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Anna to the Rescue
When Shep gets too close to the truth, the Medvale people have him locked up in jail.  He calls an amused Anna to get him out, who finally agrees to come and bail him out.  After the two find love letters in the warehouse, the townspeople finally confess what's really going on.  Back many years ago, a young Decker was being cared for by Drago and Loretta.  Drago had deliberately dropped his wife, Loretta, during their high wire act and the town let him believe she had died, hiding her away to protect her.  When Drago then killed Colissimo, her lover, the townspeople let Decker take the blame for the murder of Colissimo.  Anna calls Tiff to stall Drago back in PC, but he overhears and takes off for Medvale. 

Everyone ends up at the warehouse, either chasing after Drago or being chased by Drago.  He knocks out Decker, and goes up after Dawn who's climbing up the scaffolding.  To distract him while Ned and Decker climb up the scoffolding, the townspeople, along with Anna and Shep, dress up in carnival costumes and reinact Drago, Lorreta, and Colissimo's story.  When Loretta makes her entrance, Drago's so surprised he releases Dawn, Ned and Decker jump at Drago.  Drago gets injured and is carted off, while the townspeople apologize to Decker.  

Dictator Trouble
Agreeing to be engaged again, Kate accompanies Robert to Washington where the two attend a dinner party at the Santo Moro Consulate Consulate.  El Presidente collapses to the ground after eating a canape that Kate had handed him.  Kate and Robert are immediately put under house arrest and accused of trying to kill El Presidente.  His smarmy right hand man, General Stark, agrees to let them go on the condition that Robert arrange for the dying man to be flown to GH and protected while he's being operated on. 

Anna and Sean are hired to provide security for the dictator, but Robert's worried that something's up that they don't know about.  He's right, because unknownst to the group, Stark is plotting with Rico to kill the dictator.  A tank filled with carbon monoxide is labelled "oxygen", and Rico kidnaps Carla and her brother to make sure their siblings are out of the way.  However, before Tony can operate Cammargo, the dictator has a seizure.  Unfortunately for Stark, Commargo's then taken into surgery before Stark can get the numbers for the swiss bank accounts and stop the nurse from administering the carbon monoxide.  Tony and Monica stop the nurse from killing the dictator, but Stark, under the excuse that the nurse is an assassin, kills the nurse before she can point the finger at him. 

Colton too realizes somethings up and ends up being chased by Rico, then is accused by Stark of bring another assassin. Frankie alerts Sean and Frisco to the situation, and after Stark orders the adjoining floors evacuated, Anna realizes that the slimy general's behind the assassination attempts.  Colton goes after Rico, who's taken Decker and Charlene hostage.  Monica has to operate on Charlene who's having chest problems. Under Robert's direction, Colton works his way through the crawl spaces, instructs the prisoners to try to distract the terrorists, and then warns the dictator not to tell Stark what the bank account numbers are. Tony buys time by lying that Commargo's under sedation for eight hours.  Alan has to tend to Monica after she's shot in the leg by one of the terrorists. 

Meanwhile, Frisco instructs three police cadets and Frankie to create a diversion with smoke bombs, but Colton reveals his hiding spot yelling "NO!" after Rico starts manhandling Carla.  Rico shoots at the vent, hitting the radio that Robert gave Colton, but Colton's luckily not hit. Commargo finally gives Stark the numbers, as Frisco and gang move into to capture the terrorists.  Stark thinks he's escaped by riding the elevator to the roof, but Robert's rigged the elevator to come straight down where Stark's arrested.  Colton ends up in a face off with the manical Rico, who stabs Frankie with a pair of scissors.  Carla, just in time to overhear Rico confess to killing her father, shoots Rico with Colton's gun.  Colton covers for her, lying to Frisco that he shot Rico, not Carla.  Guilt ridden, Carla later confesses and after Colton explains what happened to the DA, he decides not to press charges. And Alan ticks Lucy off by insisting Monica recuperate at the mansion. 

