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headshot5.jpg (8357 bytes)GH, What to Watch (1991)

"What They Do Better Than Anyone Else
GH excels at the fast-paced, action/adventure genre and always maintains high production values, interweaving intimate relationships - lovers, friends, or relatives - into the unfolding escapade causes viewers to make an emotional investment.  As a counterpoint, GH presents several domestic-based plots that ground the show in reality.  The result:  balanaced, diverse storylines incorporating a large cast of characters.

Actors to Watch
The bewitching Finola Hughes is a compelling, realistic actress who displays power and range as Anna; Jane Elliot's Tracy sharpens every scene; Lynn Herring's larger-than-life portrayal of titllating Lucy adds comedic spice.

Most Compelling Storyline
The saga of gutsy Anna Lavery tugs at the heartstrings, but never becomes mired in melodramatic mush.  Whether she's overcoming her husband Duke's death, dealing with her adolescent daughter, Robin, or helping Casey the Friendly Alien go home, Anna's travails are dynamite viewing because of the character's compassion and intelligence.

On the Flip Side
The flaky Quartermaine flock provides major comedic entertainment.  Fussing, feuding, insulting and loving, there's never a dull moment at the mansion- especially when money is the topic of conversation, which it usually is."

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