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Blackie poured his energies into making his new band, "Blackie and the "Riff Raff" a rock and roll success. The group's manager, Steffi Brand, brought in a new lead singer-"Frisco" Jones! Blackie moved in with Frisco at the Port Charles Hotel, and feeling the pressure to produce a hit record, developed a case of writer's block! In desperation, he stole a song from bellboy Josh Clayton.

Knowing Blackie stole a song from Josh, Lou confronted him with the proof- a tape. Steffi lunged for the evidence. Backing away, Lou tripped and fell, hit her head and died. Realizing that greed and ambition had led to his downfall as a human being, Blackie was prepared to take all the punishment. He was sentenced to jail for manslaughter.

Across the Atlantic, the real Grant Putnam, whose identity had been usurped years earlier by the DVX, was alive. He came to Port Charles- hell bent to destroy the man who had stolen his face and his identity. In Port Charles, Celia was stunned to meet the real Grant who promised not to interfere in her life. Meanwhile, the impostor Grant and Celia cemented their love and to avoid confusion, they changed their last name to Andrews. Grant Putnam waged a secret war on Grant Andrews. He accomplished this by systematically destroying Celia and Grant's marriage. 

When Andrews struck up an innocent friendship with Tania Roskov, a strikingly beautiful Russian emigre, Putnam planted evidence to make it seem that they were having an affair. He strangled a man who threatened his scheme and dumped the body in the Port Charles River. He grew closer to Celia when he tried to make her believe that her husband was trying to kill her! Celia, conflicted, turned to Jimmy Lee, who offered a shoulder to cry on and his everlasting help. Ultimately, Celia's damaging courtroom testimony was a key factor in the jury's decision to find Grant Andrews guilty of attempted murder!

Plagued by doubts, Celia unearthed clues leading her to believe that Grant Putnam was guilty. Grabbing Celia, Putnam was just about to make his move when Robert Scorpio burst in and overpowered the madman. Her ordeal over, Celia and Grant Andrews (released from prison and reinstated as a doctor) reunited- while an infatuated Jimmy Lee lurked in the background! Tania, heartbroken by Grant and Celia's reconciliation, found comfort with Frisco Jones, the singer who had been mooning over her for months. 

Frisco mended a rift with his brother, Tony Jones, the newest doctor on the staff of General Hospital. Frisco's romance with Tania Roscov was over before it even began. He wouldn't be lonely for long. A new young woman was about to become the lady of his heart. Her name was Felicia Cummings, and Frisco might never have met her if it hadn't been for a ring that he bought at a charity ball. He thought it was just a piece of costume jewelry! Little did Frisco know that the ring was part of an Aztec treasure that Felicia wanted back. One night in the summer of '84, Felicia, disguised as a boy, snuck into Frisco's bedroom and hid under his bed while trying to retrieve the ring. How 'bout that- his future wife under his own bed!

Felicia confided in Frisco that she was an Aztec princess- and her life was in danger. Frisco frantically tried to keep Felicia out of the public eye. However, someone desperately wanted to get their hands on her- and that ring- which was part of an Aztec treasure. The ring, when coupled with a royal scepter was the key to a hidden treasure. Among those who wanted the ring was Peter Harrell, Felicia's ex-fiance.

Robert Scorpio rushed to Mexico to save his old pal, Luke Spencer who had been framed for a murder he didn't commit. Robert arranged to meet Luke at the home of the former Director of the WSB, Sean Donely, who was secretly in hot pursuit of the elusive treasure. He would stop at nothing to keep all other fortune hunters from getting their paws on it.  Back in Port Charles, Felicia and Frisco were engaged in a series of madcap adventures of their own as they attempted to hide the ring and elude their pursuers. They went to Mexico.

Robert & Luke arrive at the museum in search of the statue. However, they're beaten to it by Peter and Cruz, who have written down the clues inscribed on the bottom of the suspended statue. Peter release the hoist to drop the statue, and is chased by Robert and Luke. Peter's escape doesn't go unnoticed as he's arrested for tampering with the statue.

