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  The Asian Quarter Mystery
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Robert has a secret from his past.
The New York police returned part of the treasure- two stolen jade buddhas- to Mr. Wu, who was forced to give them to their rightful owner, a wise old Chinese gentleman known simply as "The Ancient One." The Ancient One intended to sell the Buddha's black pearls to raise enough money to buy a Port Charles cannery for oppressed people. However, the pearls were missing! 

Unbeknownst to the Ancient One, the secretly sinister Mr. Wu was actually the oppressor of the Asian population of Port Charles. He had arranged for the buddhas to be stolen, but at the time was unaware of the tremendous value of the pearls. Realizing their worth, Wu assumed Scorpio and Anna must have taken the pearls and he instructed his grandson Kim to get them back!

Newly reunited, Robert and Holly Scorpio decided to move to Australia. That same day, Robert Scorpio returned home to his apartment only to encounter an unexpected intruder. Low and behold, Robert's visitor was a pint-sized little girl. Her name was Robin.

Meanwhile, Anna Devane arrived home to her New York apartment, and found it ransacked and an elderly woman, Filomena, tied up. Filomena was Robin's grandmother, and Anna was Robin's mother- although Robin knew her only as a family friend named "Luv." Unbeknownst to anyone, Robin was in danger!

Sean Donely received a pardon from the Governor of New York and went to work with Wu to find the pearls.

Frisco Undercover
Frisco Jones joined with Scorpio and went undercover to solve the mystery of the missing black pearls. A suspicious Kim blames Frisco for the failed kidnapping attempt of Robin. How did the Green Shirts know about it? Frisco suggests that one of Kim's men leaked information to Wu's enemy. Frisco may be resourceful, but his explanation does not satisfy Kim. 

Felicia's search for her lover brings her to the Bamboo Bar. Suki bops in, humming one of Frisco's songs, and Felicia presses him to take her to her lover. Blindfolded, and wearing a large hat, she is led to Olin's "crib." A groggy Frisco, responding to Felicia's voice, wakes up and realizing how she has jeopardized herself, tells her to get lost. "If you're trying to kill yourself, you might as well take me with you," she sobs. Frisco never blows his cover, but exhorts Felicia to stay out of the Asian Quarter.

Before leaving though, Felicia's nabbed by Kim's men, Kim's unable to force her to reveal the location of the black pearls and to admit that Frisco is a double agent. Sean then gives her an ultimatum: Deliver the black pears in 24 hours or it's curtains for Frisco. An anxous Robert Scorpio musters all of his composure to fend off the demands of Tony Jones for a stepped-up pursuit of his brother and, now, Felicia. Scorpio explains they're doing all they can, and they can't begin to look for Felicia until she is gone for 24 hours. Felicia's collapses into Anna's arms at the Scorpio house gets Tony off his back, but into his hair. Frisco's brother announces his own crusade to find him. Aware of the imminent threat to Frisco's life and the deadline for the pearl delivery, Scorpio warns Tony to stay out of it: "You'll only make matters worse."

Tony finds his badgering works much better on Felicia. She has enough sense to caution Tony to trust Scorpio, but Jones works himself into such a froth that his hysteria sways Felicia. In a matter of minutes, Felicia tells Tony that Frisco has 24 hours to live and, finally, where she found him. With Jake at his side, Tony makes a beeline to find Suki at the Bamboo Bar.

The Clock is Ticking
Tony and jake find Suki at the Bamboo Bar jukebox. At great risk, he agrees to take only Tony to see Frisco, leaving Jake behind. With rumors of Wu importing some New York muscle for a second rumble with the Green Shirts, Frisco wants to warn Scorpio via Suki. He is not in the mood for a reunion when Tony arrives at Olin's. He received the same total rejection of violence as Felicia. Tony returns, defeated, to Tania and Felicia. Frisco and Olin agree he needs a new hideout and scan a map of the Quarter.

Felicia shows Yank a note she's received. "Your friend lives until one more sunset unless the goods are delivered." She asks him and Jade to help her find the pearls. Yank is willing, but doesn't know if Wu's granddaughter can be trusted. In grilling Jade about Wu and Kim's activities, Yank finds out how blind she really is. Jade gags on the awful truth- "Your grandfather has a slave market in the Asian Quater." She sees brother Kim collecting extortion money in the Bamboo Bar and later confronts her beloved grandfather about Kim's "protection racket." When Wu tells her to "stay out of the family business," her heart is broken, her bubble burst. She rolls up her silk sleeve and tells Yank Wu's plan for the cannery. 

