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macrobbie.jpg (12247 bytes)Scorpio Vs. Scorpio
Will GH's battling brothers fight it out to the finish?
by Janet Di Lauro, Soap Opera Weekly, May 28, 1991

"It's brother against brother on General Hospital as the family feud between Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Mac (John J. York) explodes with a vicious fight. When the brawl is over one brother is left for dead; the other thinks he killed him.

The tension between the Scorpio men has been thick since Mac arrived in town. Mysterious attempts on Robert's life only added fuel to the fire. Robert, believing Mac was behind them, countered by having his brother thrown in jail.

Meanwhile, Mac was being set up on circumstantial evidence. Desperate to prove his innocence, he escaped from jail when his cell door became ajar during the earthquake.  But no sooner was Mac free, than an attack on made on Anna's life. Robert- certain Mac shot the woman he loves- was out for blood.

This week, the two come face to face on a freighter heading out of Port Charles. Both men draw their guns, a struggle erupts, a gunshot is fired- and Mac falls into the river. Bill (Tony Geary), Jenny (Cheryl Richardson), Anna (Finola Hughes), Frisco (Jack Wagner), Sean (John Reilly) and Tiffany (Sharon Wyatt) all watch in horror.

York reviews the details of the slug fest. 'Whenever you stage a fight, it's a dangerous situation. You have to really trust the other actor you're working with, because there's only so far you can go.'

According to producer Gloria Monty, the aftermath- particularly Robert's misconception that he killed Mac- will be pivotal to future stories. 'It's one of the big steps in getting Mac and Robert back together again,' she explains. 'It will produce a major change in both characters... add richness to them, and will develop into another major story.'

Monty admits she was 'amiss' about introducing Robert to the show years ago and not giving him a good background. 'One of the things I wanted to do is fill that in,' she says. 'Explain who his family was and where he came from. Outside of Holly (Emma Samms), the WSB, and being in love with Jackie Templeton (Demi Moore) for a while, Robert was a closed book.  He was a book I could open. I wanted to bring in an important member of his family for a dramatic story that would enlarge the lives of both Robert and Anna.

'It's been a long time since we've had a male/male relationship on this show,' Monty notes. 'I wanted to re-establish that. Robert desperately needed someone.  He has a friend in Sean, but they are not together much. I can only compare Mac and Robert's (future) relationship to Luke and Robert's.'

The wheels toward that relationship are now in motion. Until then, however, Mac will on be on the lam.   'It's going to be fun,' says York. 'It kind of makes Mac the underdog and adds more mystery to the character.'

Meanwhile, Robert will weather a 'very slight' downhill fall following Mac's 'death'. But not for long.   Ultimately, Robert will discover Mac is alive and head after him once again.

Rogers believes the introduction of an estranged brother adds new dimension to Robert. 'I like the dynamics of their relationship,' says Rogers. 'It has broadened Robert in a couple of ways. Bringing in Mac has allowed Robert to display that push-pull rivarly inherent in sibling relationships.  And, at the same time, there's that natural man-to-man competitiveness between them, too. Robert doesn't want another man threatening his territory.'

York, who has three brothers of his own, finds the sibling hatred between Mac and Robert equally compelling. 'The way I was brought up I can't even imagine being angry at one of my brothers,' says York. 'That's completely alien to me. But in terms of Mac and Robert- the way they were raised and the tension given to them by [their] parents- well, it all played into forming their relationship.'

Monty assures viewers that the brothers' pasts will soon be revealed. 'I think the audience mainly knows most of it. It won't be very long before it all comes out.'

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