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Couple Close-Up- GH's Felicia and Mac
Can these two best friends fal in love again and survive Luke Spenser? (by Michael Maloney, SOU 10/24/2000)

Felicia Jones had amnesia when she first go to know Mac Scorpio, which is kind of ironic since the couple has had many memorable moments during the course of their relationship. Many years ago, when Felicia returned to Port Charles with her daughter Maxie, Mac gave Felicia a job helping out at his establishment The Outback.

The duo developed a deep friendship which led to love as they teamed up for many escapades. They brough pyschotic Ryan Chamberlain to justice and headed to the altar, only to have Ryan attack them once again. The rescheduled ceremony had to be put off as Maxie grew gravely ill. Putting his own needs aside, Mac felt the best way to support Felicia was to find Frisco, Maxie's dad. (Is that not the definition of a best friend?) Felicia and Frisco reunited long enough to see Maxie through her ordeal and to conceive another daughter, Georgie. Alas, Frisco's wanderlust sent him packing and he left Felicia alone once more. She and Mac found their way back to one another, after each entertained respective relationships with Tom Hardy and Katherine Bell.

Everyone, including Maxie and Georgie, wanted Felicia and Mac to tie the knot. The couple wanted to as well, only they didn't know it! The two agreed to a double ceremony with pals Kevin and Lucy. Mac and Felicia's brillant plan to back out at the last minute and allow Kevin and Lucy to bask in the glow of matrimony by themselves. Then, surprisingly, Kevin and Lucy bowed out... and Felicia and Mac were pronounced man and wife instead! The newlyweds settled into the home occupied by other legendary GH supercouples, such as Rick and Lesley and Robert and Anna. Like them, Mac and Felicia were bound for troubled times.

While Mac and Felicia loved each other very much (and still do!), Felicia's desire for adventure has come between her and Mac too many times. At first, Felicia began sharing escapades and aliases with Luke Spenser, who was estranged from his wife Laura. Felicia insisted to Mac over and over that she loved him- her feelings for Luke were purely professional. Or were they? Mac saw it as a case of the lady protesting way too much. In time, Felicia's passionate desire to protect Luke from Faison took on a life of its own. Luke soon found himself Faison's captive along with Felicia. Attempting to force a confrontation with the evil mastermind, Luke "forced" himself on Felicia. The plan worked! Alas, the moment was captured on videotape- a tape that Mac later witnessed. This caused a rift in his relationship with Felicia. How could Felicia stay away from Luke when news about his presumed dead son Lucky was at stake? For Mac, however, there was no excuse for Felicia's continued betrayals.

Mac served Felicia with divorce papers and filed for custody of the two girls. Not even Felicia's own grandmother Maria could take her side over Mac's! A devastated Felicia turned her affair of the heart with Luke into an affair with the flesh. The two made love on the night that Stefan Cassadine faked his own death, framing Luke in the process. Then, Felicia left town. Thankfully, she's back and working things out with Mac. However, to protect Luke, she may have to reveal their one-time affair. Can Mac and Felicia's shaky marriage withstand such a blow?

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