With sand just pouring through Frisco's hourglass, Scorpio and Anna rehearse their plans to deliver the black pearls- fabulous fakes really- to Wu. They hope it takes Wu so long to certify their value that Anna and the Green Shirts have time to rescue Frisco. Scorpio, in an Asian tramp getup, is admitted to Olin's by Suki to prepare Frisco for the rescue. Olin digs the plan and Scorpio's far-out costume. "Keep jammin' on the job, Jasper," she tells him.

Both sides jinx the rescue effort. Yank discovers from Jade that Kim and Donely have moved up Frisco's time of execution. When Scorpio finds out, he dashes a note to Wu, promising to deliver the pearls, which only convinces Wu that Frisco is an undercover agent. Why else would Scorpio try to save his life? Wu decides that after the pearls are delivered they will kill Frisco anyway.

Anna Switches Places with Robert
Mishap number two occurs courtesy of Anna's nimble fingers. She tells Scorpio her terrible premonitions about his mission. If their timing is the least bit off, he will be alone and surrounded by Kim and his men. Scorpio reveals how worried he is by handing Anna a copy of his will, which contains a new paragraph leaving half of his possessions to Robin. He asks Anna to tell Robin he is her father if he doesn't return home. Anna is sure they'll be very happy one day in Australia- he, Holly and Robin- and decides to guarantee their future together. She immobilizes Robert and renders him unconscious by applying extreme pressure to the nerves in his neck as he tries to leave the house to save Frisco. Anna ties his feet and handcuffs him to the chair. When the Green Shirts arrive, Anna tells them of the change in plans: Yank is now in charge of rescuing Frisco and she will deliver the pearls to Wu: "I have to make certain one of Robin's parents stays alive," she says, embracing possible martyrdom.

Fear has emptied the streets of the Asian Quarter, and as Anna takes the long way to Wu's, she is followed by Kim's men and Wu's New York reinforcement. Anna meets Buzz, whose medical van has had one patient all day. Alert to the danger she faces, he tries to stop her but she tells him plainly that she is on a mission to save her and- yes- Robert's child, Robin. "Don't let Robert follow me," she says. Buzz keeps Wu's hounds at bay with the help of Yank and the Green Shirts.

In his apartment, Wu tries to recall the old double agent days with Anna, but she demands to see Frisco before turning over the pearls. Kim grabs them, takes them downstairs to the expert jeweler. He returns and smashes them into dust. "This is an insult which cannot be forgiven," says Kim. Wu orders Frisco's execution, confident that with Anna as his hostage, he will get the real pearls. He is feeling lucky, Derek Barrington has just given him an option to buy the cannery if the Asians don't meet their deadline. 

Rumble in the Quarter
The most unexpected complication comes from Robin, who perhaps has played one game too many. When the little girl sees Robbie cuffed and bound, that's precisely what she thinks it is- another game. "Fair is fair," says the little imp when she refuses to free Scorpio. "It's Luv's turn to win one of our games." Robert finally convinces his daughter the game is over. "I wonder if you'll ever know how truly speical you are to me?" he asks her. "I love you too, Robbie," she responds. "You're very, very precious to me," he reinterates before leaving. Buzz cannot detain him when he races through the Asian Quarter to save the mother of his child. 

On the premise that she needs her sewing equipment, Olin negotiates her way past Kim's guards into her apartment, where Frisco is held captive. Upstairs, she dawdles and knocks jars and jars of beads to the floor. When the one guard in the apartment lunges at her, he loses his balance and Olin pushes him to the floor. Frisco helps his heroine by giving the guard a good swift kick and then a right hook to the jaw. The "old chick" sets Frisco free, but says they should stay put until Scorpio comes for them. 

Down the street, the rumble kicks up between Yank and the Green Shirts and Kim's men. To bolster their fists of fury, Kim shows up with some guns, and Sean Donely. Just before he is knocked out by the butt of a gun, Yank hears gun shots and sees Donely step in front of Frisco. Both me go down.

Robert puts Kim out with same finger technique Anna used on him and rescues Anna. Seeing his grandson in a heap, Wu offers no resistence to Scorpio as he escorts brave Anna from the room. When they meet up with Yank, they learn that Frisco is shot and probably dead.

When Olin and Suki tend to the shot, badly bleeding Donely and the unconscious Frisco, Robert Scorpio comes to terms with Tony Jones' wrath over his brother's death. Robert and Anna tell Tony and Tania Frisco died to save the life of Robin, their daughter. Before they have time to absorb this, Felicia arrives to hear the grim news. Meanwhile, in an abandoned room in the cannery, Suke and Olin witness a "miracle" as Frisco comes to.

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