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All By Myself
Robert's grumpy, and it doesn't help that he seems to be on the outs with everyone- Sean, Anna, Frisco, Bobbie, Cheryl, even Robin. Cheryl begs him to them another chance, but he refuses to forgive her for her past betrayal (when she let Anna go to trail for shooting Olivia despite the fact she knew Anna didn't do it).  Frisco begs him for his job back, and only manages to get back to doing the waterfront beat (a demotion from his previous post as detective) after taking a bullet in the arm for Robert during a hostage crisis.  Sean's angry at Robert's treatment of Cheryl and avoids him.  Robin's are upset that Lucas could have been Robert's son (which he wasn't after blood tests proved that Julian Jerome was the father) while Anna's upset over the fight she had with him.

The Valentine's Day Massacre
After a few failed attempts, Robin finally makes her parents call a truce by sending them invitations to her valentine dance recital.  Robert calls a truce for one night, but Anna decides it would be a perfect time to get even with her ex. Donning a gorgeous, tight red dress and her hair all curled up, Anna interrupts Cheryl's last plea to reconcil, telling a stunned Robert that "I'll wait in the bar". Cheryl, humiliated that Robert can't take his eyes off his ex, tells him he'll never have to worry about her again and rushes off.  Robert immediately rushes off to the bar (the duo have a history of meeting up in bars), only to find Anna gone, and swears in frustration.  

However, Anna soon returns and sparks fly as the two take tentative steps toward a reconciliation, particularly when he pins the bouquet to her dress and the two stare into each others eyes. At the recital, Anna plays footsies with Robert (which is seen by Steve and Audrey who are sitting behind them), and when she grabs his leg during a charged moment during Robin's dance, Robert ends up holding hands with her.  The two are pleased Robin's staying in the dorm overnight and rush off to have dinner. Before they leave to have a night cap at Robert's, they feed each other heart candies, he replying "Mine says Kiss Me" and she responding "Mine says Beware!"

At the penthouse, the duo start to dance, but when a sore Scorpio flinches in pain (from overexerting himself that morning with the police karate class), Anna insists she'll massage the kinks out and orders a weary Robert to lie on the floor. Course, she can't bend in her tight dress, so she'll have to take it off she tells an astonished Robert. Sitting on his back, she seductively messages. Then she uses her black stockings (with little red hearts on them) to tie him up to a pillar, and whispers "You are so hot" as the two begin kissing. Just as she's got him into a lather, Robert's caught completely off guard when Anna quickly gags him and dumps a glass of ice water over his head. "It's time for you to shut up". She then proceeds to rail at him for his poor treatment of her, his refusal to completely forgive her, and calling her ugly. "I am sexy! I know how to turn a man on, obviously (pointing to him)", she vehments. Finished, she grabs his white shirt, puts it on, grabs her dress off the floor, and tells a speechless (and still gagged) Robert, "The gag's on you. So, I'm a sexless old nag. Well, the old nag is leaving!"

The Revenge Backfires
The next morning, Anna awakes and is horrified when she remembers what happened the night before. Rushing back to Robert's, she finds her furious ex still tied up, realizes he's going to kill her as soon as he gets free, and proceeds to beg for forgiveness, claiming she thought he'd be able to untie himself.  When he makes it obvious he's not buying her act, she flees to find someone who'll release him. Everyone she comes across won't check on him, so she returns and begs him to let her untie him without killing her, to which he shouts "Dismember Anna!"

So off she goes again, finally locating Frisco at Kelly's, and in probably one the most hilarious scene on GH, proceeds to ask him to untie Robert.

Anna: "He may not have been able to come to the phone because.."  (whispering) "...well, he's tied up."
Frisco mumbles about how busy Robert is.
Anna: "No, I mean he's really tied up..." (pause) "...You know, bound and gagged." She then proceeds to tell him that she was the one to tie Robert up.
Frisco (highly amused and astonished): "You tied him up?"
Anna (embarassed and trying to avoid his questions): "Will you go over there and untie him?"
Frisco: "You tied Robert up?  This is a whole new side to you...."
Anna: "Yes, this is private Frisco!"
Frisco (rolling his eyes): "Sounds like it."
Anna (gritting her teeth): "Yes, please keep all your smary little school boy comments to yourself. Will you go and untie the man? Is there a problem?!"  

A highly amused Frisco finishes his lunch, goes to the penthouse to untie an embarrassed Robert, and oddly steals Anna's stockings. Freed, Robert puts his revenge in action by breaking into Anna's waiting for her to return. Arriving home, Anna hears noises and thinking its an intruder, pulls out her gun at him. Robert, playing it suave, pulls out champagne and wine glasses and lies that he's not angry. Pulling her into an embrace, he says that he was thinking about their old ways while confined and asks if she misses them too. Then abruptly, he pushes her onto the couch and smirkingly remarks "I guess you've just plain lost it" as he leaves.  Anna's kicking herself afterwards, because she realizes that both of them weren't acting valentine's night, but were actually really attracted to one another.

Docks Crash
Robert joins the police on the docks, where a protest is to occur later that afternoon. Walking away, Frisco teases Robert by saying, "Last Night Looked Like Fun", and Robert smiles recalling the Valentine tie-me up incident. The Greenbelts, an environmental group, use Kelly's dinner to prepare for a protest against the docking of the ELQ Tracy ship. Their leader, Jenny Eckert, is unsuccessful in taking away Robin's table, so she gets Robin to fold flyers. Unfortunately for Robin, her dad shows up, hoping to stop the upcoming protest on the docks. Threatening to arrest everyone, he loses it when he finds Robin there, and the two argue after he orders her home. Robin runs home and squeals all to mum, who uses the incident as an excuse to confront Robert. She goes to Kelly's, grabs a sign, and joins the march to the docks.

Arriving, the duo exchange words, but it's obvious their flirting. When she refuses to leave, Anna gets him to confess he's afraid she might get hurt. Their conversation's cut short when Jenny steals a boat and causes the ELQ Tracy to shipwreck. The police work to help the wounded, and Anna witnesses a stunned Robert throw a man back into the water after pulling him out. A dazed Robert admits it was his brother, then rushes off not wanting to talk about it. A curious Anna and Frisco help Mac into a vehicle that's taking the waterlogged seamen  to Kelly's. There, Mac makes a mysterious call to report the ship's sinking and that he'd "enjoy being paid in full."  Shortly after, Robert arrives and the duo get into a brawl, with Mac being arrested for decking intervening policemen. Robert leaves without saying a word to Anna, who's speechless at Robert's sudden violent outburst. Though Robert fights it, Mac's only given thirty days community service at the local morgue.  He then steals the keys to Robert's office, scribbles in Robert's scrapbook, and finds an abordiginal puzzlebox. After having flashbacks to their dad giving them matching bracelets with the names "Robert" and "Mac", he puts Robert's bracelet back and replaces a piece of paper in a sealed envelope instead. Robert's furious when he realizes Mac's been in his office, but doesn't realize he took the paper.

The Crazy Cartel, 1991

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