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The following are various articles concerning Emma Samms. Sources are listed whenever possible, but sometimes I didn't have it.

Articles from 1992-2000:
-Update... Updated, SOU 8/28/89
-What the Doctor Ordered, People 2/10/92
-One More Time, Daytime TV 1992? or 1993?

-Night Tide, SOU 9/22/92
-Back from Britain, TV Guide 9/6/97
-Talking with... Emma Samms, People Online 1998?
-Mum's the Word, People Online 8/4/00
-One on One with Emma Samms, Soap City

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-Ghosts of Albion, BBC.Uk.Co
-Behind the Scenes of Treacherous Beauties
-I Looked So Dreadful in Holby City

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