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The following are various articles concerning Tristan Rogers. Sources are listed whenever possible, but sometimes I didn't have it.

Articles from 1986-2001:
-The Demise of Scorpio on GH, SOW or SOM?
-I Don't Pick My Leading Ladies! 1988-1989?
-The One Failure in My Life I've Yet to Overcome, 1988?
-Scorpio Rises from the Ashes, Daytime TV 3/87
-Scorpio is on the Loose and Looking for Love, Daytime TV 1987?
-50 Fabulous Facts About Tristan Rogers, Daytime TV 12/87
-Scorpio Returns, SOD 11/18/86

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Scorpio A



rticles and Interviews
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Kristina Wagner 
(Felicia Jones)

1990-late 1990s: 

Scorpio Articles and Interviews
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Jack Wagner 
(Frisco Jones)

1991-late 1990s: 
-The Most Revealing Interview with Jack Wagner Ever, SOU 11/4/91?
Love Conquers All, SOU 8/25/92
Then and Now: Jack Wagner as GH's Frisco, SOU 5/17/94
-Soaps' Best Lovers, SOU 12/12/95
-Jack & Kristina's Wedding of a Lifetime, SOU 3/19/96
-Spotlight on Jack Wagner, Blue Desert Online
-Jack Bio [from his Santa Barbara days]
-Jack the Golfer, Denver Post Online
-Jack as Jekyll & Hyde, Theatre.Com 
-Acting Dynasty, EW Online
-Wagner Symphony, SOD 3/18/03

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