Award Shows
*All the pictures were scanned by myself for my webpage. More award pics on my TV snappy section.
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Winners David
Mendenhall (Mike
Webber) & Kimberly

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A happy Kimberly gives a thumbs up after winning another SOD award.

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Winners Jonathon
Jackson and Kimberly posing with their awards.

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Kimberly with Wendy Riche and Claire Labine to celebrate Robin and Stone's storyline winning an award.

99sod2.jpg (76323 bytes)

Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan caused a flurry of return rumors after showing up at the 1999 SOD Awards together.

robinlila.jpg (73969 bytes)

1988 Soap Opera
Awards, Kimberly with Anna Lee, who won for
Outstanding Daytime
Supporting Actress. 

kimmom.jpg (13045 bytes)

Posing with her mom, Kimberly holds her emmy. 

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Finola Hughes was Ian Buchanan's date at the 1994 or 1995 emmys.

emmysa.jpg (80646 bytes)

Kimberly helped announce emmy nominees at the Rainbow Room.

ianemmy.jpg (40370 bytes)

Ian with his Soap Opera
Update award.

dukeannal.jpg (8238 bytes)

At the 1988 Soap Opera Awards, Finola and Ian
presented Anna Lee with her award. Ian later wins 
for Outstanding Newcomer.

regisshow.jpg (13080 bytes)

Surprise presenter Ian gives Finola her MVP award on the Regis & Kathie Lee show.

emmys96.jpg (62414 bytes)

Kimberly wins her 2nd Emmy award in 1996.

emmy99.jpg (22458 bytes)

Finola Hughes on the red carpet before the 1999 Emmys.

*Jack Wagner at the Tony [Awards] Supper Ball

robrobin.jpg (89520 bytes)

Tristan carrying a
victorious Kimberly at the SOD Awards.

finolasod.jpg (15296 bytes)

Finola wins at the 1991 SOD Awards. Due to her having to work while the awards were going on, she arrived barely in time to go on stage to accept her award. Finola apologized for her casual dress by saying "Gloria's (Monty) back."

ianemmy2.jpg (14155 bytes)

Clutching his emmy award, a jubilant Ian is congratulated by Scott Barton and Michael Dietz.

emmysb.jpg (43130 bytes)

Kimberly at an 1998 award show with castmates Ingo Rademaker and Rebecca Herbst.

soda97.jpg (34753 bytes)

Wendy Riche and Kimberly at the '97 SOD Awards..

robinemmy3.jpg (39612 bytes)

Kimberly McCullough wins her first Emmy award.

aasod.jpg (11419 bytes)

Winners A Martinez
and Finola pose with their 1991 trophies.

emmasod.jpg (10853 bytes)

Emma co-hosted the
SOD awards in 1995 (?)

soua96.jpg (34513 bytes)

Kimberly and Steve were presenters at the '96 SOU Awards. She got to give an award to Ian Buchanan for his work on B&B.

sod96ff.jpg (42755 bytes)

Jack & Kristina were presenters at the '96 SOD Awards.

wendykim.jpg (43895 bytes)

At the '97 SOD Awards, Kimberly gets a hug from executive producer Wendy Riche.

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