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The Wrong Guy (by Damon Romine, SOU 2/3/98)

"It was four years ago this month that Mac Scorpio and Felicia Jones attempted to tie the knot, but their nuptials were interrupted by a bomb-wielding Ryan, Kevin's evil twin.

The couple never quite got their relationship back on track and drifted apart, much to their fans' chagrin.

But the past few months have seen a resurgence of energy between this dynamic detective duo... and it looked like the spark was finally back. Unfortunately, Felicia is caught up once again in a messy look-a-like tug-of-war, building a relationship with a man who is just pretending to be Mac.

The real Mac remains a captive of Tess, who is pulling the strings of a master plan that won't be revealed until late February. Tess hired taxi driver James- who by a miracle of genetics, was born to look like Mac- to step in and take over his life in Port Charles. What James didn't anticipate was that he would not only fall in love with Mac's life, but also with Felicia.

Major Deception
While Felicia is flattered by 'Mac's' renewed courting, she's also taken aback by his unusual behavior. 'She's extremely frustrated because he's being a whole different person,' says Kristina Wagner (Felicia). 'She doesn't suspect he's another guy, but he's acting so strange and keeps making passes at her. It makes her confused. He's being so aggressive, she has no place to go but say "back off, buddy." Felicia is not the kind of person who would like a man like that, and it's certainly not like Mac to be that way.'

With Mac's neice Robin back in town, life is getting more complicated for James, as the real Mac feeds him mis-information in an effort to expose the fraud. 'Robin's presence makes it more possible for James to screw up,' realizes John J. York (Mac/James). 'James doesn't have all the information he needs, so he's really working on a tightrope to get the job done.'

Between Robin and Felicia, Mac hopes one of the women will discover that 'Mac' is a phony. James knows he needs to move fast. 'James realizes his life sucks compared to Mac's, so he decides he wants to propose and marry Felicia before what's going to happen happens,' says York.

Goin' to The Chapel?
On friday, January 23, 'Mac' takes the plunge and asks Felicia to marry him in a most public way- while Robin watches on in amazement at her Uncle Mac's strange behavior.

Has James gone too far and tipped Felicia off? With V's help, Felicia starts to look into what's going on with Mac, but she's going to have to give him an answer to his proposal soon! Will she walk down the aisle and marry the wrong Mac? Meanwhile, an extremely interesting development occurs during the all-important February sweeps that brings Mac back to Port Charles. Once home, he finds himself impersonating James impersonating Mac to discover the truth behind Tess' very evil plot.

Trouble Ahead
But all is not fun and games. 'There is a very serious and one might say deadly plot afoot,' teases headwriter Bob Guza. 'We wanted to recreate a 1940s Cary Grant/Irene Dunne romantic comedy that turns sinister and into a Hitchcock-type thriller.'

Not only is this proving an engaging new story direction, but it's bringing two favorite characters back to the forefront. 'The whole reason we're doing this fake Mac story is to reinvest in Mac and Felicia,' admits Guza, who returned to the soap last year and wanted to dust off the former supercouple.

Wagner, for one, is extremely happy to have her Felicia back on the playing field. 'To have the magic and charisma between two characters, you have to have a story to back up the relationship,' she explains. 'If the story is going somewhere, like this one is, then you root for the characters.'

And Mac/Felicia fans should be happy with what Guza has in store. 'They will come out of this in a good place romantically,' he reveals before adding with a sly smile, 'which we immediately complicated.'"

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