Casey Has a Way With the Ladies
Anna also receives a surprise- the gold coins and a note from Remondo stating, "Lorca has been avenged."  This is to officially notify her that Remondo has carried out his assassination on Cesar Faison.  Anna's relieved, thinking that now her past with Faison will finally be at rest (which of course isn't true as Faison resurfaces later in 1991). Shep's intrigued by Anna, telling her "There are aspects of you definately worth exploring," to which she replies, "If you're interested in exploring, try Antarctica!"

Shep decides to press his luck, airing a piece on the Midvale case, all the while taking all the credit for solving the caper.  A ticked off Anna confronts him at the tv station, and he tries to smooth things over by asking if she can forgive his big ego. "I will, if I can get just one thing off my chest," she replies, and smacks him.  He retorts by asking if she's the heroine, Davnee, in Faison's novels, and smugly lets her know he's figured out that Davnee is an anagram for Devane. Anna quickly exits without answering.

Shep later runs runs into Cheryl, who's just snuck into her old penthouse room above Delafields to daydream about Robert. She and Shep end up in bed, with her leaving afterwards without Shep knowing her name. Cheryl gets a job offer from ELQ the next day, and at BJ's birthday party, Shep finally learns the name of his one night stand.  Tiffany's hosting the party since Bobbie's out of town, and Cheryl becomes quite taken with Lucas.

Robin the Teen
Robin turns thirteen and immediately proceeds to drive her parents nuts.  "I'm not your little baby anymore," she informs her parents.  Thrilled that a seventeen year old boy has agreed to be her date to a school dance, Robin then picks out the most horrid looking dress possible and piles the makeup on.  When Anna comes home and gets a look at her daughter's new look, she immediately orders Robin to change and wash her face or else no dance. Plus Anna won't agree to let the boy drive Robin to the dance alone.  A screaming match then ensues between the two, and Robin locks herself in her bedroom yelling she's never coming out.  

Frustrated, Anna calls god-father Frisco for help. When her date arrives, Robin comes out, looking like her normal self.  Frisco arrives and hits it off with Robin's date, who recognizes Frisco from his singing days, and the two chat about cars.  Lying that his car is making funny noises, Frisco gets Robin's date to agree to let Frisco drive them to and from the dance, using the excuse that the boy can help Frisco figure out why the car's making funny noises. Robin quickly catches on, but goes along to keep the peace. Frisco's a hit at the dance too, and tells Robin's friend, Rowdy, to be patient with Robin because she's just going through the normal teen phase.  Poor Rowdy's still got a crush on Robin, but she only wants to hang with the older, more popular crowd.

Games People Play
Using a sob story that his wife (Anna) is an alcholic, an undercover Robert, posing as Mr. McKenna,  visits Dr. Perry, who had delivered Cheryl's baby, and pretends to be interested in buying a baby.  The ploy doesn't work unfortunately.  Back in PC, Cheryl accepts a job at ELQ.  Ned throws a party at Delafields to celebrate Cheryl joining ELQ, but the night's rather unpleasant for Cheryl after she manages to tick off both Shep and Robert.  

Publicly kissing Shep when she notices Robert watching her, Cheryl's dumped by Shep who realizes that she was using him to try to make Robert mad. "Call me if you ever decide to be honest," Shep tells her, then leaves.  Robert also catches on to Cheryl's ploy, and annoys Sean by insisting that Cheryl's only back in PC to cause problems. Later, Robert discovers numbers written in the pouch that held Victor Jerome's diamonds. He also gets a call from Dr. Perry who says he might have found a baby for Mr. McKenna.

At lunch, Tiffany tries to get her little sister to open about Robert and her lost baby, but Cheryl insists she's fine and over Robert.  Tiffany doesn't believe her.  Cheryl rents a room at the Brownstone, cooing to baby Lucas that "You and I will be seeing a lot of each other."  Meanwhile, upstairs, Frisco's having baby problems too.  While a bored Felicia in the bedroom under orders for bedrest, Frisco and Sean have the nursery decorated as a surprise.  Seeing the adorable pink nursery, Felicia asks her hubby, "What if it's a boy?", but Frisco's sure the baby will be a girl.

Dictator/Baby Lucas, 1990-1991

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