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custodybattle.jpg (21176 bytes)Tiffany Hill Donely, Desert Island Diva (SOD, 1995?)

"Her M.O.: Tiffany Hill is a former B-movie star who parlayed her screen presence into a successful TV career.  Think Ann-Margaret with a talk show. Even though her jet-set days are behind her (she probably does her own supermarket shopping now), this gal is no over-the-Hill suburbanite. Tiff wouldn't be caught dead in Port Charles A&P without foundation and false lashes. Why don't they stock truffles? she wonders.

She can't intimidate: Her husband, Police Commissioner Sean Donely. Tiff's always trying to dig up info on his murder cases for her tv station, and he's always telling her to MYOB.  Sean's got Tiff's number, and it's usually 911.

Her Achilles' High Heel: The fact that Bobbie won custody of Lucas. Tiffany and her late sister, Cheryl, weren't that close, but Tiff loves Cheryl's son, and it broke her heart when Cheryl's will stipulated that Bobbie raise him.

On her Nightstand You'll Find: A photo of Lucas, a satin sleep mask, and a book titled Policing Your Love Life: How to Make Love to a Cop.

She's always dressed to kill in: Perfect makeup, stiletto heels and pastel designer suit- unless she's stranded on a desert isle or being held hostage.

She's secretly jealous of: Laura Spenser.  Laura hasn't lived as high-profile a life as Tiffany, but she's deliriously happy in her marriage, with a handsome son and a baby daughter on the way. Tiff would give up her glam lifestyle in a heartbeat if she could have just one rugrat running around her penthouse. On that note...

The worst thing that ever happened: Losing her baby.  Last year's miscarriage (combined with Sean's affair with Jessica) sent Tiffany on a downward spiral that culminated in a suicide attempt.

If her purse got stolen, she'd scream: 'Why is there never a cop around when you need one?'

The former lover she probably thinks about: Dr. Noah Drake.

Prize Trophies: A sapphire engagement ring from Sean, a monogrammed microphone and an old ice cube (it's in the freezer) from Mikkos Cassadine."

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