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spy.jpg (92980 bytes)Fighting Crime Pays....
from Soaps In Depth

"Port Charles may be known more for its M.D.'s than it's P.D., but be they plainclothes or uniformed officers, there's something sexy about folks on the right side of the law. Consider these cases of love in the first degree.
        Frisco and Felicia: Frisco was no stranger to danger, and neither was Felicia, the fair-haired thief attracted to the Aztec ring he bought at an auction. She claimed it as part of her legacy and so began their adventures.  Together, they became king and queen of crime-solving as well as husband and wife. But their marriage was two-timed by the work he chose to do. Though he promised to protect her for the rest of her life, Frisco was bound to enforce the law.
        Robert and Anna: International police work brought this couple together, tore them apart, brought them together again, then blew them to bits.  The married WSB agents separated when Scorpio pinned Anna as a double agent. The duo couldn't stay apart for long, though. Through international intrigue, Anna's marriage to Duke, and Robert's almost-marriage to Katherine, they proved to be true soul mates till her old partner, Faison, did them apart.
      Sean and Tiffany: When the director of the WSB got together with the former B-movie starlet, they made an unexpectedly good match. Running the tv station she gleaned from Edward Quartermaine, Tiff was able to scoop the latest news from Sean, who became police commissioner. After he was injured in a gangland double-cross, a pregnant Tiff rushed to his side, and together they shipped off for his lengthy rehab at Boston's Mass General."

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