The Scorpio Case Files
Over the years, the Scorpios have been involved in one caper after another. Read about some of them here.


-The Ice Princess
-The Disappearance of Laura
-Holly's Oil Scam
-The Prometheus Disc
-Laura's return
-The Aztec Treasure


-The Asian Quarter Mystery
-The Laurelton Murders
-Duke, Mr. Big and the Mob
-The L'Orleans Mystery
-The Biscayne Islands Caper
-The Mount Rushmore Caper
-The Snowman Stalks the Scorpios
-Duke and the Mob Redeux


-the Crystalline Conspiracy
-One Case After Another
-The Case of the Crazy Cartel
-Robert and Anna Disapper
-Mac and Felicia Get Engaged


-Robin Falls In Love
-Robin's Unhappy Ending
-Felicia Stalked Again
-The Sorry Saga of Baby Michael
-Faison Returns!
-Mac Betrayed


-Scorpios Divided
-Solo Scorpio

-Papa Scorpio
-The Scorpios Return
-The Scorpios in Crisis

The Scorpio Files
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*The recaps are works in progress. Text is a conglomeration of various sources including SID, SOD, SOU, the General Hospital Scrapbook and myself. Several of the storylines overlap, so I've arranged them according to their main emphasis. Please ask before borrowing my pictures. I made them specifically for my site. As each casefile is being completed, video captures are being made to go along with the text.  Note the recaps deal only the Scorpio family's storylines.

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