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  The L'Orleans Mystery
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Duke continues to keep secrets from Anna.

Duke Testifies
Duke recovers from his paralysis with intensive physical therapy.  Anna meanwhile struggles to convince a stubborn Duke to turn state's evidence against the mob. Refusing to do so would mean a long jail sentence for Duke. After realizing Anna is setting herself up as bait with her plan to tell the press she will testify against the mob, Duke finally testifies before a grand jury and sulkily awaits news of his sentencing. 

Sean and Robert arrange for the lovers to stay his Sean's secret room until Duke's sentencing. Duke tells Anna that she and Robin will be safe now. What he doesn't tell her is that he and Robert blackmailed Angus to call off his hitmen by promising to reveal the secret of L'Orlean. Angus promises to protect Anna and Robin in exchange for Duke promising never to reveal the truth. 

Since Duke revealed to Angus that he was his son, Angus is also more inclined to protect Duke, Anna, and Robin. Given a light prison sentence, Duke is sent to the same prison as Angus. There, he frets about Anna and Robin's safety as well as how he's going to pay off the heavy fines for his illegal activities. The stubborn scotsman refuses to marry Anna until he's debt-free. With tearful goodbyes, Robert returrns to Australia assured that Duke's hold over Angus will protect Anna and Robin.

Who's Sister Camilla
At the prison, Duke and Angus become upset after realizing that the Jerome mob have figured out that Duke is his son. Angus firmly tells Duke that no one must ever learn the L'Orlean secret, particularly Duke's involvement. Unknownst to Duke and Angus, Camillia has arrived in PC. Her convent had sent her to speak to the GH administrative staff about the possibility of an exchange training program. Steve offers her a position on staff and she's given use of the Quartermaine gatehouse. 

At the Q mansion, she faints after seeing Duke's photo in a newspaper and is taken to GH where she wakes up unable to speak at first. Recovering, Camillia pleads with Tony not to report her fainting incident as it could jeopardize her chances to become a nun. Tony agrees and invites her to dinner at his house.

Tania, who's babysitting Robin that day, offers to take Camillia to the library. Camillia finds an article with a picture of Duke and tears out his picture. Robin, who's just come up behind her, asks Camillia why she just tore out the picture of uncle Duke. Intrigued, Camillia asks if Robin knows Duke. Sure, the little girl replies, he's going to be my daddy when he marries my mommie. Camillia's speechless and is intrigued later when she meets Anna. [transcript]

Attempt on Duke's Life
Duke prevents a knife attack but his attempts to keep the incident quiet are squashed when the story makes the papers. At police headquarters, Frisco and Anna are shocked to read the headlines, "Duke Lavery Attacked at Knifepoint in Infirmary". Anna rushes over to the prison to check on Duke. He stonewalls when Anna becomes curious that Angus saved his life in the knife attack, as she knows nothing about Angus being his father.

Angus is later shocked when he gets a visitor, his estranged daughter Camilla. Soon to be taking her vows to become a nun, she had been hidden away at a convent for years, not nowing her father's location until she recently got a letter from him with the PC postmark. Angus convinces his tearful daughter that he will protect Duke and that the two have made amends. Visiting Duke later, the two agree that Angus must never know about their past relationship. A worried Duke begs her to return to the convent after she remiences, fearful that Camillia will start to remember what happened in L'Orlean.

Jonathon and Evan Jerome
Needing a way to get to Duke, a mobster named Jonathon arranges to be the suspect in a hit-and-run case. Frisco sends him to the state penitentiary, where he plots with other prisoners to get to Duke and Angus. The newcomer apparently knew them years ago.

Unfortunately, Camillia decides to stay in PC. Alone at the gatehouse, Camilla pulls out an old photograph of a group of people in party attaire- herself, Angus, Duke, and a man who's name she doesn't remember. This man looks just like Jonathon. She also starts to remember tidbits of her past. Three years ago, she and Duke met, were instantly attracted to one another, and flirted with one another. 

A party is held at her home one evening and Duke is invited. A bearded man named Evan is also invited. Before she can introduce Duke to her father Angus, an upset Duke pulls her aside after realizing who her father is. Duke stuns her by claiming that Angus is his father, thereby making them half-siblings, and that they can never be romantically involved. She remembers rushing upstairs to her room crying, but nothing else until she wakes up at the convent. Duke and Angus refuse to fill in the gaps, pleading with her to leave the past alone and return to the safety of the convent.

Duke and Angus figure out that Jonathon is Evan Jerome's cousin and that he's plotting to kill them. Worried about Camillia's safety, Duke gets her to move into the penthouse, but he doesn't tell Anna. Missing Duke, Anna goes to the penthouse and is furious to find Camilla sleeping in Duke's bed. The nervous nun replies that Duke told her to stay there and that Anna would have to ask Duke for answers to her questions. Duke surprises Anna with news that Camillia is his half-sister.

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