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John J. York 
(Mac Scorpio)

-Take One, People 11/2/87
-A Family Affair, Chicago Tribune 1/10/88
-John York: A Howling Success, TV Magazine 4/24/88

Who's New- Mac Attack!, SOW 4/9/91 
-Mac Attack 2, SOU 11/4/91?
-Great Expectations, SOD 6/25/91
-Bringing Home the Bacon
-My Baby & Wife Come Before Everything, SOM 11/5/91
-John J. York is Following His Dream, First Step: Port Charles, SOU 4/29/91

Family First, Dreams Second, Episodes 3/92
-Dominique Shares Her Secret Passion!- features John J. York and family, SOU 3/24/92
-Big Mac Attack, SOW 12/13/93
-Gorgeous Men of General Hospital, Playgirl 10/93
-MMM-TV! Daytime Hunks-To-Die-For, Playgirl 5/94
-A Happy Homebody, Hubby and Daddy, SOM 6/14/94
-Still Afloat, SOD 8/29/95
-Brotherly Love, SOD 8/29/95
-Soaps' Best Lovers- Mac, SOU 12/12/95
-A Happy Homebody, Hubby and Daddy, 12/12/95
-Father Knows Best, SOD 5/20/97
-Stars in His Eyes, SOD 11/18/97
-On the Flipside, SID 1998
-A Kiss is Just a Kiss, SID 7/98
-A Little Romance, SID 9/22/98
-Chit Chat, SOW 7/13/98
-Spotlight Artist- John York, interview at 4/18/99
-Role Model, SID 6/99

-Big Mac Attack, SOU 2/14/00
-To Be Continued.., SID 6/13/00
-Season's Greetings, SID 12/26/00
-Stars' Wedding Albums, SOD 12/5/00
-Grin and Bare It, SID 10/3/00
-Two of a Kind, SOD 8/22/00
-Island Girl, SID 8/8/00
-FAN-tastic, SID 6/27/00
-Smart Man, Foolish Choices, SID 6/13/00
-Ski Demon, SOW 1/16/01
-Braveheart, SOD 1/16/2001 
-Who Let the Dogs Out?, SID 1/23/01
-Rubbish? Rubbish!, SOW 1/30/01
-Bring Back Robert Scorpio, SID 2/6/2001 
-Quiz Show, SOD 2/6/01
-Funny Bones, SID 3/6/01
-Bellies Up, SOW 3/6/01
-A Stand-Up Kind of Guy, SOD 4/10/01
-From Bad Boy to Family Man, SID 5/15/01
-A Date With Dad, SID 6/26/01
-That Thong You Do, SID 7/24/01
-Cut & Paste, SID 8/7/01
-Our Towns, SOD 8/28/01
-Will Mac's GH Pals Learn That Anna Is Alive?, SID 10/16/01

-Flirting with Danger, SID 10/16/01
-My Love Story, SID 7/23/02
-Soap Talk interview, 8/15/02

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