The Scorpio Case Files
Robert and Anna Disappear, 1992 pages 1 and  2
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Everything's running amuck
Daring a prison escape, Faison escapes but Taub's killed. Robert's furious after Anna gets a videotape from Cesar saying they'll be together someday.  A shaken Anna tries to reassure her worried hubby that Cesar could never come between them. 

Meanwhile, the duo are thrown when their teenage daughter, who's taken a fancy to a boy named Roger, insists on dating. Roger's intimidated by the overprotective cop, so Robert amuses himself amuses himself by intimidating the boy and reminding him he's dating the police commissioner's daughter. Robin pleads for her mom to make Robert behave. Anna tells her hubby to lighten up while telling Robin to have some patience with her her dad. Hidden in their office, the Scorpios, along with Friday, wait up for Robin to return from her date. Robert's enrage when the cheeky boy kisses his baby goodnight. Anna silences him with a kiss. 

Robert later refuses to allow Robin on another date with Roger and amuses Anna when he suggest the kids might get into a group grope. Anna turns the tables and suggests he's being overprotective because of his behavior as a teen. Robert pleads the fifth. When Robert slips that he saw Roger kissing her, Robin has a fit and tells her astonished father she's kissed Roger all over town. Dad then flat out refuses she can date anymore. You're a dinosaur the teen exclaims. After Robert tries refuting that, Anna finally steps in a says, "My god, if the shoe fit any better you'd be Cinderella!" Friday barks his support. Defeated, Robert shouts, "All right! I can't fight you both and the dog!" Thrilled, Robin hugs the dog and rushes off to dress for her date. Robert's confused when Robin keeps changing clothes and asking is she looks okay. Roger should be glad for the privilege of dating his beautiful daughter, Robert informs his amused wife. Both parents crackup when Robin tells a complimentary Roger that she just threw on something quickly.

With Taub's death, Dom's able to get back control of her life and inherits a huge estate. Mac's happy but doesn't realize that he's got a bigger problem with Charlie, the nurse who followed him back from Dom's sanitarium. She wants Mac, and continues to insinuate herself in his life. Robin's upset when, after inviting Roger to dinner at the Scorpios, he and Mac coo over Charlie, whom Mac had unexpectedly invited to dinner. 

A newly independent Dom turns up and reconnects with Mac. Charlie rents an apartment near Mac. Dom quickly catches on to her scheme and warns Mac to watch out. Charlie tells Mac Dom's paranoid when Dom starts getting crank calls. Dom thinks it's Charlie but a man hangs up the phone. Holding Dom at knife point, the stalker demands a share of her fortune. Mac and Robert get a composite of the man and realize he's after Dom. 

Mac uses their old signal of turning the lights off and on to alert Dom of his presence. She trips the stalker and Mac nabs him, then Robert ships him off to jail. Mac can't figure out whether he wants Dom or Charlie. After seeing him kiss Charlie, he and Dom quarrel. Dom's therapist suggest she fight for her man, so Dom arranges a romantic getaway. It's a bust when the cabin floods with smoke from the chimney. The duo head back to PC and eventually make love in her old apartment.

Baby of Mine
Tony's able to perfect the virus antidote, and a happy Sean tells Tiff they ought to have a baby. Later, Sean reacts when he hears Connor singing Mexican songs to sick children. Immigration finally catches up with Connor who, after Mac posts his bail, asks Sean to find his father to prove he's half American and can thus stay in the US.

Connor asks a shaken Sean to find a man called El Patron. He's my father Connor tells the stunned Irishman. Donely confesses to Robert that he was once known as El Patron but wasn't involved with Connor's mother, Luisa. As El Patron, he was involved in some rather shady arms deals. Sean gets another shock when Robert produces a picture of Luisa. Turns out Donely met her at a festival where she called herself Amaranta. They had a one night stand and she disappeared the next day. He never found her again. Connor may be his son, but Sean's also worried he's an assassin sent to get revenge for a bad arms deal.

A copy of Connor's birth certificate suggests that Connor could indeed be Sean's son. A nervous Sean tells Tiff the whole story and is pleasantly suprised by her reaction. Let's adopt him she suggests. At Connor's immigration hearing, Sean announces he's Connor's father. Privately, he explains the whole story to Connor, who doesn't take the news well. A DNA test is ordered by the court.

Wooden Blocks
Near Christmas time, Robert, Sean, Mac, Paul, Tony, and Bill each receive a wooden block with a letter of the alphabet which spell out "FAISON." They're all wondering what Anna will get. When Robin tells her mum that a messanger leaves a package for her, Anna picks up the package and realizes it's ticking. Thinking fast, she orders Robin to leave the room and get Robert, who's in house office, and rushes upstairs where she drops the package into the toilet. A chargrined Robert's not pleased when the package turns out to be an antique clock he bought for Anna's christmas present. Anna finally does get her block which she puts with the others to spell out "FAISON KILLS." The group's chilled, worried when and how Faison will retailiate against them. Robert has his family under constant guard, and freaks when Robin ditches her guard in a department store. Anna soothes his ruffled feathers after an embarrassed Robin explains to her mum she ditched the guard so she could buy her first bra. Once Robert learns the reason, both he and Robin embarrassingly avoid the reason and pretend nothing happened, though Robin agrees not to ditch the guards anymore.

Under Seige
Jason returns from boarding school and a teenage Robin is quickly smitten. He unfortunately sees her still as a cute child. At school, Robin runs for class president. Robert and Anna are unnerved when a box of Robin's campaign fliers arrive- they depict Anna going into Cesar's arms with the phrase "No way out". Robin wins her lection. A bully at school starts harrassing Robin both verbally and physically. Robin defends herself and gets suspended. Anna's furious and arranges a meeting with the boy's parents in the principal's office. When they don't show up, she copies their address from the principal's files. 

Robert's being considered for the next chief of the WSB position and goes to Washington. Anna confronts the boy's mother and is terrified to learns the whole thing's a ploy. Cesar steps out greets her. When she warns him she has a bodyguard, Cesar smoothly informs her he's already taken care of that. He later tells her she can leave. She tries and is overpowered by him. Cesar carries his unconscious love upstairs.

In New York, Dom tries to straighten out her husband's financial holdings while Mac runs into a woman down in the lobby. The beautiful lady introduces herself as Sabrina Hamilton and apologizes for her errant pooch. Dom later invites her to her birthday party. Unaware of Anna's kidnapping, Robert stops off in NY to attend the party. A blackout occurs and while searching for a lantern, Robert runs into Sabrina fixing her makeup in one of the bedrooms. The two stare at each other speechless. "Holly!" Robert whispers. She takes off.

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