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jeans.jpg (27140 bytes)A Reader's View: Up With Anna
by Marilyn Henry, SOW 1991?

"I'll be the first to admit, as one other viewer recently did, that many of the female characters on General Hospital need stronger storylines. But to call Anna and Robert's relationship a male fantasy is ludicrous! I do not think this person would be complaining if this storyline were all about Anna. May I remind this viewer that last year it was all about Anna. She was the one having the adventures involving the alien, then Faison. Robert was the one in the supporting role, worrying about Anna, her life, her danger, her Friday cliff-hangers, etc.

But why are people trying to turn this into an either/or situation? Over the years, Anna and Robert have, for the most part, shared adventures. It hasn't been a case of his or hers. They've worked as a team. I'd hardly say Anna has abdicated her career to hang around Robert's office. Why is it suddenly so terrible of her to be there? Anna has always spent a great deal of time in Robert's office. (Is it OK as long as they don't kiss, and stay all business?) How many cases have Anna and Sean actually had in that private investigator's office, anyway? Robert and Anna's cases tend to intersect, so their storylines do too; they've always been together a lot.

I'm tired of hearing how Anna has no life of her own. Has she ever? Most of it has revolved around Duke and his problems and the trouble she got into because of him. I think family has always been very important to both Anna and Robert; they wouldn't have done so much for each other over the years if it hadn't. Now they finally have a chance to live together as a real family. But to suggest that Robin loves or "dotes" on her dad more than her mom is ridiculous. Anna and Robin have a very special relationship- one of the healthier parent/child relationships on soaps. Yes, the respective relationships with Duke and Holly should be acknowledged. I have no desire to hear them discussed in ad nauseum, however, that's exactly what some people want. They won't let it be, whether those memories are acknowledged or not. But I do not wish to live in the past. It is Robert and Anna's time now.

I truely enjoy Anna and Robert's serious, funny, passionate relationship. Anna has never been a drudge! When she was helping Robert after he got out of the hospital, most of it was very humorous- obviously some people have no sense of humor. It's so good to hear Anna laugh; she's done so little of it in the last few years. And the fact that she turned out to be a lousy nurse just brought home the point that she is not a traditional woman. That point has been made numerous times. But it bothers me that it seems Anna is not supposed to show any 'softer' emotions, at least not with Robert. (Guess it was okay with Duke.) Now if she worries, is afraid and acts lovingly toward Robert, some people are ready to declare that Anna is no longer strong. I don't want to see her become a simpering idiot; her emotions just make her human.

Of course, I don't want to see Anna reduced to a second-class citizen or a mere sexual diversion. Neither do I want to see her pushed into the background. What I really want to see is Anna and Robert presented as equal partners- not just her as his trusty sidekick or vice versa. Why can't we root for them and support them as true partners in work and life?

Their story could use a few small improvements, but it's still great. Anna and Robert are the best thing (executive producer) Gloria Monty has done since her return. I also feel Soap Opera Weekly is going overboard in GH bashing. Almost every week there's a column or comment of some sort, taking shots at it. The show is trying to turn things around, and no one is willing to forgive mistakes (and Monty has admitted to some of those) and give it another chance. And the constant bashing and cheap shots by the media- and some truly irrational 'fans'- hasn't helped!"

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