Later, while Luke sleeps in a nearby church, Robert is distracted by a young boy selling a minature version of the statue, which is complete with obliterated markings. A freed Peter locates Luke, and a struggle ensues with Robert saving Luke from being pushed off the church's roof.  Peter, with his sidekick Cruz, escape into the jungle in search of the fourth clue.  Cruz, thinking she's alone, reports her location to an unseen caller, not realizing an angry Peter is listening in.

Returning to Sean's, Robert has a happy reunion with Holly while Luke informs the WSB of his encounter with Peter.  Sean examines the statue and deciphers the markings, though he claims they aren't as accurate as those on the real statue.  Angry at being left behind, Holly tampers with the car's radiator so that on route Robert and Luke are forced to be rescued by her.  The trio realize they're traveling the wrong way and return to Sean's villa.

Laura in the meantime is waiting to hear from Luke, and growing uneasy with Jack Slater's presence. Her instincts are right on, as Jack steals a letter from Felicia to Maria, then calls his boss. Thinking he's done away with Cruz, Sean confronts Peter for his double-cross and orders him to lure Felicia, his fiancee, to Mexico.

After being assured that he's retrieved the scepter, Felicia leaves for Mexico. Frisco jumps on a plane to Mexico after getting Felicia's good-bye note, and runs into Robert & gang. In an attempt to get Felicia's ring, Peter gets her drunk and confirms with Sean that they'll rendezous at the waterfall. Sean then sets a police trap for Luke and gang, who narrowly escape and are chased into the jungle by the police. On route to the waterfall, Peter orders Felicia to give him her ring, which she flings into the jungle and runs away, but is caught by Sean's men.  Peter finds the ring and gives it to his boss, Sean, who puts it into the scepter, whcih causes a door to swing open to reveal a staircase.  Inside, Sean slides Felicia's ring into a slot which slides open to reveal the Aztec treasure. Sean then double crosses Peter, who gets locked into the treasure room.

Hearing Felicia's scream, Frisco rescues her as Robert, Luke, and Holly race into the jungle followed by the police.  Robert and Luke encounter Sean and Peter on the staircase, and a struggle encounter. Sean is wounded, while Peter drops into the falls after being shot by the police.  Peter's body isn't found. Luke and gang finally are able to convince Paco the policeman that Peter was the real murdered, not Luke.  None however realize Sean's part in the caper, who convinces Felicia to return to Texas saying the treasure is only a myth.

Eventually, Luke was cleared of the murder charge and reunited with Laura at the hacienda, accompanied by Felicia, Frisco, Holly, Robert and Donely. Alone with his wife after weeks on the run, Luke and Laura shared a night of passion, then Laura shared a secret- she was pregnant!

After Felicia and gang return to Port Charles, Sean and his henchmen remove the gold and ship it to New York to be fenced.  Sean accepts Robert's invitation to come to PC, but detours to New York first and calls Felicia to join him in visiting the Maximillian exhibit.  After having a nice visit at the museum, Sean presents Felicia with a portrait of Maximillian. Later, she and Frisco argue, and as he helps her settle into the PC hotel, they spot Van, one of Peter's henchmens, who manages to escape. Jack, who's in the room next door, overhears Frisco call Robert, then kills Van after he threatens to squeal on Sean.

Sean Donely came to Port Charles at the request of the WSB to check into the strange theft of the valuable Cassadine family brooch. Unbeknownst to anyone, Donely had clearly engineered this maneuver to give himself an irreproachable cover during the transport of rare artifacts and jewels. Arriving on Christmas eve, Sean's disappointed that Robert isn't there to receive him, and goes to the Croydon where Robert's investigating the murder.  He pales upon seeing Van's body.  

The Scorpios throw a huge welcome bash for Sean that evening, and Sean announces he's purchased a local shipping company.  Learning Robert's called the WSB, Sean doctors Van's wallet with a phony phone number, then orders Jack to place Van's wallet in the Croydon.  Frisco surprises Felicia with a visit from Maria, whom Sean warns Jack to stay away from as she would recognize him. Donely ingratiated himself to Felicia.

The Aztec Adventure, 1984-1985

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