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The Spy and the Sophisticated Lady Tie the Knot on GH
by Stella Bednarz, Soap Opera Digest 12/27/88

donelysweds.jpg (13546 bytes)"How Did Sean Donely and Tiffany Hill finally geet to the altar? It's quite a story....

Her Story:  Jet-setter Tiffany Hill breezed into town as Victor Cassadine's girlfriend and sailed away on a yacht to his family's island during the Ice Princess saga. Bored, she became intrigued with Robert Scorpio, a spy out to catch the evil Cassadines. She helped Robert (and Luke and Laura) accomplish this, and continued her romance with Scorpio in Port Charles. Since they were all broke, Tiffany shed a tear and pawned her jewels.

Robert and Tiffany's romance inexplicably fizzled.  Her new relationship with Dr. Noah Drake was on the right track- until he took up with his ex-lover, Bobbie Spenser. Tiffany struck back when she stabotaged Bobbie, who was trying to make a good impression on Noah's uncle, a senator. They were all set to dine out, so Tiffany made sure the wrong dress was delivered to Ms. Spenser, who ended up looking like a tramp. Though Tiff arrived as a picture-perfect, demure Southern belle, she never did get Noah back and she left town. When Tiffany returned, she met her match.

His Story: Sean Donely was Robert Scorpio's WSB partner, who retired, moved to Mexico, and made a fortune. At least that's what Scorpio believed. Actually, Sean was greedily pursuing an Aztec treasure, and he was willing to steal, smuggle, even kidnap Robert's wife, Holly, to get to it. But when he thought Scorpio died as a result of the quest, Donely realized the treasure was meaningless in comparison.   Sean planned to give it back to the Mexican government- until a not-so-dead Robert arrested him.

Donely redeemed himself and became a hero after escaping from jail during the Asian Quarter saga. He dabbled in business and intrigueand had a not-so-clandestine affair with his doctor, Monica Quartermaine. Sean's life had been exciting, but he didn't know the meaning of the word until....

Their Story:  At Edward Quartermaine's behest, Tiffany pawned her last emerald to return to Port Charles. Her mission- break up Sean and Monica.  Her incentive- enough cash to buy a tv station. So Tiffany hired a thug to rough her up down by the waterfront- just as Sean rounded the bend. Donely rescued her and, on cue, she fainted in his arms. The flirtation had begun.

No dope, Monica grew suspicious. She feared two things- that Sean was smitten with Tiffany, and that he had swindled a fortune out of the Quartermaines.  She was right on both counts, and broke up with Donely, who was forced to return Edward's twenty million dollars. Tiffany was down and out because Edward refused to pay her fee. Donely forgave Tiffany for her scheme; he'd found a kindred spirit. 

Sean and the Quartermaines got more than they bargained for when they bought  into Helix Technogen Inc. So did Tiffany. Every jealous bone in her body told her that HTI geneticist Dr. Greta Ingstrom was after her man- especially after the hapless doc was pursued by DVX (bad spies) and Sean rushed to her aid. When Donely learned he was #1 on the DVX hit list, he broke up with Tiff, sans explanation. Alan thought Sean and his wife, Monica, were lovers again, so he convinced rejected Tiffany to help ruin Donely at HTI.

Sean was busy hunting DVX at Mount Rushmore, where Tiffany had gotten Dusty and Terry a singing gig. How could Ms. Hill know she'd landed in the middle of a lethal DVX plot?  Sean eventually filled her in, and the bad guys were caught. Afterwards, Tiff felt guilty about Sean, who wanted to reconcile, so she helped clear him at HTI.  

Tiffany's antennae went up when she smelled perfume at Sean's place- and it wasn't her scent.  The other woman was his investment counselor and her sister, Cheryl Stansbury, who seemed a tad too interested in Donely, so Tiff matched her up with Robert Scorpio. Reconciled, the sisters reminisced about their country upbringing in Arkansas as the daughters of a hairdresser and gambling foreman- back when Tiffany was known as Elsie.

Sean understood his lady's volatile nature- and her weak spots. When she pitched a fit after he canceled their vacation, Donely gave her an emerald bracelet. Peace reigned. It was Anna Lavery who suggested Sean marry Tiffany- unless he planned to spend his life sharing a penthouse with Robert. Soon, Sean arrived at Tiffany's place and announced their engagement. She ordered him to be more romantic and kicked him out. Later, Donely escorted Tiffany to dinner, produced an enormous emerald and diamond ring and re-proposed. She needed to think.

Sean bought her a yacht. No sale. Finally, Tiffany disguised herself as Madame Olga, gypsy fortune teller, and advised him to propose again. He recognized her and intentionally hesitated.  Fed up, Tiffany yanked off her disguise and announced in a fury, that she loved him. This time when Sean proposed, her response was an ecstatic 'Yes!'  Several crises postponed the nuptials- they do live in Port Charles- but a wedding date was set.   

Profile- Tiffany Hill
Job History: 'B' movie actress; unofficial spy; newscaster; talk-show host; talent manager; tv-station owner.
Romantic History: She's attracted to handsome, wealthy men. Among the chosen- Victor Cassadine, Robert Scorpio, Noah Drake. There have been dry spells.
Personality: Big-hearted; hot-tempered.
Likes: Extravaganzas; luxury is her byword.
Dislikes: Poverty (her own); being ignored.
Hobbies: Giving advice; ferreting secrets.
Marital Status: Single and unable to find someone to appreciate her- until now.

Profile- Sean Donely
Job History:  Globe-trotting spy; entrepeneur; theif; smuggler; kidnapper; convict; company chairman; private investigator.
Romantic History: It's murky, but reputedly extensive. Known liasons- double agent Colette Francois; Dr. Monica Quartermaine.
Personality: A bon vivant, occassionally ruthless
Likes: Fine art, fine wine, fine women
Dislikes: Prison cells; having his finances investigated
Hobbies: Acquiring wealth and power
Marital Status: Single, unwilling to commit- until now.

Tiffany's Wedding Dress: GH's costume designer Bob Miller created this head-turning outfit. The headdress is made of silk tulle illusion. Gold, pearls, and rhinestones form a crescent shape. The top of the dress has dolman sleeves, a bloussant wait sashed at the hip, and a straight skirt. The top is made out of cotton bobbinette, beaded with crystal iris bugle beads, giving it a transparent look. Underneath is a form-fitting bodice. The shoulders and cuffs are decorated with french lace, embroidered with gold beads, clear sequins and pearls. There is a french-lace applique on the front. The chapel-length train starts out of the sash in the back and goes from narrow to wide. Under the bodice, sash and train is a satin side of the lame, which is a champagne color with gold threads.The lining of the train is also gold lame. There is a french-lace border on the train, which is appliqued and beaded with sequins and pearls.

Accessories- the bride wears champagne-colored peau de soie shoes; the earrings are clusters of diamonds on gold branches surrounding one large pearl; her wedding ring consists of alternating emeralds and diamonds (to match the engagement ring); the bouquet is composed of small calalillies, white roses and stephanotis, with ivy mixed in."

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