Scorpio Articles and Interviews
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Miscellaneous Articles 

Edie Lehmann (Kate Delafield): 
-Play It Again, Kate!, Daytime TV, August 1989
-Meet the Real Kate Delafield- An Afternoon with Edie Lehmann, SOU 9/25/90
John Reilly (Sean Donely): 
-Life of Reilly, SOU 5/23/88
-The Art of Living, SOU, Sept. 24, 1990
-Flash Fax- John Reilly and Finola Hughes Photo Shoot, SOU 4/9/90
-They're Still Daddy's Little Girls, SOM 11/29/94
-I Spy
Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany Hill Donely)
-The Spy and the Sophisticated Lady Tie the Knot on GH, SOD 12/27/88
-Too Legit To Quit, SOU 10/6/92
-Feeling Secure, SOM 10/20/92
-Rhinestone Cowgirl

-Desert Island Diva, SOD, 1995?
Robert and Anna: 
-Robert and Anna Marry, SOW 7/2/91
-A Bloomin' Miracle
-Goodbye My Friends, 1992
-Real Tears- and Words- Flowed For GH's Kimberly McCullough, SOW 4/21/92
Robert and Mac
-The Scorpios: Accent on Intimacy, Episodes November/Decemeber 1991
-Scorpio Versus Scorpio, SOW, May 28, 1991
-On the Waterfront, SOD 4/2/91
Mac and Felicia: 
-Ryan Stops Felicia's Wedding- Talk about a Mac Attack!, SOD 3/15/94
-Why Hot Couples Suddenly Fizzled, SOU 4/2/96
-The Wrong Guy, SOU 2/3/98
-Mac and Felicia: The Triumphs and the Tragedies, SOU 3/30/99
-Luke Knocks Out Mac to Get to Felicia on GH, SOW 12/21/99
-Couples Up-Close- Felicia and Mac, SOU 10/24/2000
-GH's Felicia and Mac, SOU 10/24/00
Frisco and Felicia
-GH's Tortured Triangle- Frisco, Felicia & Colton, SOU 9/28/89
-Jack Wagner and Kristina Malandro Talk About Their Greatest Gift, SOU 12/24/90
-Paying the Scorpios a House Call, SOD 11/11/83
-Costume Ball, SOD 8/12/86
-Panic in Port Charles, Daytime Tv 1987?
-GH at 25, The Register 4/3/88
-GH, What to Watch, 1991
-Don't Be Alienated, SOW 1990?
-They're Playing All the Right Keys! Love Notes- GH, SOU 7/16/90
-Up with Anna, SOW 1991?
-Fighting Crime Pays, SID
-30 Years of Love in the Afternoon on General Hospital, SOU 3/23/93
-Crime Time on Daytime- GH's Baffling Black Pearl Mystery, SOM 6/14/94
-Stone Battles AIDS, SOD 12/5/95

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