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  The Mount Rushmore Adventure
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Duke gets a bride.
The Race at Rushmore
Robert and gang figure out that Mount Rushmore will be the next site for the terrorists. Tiffany's set up a big outdoor concert for Terry and Dusty there. Duke intrudes into the operation and insists on helping. His persistence wears down Anna's resolve as well. Elena's programmed Dusty to place a bomb on a train that will pass by an early warning nuclear weapons system. 

Anna ignores Robert's demand to stay behind while he catches up with the train and deprogram the bomb. She chases after on horseback and helps him with the bomb, but is unable to leap off with Robert to safety after her foot gets caught. Duke arrives via helicopter and jumps on board to save Anna. A confused Dusty, who doesn't remember anything, is later arrested by Robert and Anna, but the duo lose Elena.

Robert on the Hunt
Robert gives Anna the night off, despite the fact they haven't yet located Elena, and she uses the opportunity to renew her relationship with Duke. After making love, Duke presents her with a diamond ring, and she happily accepts his proposal. Robert accepts the engagement news with mixed feelings, putting it out of him mind by going after Dusty with a vengence. When Tom's able to prove Dusty was being hypnotized, the judge throws the case out of court, so Robert switches gear and tries to implicate Dusty in Agent Rush's murder instead. Robert's ploy works as, after word leaks out, Elena phones him insisting she's responsible for the murder, not Dusty. His suspicions that Dusty is Elena's achilles heel confirmed, Robert plots to have Dusty's phone bugged. 

Robert makes an electronic version of Elena's voice. When Dusty drops by the PI office to yell at Robert for trying to pin Rush's murder on him, Robert uses the opportunity to trick Dusty. He sets the phone to ring, hands it over to Dusty saying "It's for you, it's Elena," and as soon as Dusty hears the music, he goes into his trance. Then Robert plays Elena's voice telling Dusty to "Tell Scorpio what he wants to know." Dusty tells Robert about Elena's NY hideout. S

corpio then takes off for NY, leaving behind a ticked off Anna who wanted to be part of the bust.  Duke realizes she's having second thoughts about leaving her WSB days behind. Robert finds Elena, and she denies being behind the Holly's plane crash. Catching him off guard, Elena knocks him down and flees, but unfortunately runs into the street where she's killed by an oncoming bus.

You Lose
His distraction with Greta Ingstrom costs Sean big when he realizes he's lost control of HTI.  Alan taunts him, but he too loses when Monica's named as head of HTI, not Alan.  Jealous, Alan and Edward set out to sabatoge Monica, but she turns the tables by announcing in a stockholders meeting that twelve million dollars is missing. Looking at Alan, Edward, and Tiffany, Monica threatens to call in the authorities unless the money's replaced soon.

Citizens on the Move
When Dusty learns of Elena's death, he dumps Terry and takes off on a freighter out of town.  Camellia too has decided to leave, realizing without Duke there's nothing in PC for her anymore. Sean's finally able to track down Wolfgang to Martinique, who confesses all to a furious Sean. Sean returns and fill Robert in with all the details. Tiffany too is on the warpath, blabbing all to Monica after Alan and Edward cut her out of the HTI money scam. Monica makes an ultimate at the next HTI meeting, announcing that either the money is returned or a federal investigation will ensue. A nervous Alan and Edward squirm while Monica, Tiffany, and Sean look on. "Why not have a little fun and watch Alan squirm," Sean proposes.

Anna and Duke announce their wedding date, which will be a traditional Scottish ceremony. Anna's thrilled that Duke will wear a kilt, and Felicia's excited that Frisco will take leave from the WSB to attend the wedding.  Now that Anna's made her decision, however, Robert's blue. When a lost letter from Holly arrives to the PI office, Robert reads the old letter and is flooded with painful memories of his late wife.  

Also missing Frisco, who's away in WSB training. Felicia and Robert become closer and share in their misery. 

Wedding Blues
It's November and an happy Duke is estatic that his and Anna's wedding day is finally here. Anna and Robin are thrilled too, but Robert's a little mixed up. His feelings for Anna had resurface with their closeness. The morning before the wedding, the couple reassure each other they'll always love one another, and snuggle with their young daughter. Sean tells Robert he needs another lady in his life, but Robert thinks it's impossible to find another lady that could compare to either Anna or Holly. 

The morning of the wedding, Robert is interrupted changing his clothes at the PI office when a mysterious and ditsy redhead named Autumn Clayton shows up and insists he help her because someone's trying to kill a friend of hers. Robert tells her he'll help her, but later, and she rushes out, dropping a note that reads "You are dead." 

Thanks to Autumn, Robert's late getting to the church. Duke's upset, thinking Robert's being late on purpose.  Anna and Robin refuse to walk down the aisle until Robert's there to escort Anna and give her away. Robert does finally arrive and the beautiful wedding bursts of flowers, scottish bagpipes, and lace, as a happily tearful Anna and grinning Duke exchange their vows before family and friends.


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