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Ian Buchanan 
(Duke Lavery)

-The Slippery Look, SOD 11/18/96
-In Search of Duke Lavery, SOD 7/28/87
-Sexy Scotsman Ian Buchanan is Learning to Live in the Fast Lane!!, Soap Opera's Greatest Stories and Stars, October 1987
-His Heart is in the Highlands 
-I Don't Make Friends...But this Woman Won me Over!, Daytime TV 1/87
-I Marry Anna,  But.., Daytime TV 1/87

-In Search of Duke Lavery, 7/28/87
-Up Close with Ian and Finola, SOU 4/11/88
-B&B's James: He'll Be Back, SID 11/18/96
-The Accidental Therapist, SOD 4/1/97
-Ian & Barbara Crampton (B&B`s ex-Maggie), SOM 1997
-Foreign Flair
-The Slippery Look, SOD 11/18/96
-Catching Up with Ian Buchanan, SOU 8/1/00
-Man of Many Faces, SID Online

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