duke's got the emotion to sway Anna's friends like Ruby and Sean, plus a sidekick like Angel to spread the word that unemployment is on the rise.

When the committee takes a vote, Anna loses by a landslide. Already mad about losing, Anna becomes furious when Duke gives her a passionate kiss. She vows to find something on Lavery not matter how much she has to dig. Duke focuses his attentions on Robin who adores the Scotsman. The youngster drives Anna crazy practicing on bagpipes that Duke gave her and prancing around in her kilt.

Phase two of his plan with Mr. Big is to run for president of the local dock workers union against Jimmy Lee Holt, and Duke is soon buttering up the community. When he saves one shopowner's business from liquidation in the imminent waterfront expansion, everyone thinks he's some kind of hero. Anna labels him a publicity hound. Duke informs the cool cop that he wants to bring her back tolife again. He tells his henchmen to work on a plan to put nosy officer Jones in their pocket and gives Felicia $100,000 of laundered money to deposit in the bank.

Frisco's Caught
At a PAL benefit Duke is staging to keep Frisco busy singing while Tessie and Stan deliver new money, the former rock star swaps schedules with Terry, who's starting a music career. Frisco heads to the waterfront, where he tails Tessie, who is carrying the money Stan just gave her. Suddenly a poker chip lands at his feet and Frisco finds himself surrounded by a gang of thugs. However, Anna's backup team of Bert Ramsey, Eric and Vince save him. The thugs flee in a stolen car, and Frisco faces the music. He evades Ramsey's Ramsey's questions as to just what he was doing on the waterfront, but Anna's having none of his secrecy or disobedience. She pulls him off his beat to stand guard in front of the precinct house.

Peeved, Frisco tells Bert he saw his old flame, Tessie, passing something with Stan on her boat. Reluctantly, Ramsey quizzes her. When shown a picture of Stan, Tessie lies that she's never seen him before but gives herself away with her coughing fit.

The Spin Cycle
Damon introduces a computer file named Tumble Dry to Duke's computer. Tying in "laundry" brings the file up. Frisco overhears Toughie telling Tessie the new code on the wharf and sees "Tumble Dry" written again a computer printout Felicia uses to light the oven. He heads to the waterfront after learning Duke and Toughie both use Duke's computer and finds a warehouse full of washing maching crates. Agitated at finding all the boxes empty, Frisco is convinced he's on the right trail when he sees the words "Tumble Dry" printed on the side of one of the boxes. 

Pawning her last emerald to get to America and help Edward Quartermaine drive a wedge between Sean and Monica, the ultra-theatrical Tiffany Hill returns to Port Charles. She is horrified to find Edward broke and unhappily takes up residence in the boathouse. Tiffany wants to buy the TV station she sold to Derek, which is now up for sale, with the money she stands to earn from her association with Edward. Jimmy Lee plies Tiffany with champagne and caviar to keep her from roaming the grounds and getting recognized.

The flambouyant Tiffany moves into the Brownstone. She then arranges for Sean to "rescue" her from a man on the waterfront. The southern belle faints in her hero's arms, then flirts away when she comes to. Monica interrupts Tiff's seduction plans and orders her to leave. Sean scolds his mistress and drives Tiff home.

Mr. Big and Duke, 1986

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