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Blast from the Past
Katherine can't help but notice Robert's protectiveness of Anna, who's grieving over Duke's murder.  Robert escorts Anna to Scotland, where she scatters her late husband's ashes. Afterwards, the two share drinks in a pub and reminesce about the past. The two talk about their marriage and Anna's nasty boss who threatened to kill Robert if she didn't complete her last assignment for the DVX. "Until the day I die, I'll hate Cesar Faison!" Anna spits. 

They later learn that Felicia, who's in Paris because Frisco's on tour there, has been kidnapped. Before they can join them, Sean flies out to Paris and learns that Frisco's music tour is a cover for his WSB work. Felicia, who doesn't know her hubby's back in the secret service, is being kept prison at a french chateau. Sean and Frisco are led around on a series of wild goosechases before being led to Felicia's whereabouts. 

There, Frisco dressed up as a waiter and Sean in knight's armor, find the rather drunk princess and escape. They don't realize that they were allowed to escape by her captor, the supposedly-dead Cesar Faison. Still believing the WSB was behind the kidnapping, Frisco tells Sean he's quitting and not to tell Felicia the truth.

Meet Casey
Robin, who asked to remain home, is awaken when the security alarms go off. A mysteriously naked man appears surrounded by flashing lights and takes the name "Casey Rogers" from one of Anna's old files located in the Lavery garage. He's mistaken for the repair man and befriends Robin. 

Initially, she thinks he's a homeless person when she finds him hiding in the garage. Turns out that Casey is an alien from outer space in search of his missing crystals. Robin has one of those crystals. She shows it to Casey, who's touch causes the crystal to glow eerily. He then tells her about him being an alien from Lumina. 

Everyone returns home. Katherine and Robert still have problems over his devotion to his career and his ex-wife. After promising Anna that Robin will never learn about her past [transcript], Robert goes to Sean for advice after refusing to tell Katherine the real reason for his divorce from Anna. Both men agree secrets are dangerous in relationships. 

Katherine decides to but Duke's Club, renaming it Delafields, and takes Frisco on as a singing partner. Anna notices Robin's odd behavior and misinterprets it for depression over Duke's death. Her mother's attentiveness makes it hard for Robin to escape constantly and meet up with Casey.

After seeing a news report that showed Robin holding a crystal fragment she found on Spoon Island, Faison decides to go to Port Charles. He's looking for the crystals himself. An asian woman named Desiree arrives in town and manages to rent Spoon Island, much to Ned and Dawn's chagrin. Her lover, an author named P. K. Sinclair, joins her. 

Sinclair is Cesar Faison's plum de nom and he writes a series about a heroine named Davnee. Davnee looks just like Anna Devane. Cesar assigns Desiree to get the Wellington collection from it's owner, Sean. "Never underestimate him. He mustn't know I'm even remotely involved," Cesar instructs her on his old foe, Sean. When Sean won't sell, Faison shows up and reminds him that he could tell Anna and Robert the truth about their old friend Donley. Sean agrees to sell, once he figures out what Cesar's game is. 

Where are the Crystals?
On Spoon Island, Cesar's men are digging around looking for more crystal pieces. He's also writing his next Davnee installment called the Crystalline Conspiracy. Noticing Robin's resemblance to Anna, he has Jacques do a background check on the little girl. After finding out that Robin is indeed Anna's child, Desiree puts the pieces together and figures out that Davnee is really Anna. "She's in every book I've written," he confesses. [transcript]

Robin and Casey sneak onto the island looking for crystals. Anna figures out where Robin went and arrives to find her errant daughter. Cesar hides, though Anna almost sees him on the staircase, and Desiree helps her locate Robin. Desiree almost gets Robin's crystal but Anna insists she give it back so that Robin won't return to the island looking for it. Robin's dragged home by her furious mother while Desiree bemouns not bumping Anna off. Cesar had ordered her not to hurt Anna or Robin. Arriving on the docks, Anna grounds Robin and angrily throws away her crystal. Anna becomes worried after discovering Casey isn't the security repairman. 

Learning that a man is using Robert's badge, which was in the pocket of the suit Robin stole from her father, the girl locates a very sick Casey. Anna then finds them both after Robin's friend Rowdy tips her off that Robin's lied again. They take Casey to the hospital and an upset Robin is openly hostile to both her parents. 

Casey on the lam
Casey's illness baffels everyone, as it appears that he's dying of old age despite the fact that he's a young man.  Robert and Anna are thrown by Robin's devotion to Casey and her shutting they out.  Robin retrieves the crystal from the cafeteria, and as she and Casey are holding the crystal, Anna and Frisco burst in the room.  The blue glow surrounding the two scare Anna and she begs Robin to come away from Casey.  She wearily accepts the alien story, and though Frisco isn't biting, the two sneak Casey out of the hospital, hiding him at the Anna's house.  

Harrison's fit to be tied, as he saw Casey as the ultimate genuine pig to glorify Harrison's career, and he calls in the Air Force.  Anna, Robin, and Frisco lie to Robert about Casey, but Robert knows Anna's lying to him.  He pointely reminds her that he hates being lied to, and what losing his trust will cost her.  Casey tells Anna and Frisco that one of his planet's spaceships crashed on earth years ago, leaving the crystals behind, and Casey needs the crystals to return to his planet, which is dying.  The crystal gives life in Casey's hands, but in someone else's, it could cause annihilation of earth. 

The Crystalline Caper, 1990

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