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Anders Hove 
(Cesar Faison)

-Conversation with a Great Dane, General Hospital Fan Club Newsletter, Spring 1990
-A Method to His Madness SOW, October 1, 1991
-Bill Booked in GH Murder, SOW 10/29/91
-Not as Scary as He Looks, SOW 11/2/99
-Gasp-- A Devoted Family Man: My Dinner With Anders,  SOD 7/13/99
-A Date with the Devil, SOW August 10, 1999
-FYI- Anders Hove, SOW 8/24/99
-Applause, Applause, SOW September 7, 1999
-GH's Roy Saves Luke from Faison, SOW 11/2/99
-The Shriners Club, SOD 12/21/99
-Scare Thee Well, SID December 14, 1999
-Getting Lucky, SOU December 7, 1999
-Faison Dies- Again, SOD January 18, 2000
-Explosive Exit, SID, January 25, 2000
-A Lucky Break, SOD, January 18, 2000
-Parting Words, SOW 1/25/00

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