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Real Tears- and Words- Flowed For GH's Kimberly McCulloughtiffanytears.jpg (12078 bytes)
by Janet Di Lauro, Soap Opera Weekly 4/21/92

Emotions were high on the set of General Hospital when Kimberly McCullough (Robin), John Reilly (Sean), Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany), John J. York (Mac) and Emma Samms (Holly) taped the heart-wrenching scene in which Sean told Robin her parents, Robert and Anna (Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes), are dead. 

"I don't know if the audience noticed but the whole scene was (ad-libbed)," says McCullough. "Nobody said the script at all.  It was so weird.  We all forgot our lines and said whatever. There were (moments of) dead silence."  It worked- and the scene wrapped in one quick take.  "We didn't even rehearse it," says McCullough, "because they wanted it fresh."

The words may not have come easy to McCullough and her co-stars, but tears were an entirely different matter. "It's harder doing [an emotional] scene with someone you're not very close to," she explains. "But since there were a lot of people around- people I've grown up with like John and Sharon, and even John (York) and Emma- it was easier.  When I looked at them, they were all crying.  So it made it easier for me to cry."

So did the fact that McCullough was bidding a final farewell to Hughes and Rogers, her tv parents of more than seven years.  "That was hard," she says softly. "It's what made me cry."  Robin copes with her grief by keeping a "stiff upper lip" for the next few weeks. "I don't know if that's so great. I think I'd be upset for more than a week," she laughs.  "Like the day after the memorial, she was happy again. But I'm not playing it that way."

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