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The ScorpioFiles, 1999-2005

The following are various articles concerning Finola Hughes. Sources are listed whenever possible, but sometimes I didn't have it.

Articles from 2005:
-Style Icon, 12/14/05

Articles from 2002:
-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, SOD 1/1/02
-How is Ryan Tied to Anna's Duke?, SID 2/5/02
-Accused, SID 4/16/02
-Couple Close Up, SOD 4/23/02

-Who's Proteus?  SID Cover Shoot, SID 1/8/02 and SID Online
-Who is Proteus? SID 1/8/02

Articles from 2001:
-Hughes on Return:  I'm Really Excited! SID 2/6/01
-You Only Live Twice, SID 3/20/01
-The Role of a Lifetime, SID 5/15/01
-The Mommy Returns, SOD 6/5/01
-The Strongest Link, SOD 6/12/01

-The Ultimate Dual Role, SOW 6/19/01
-The Men in Her Life, SOU 7/3/01
-Flirting with Danger, SID 10/16/01

Links to other sites with Finola interviews from 2001-
-Finola's dog, Jagger, interviewed for Julia Barr's website 2000?
-Finola on Good Morning America
-The Great News is Out
-Finola Hughes Transcript, Regis and Kelly

Articles from 2000:
-Fin and Bear It, SOD 1/20/00
-Enemy Lines, SOD 2/29/00
-Take Five, SOD 2/22/00
-50 Most Beautiful People- Finola Hughes, SOW 3/28/00
-Absolutely Fabulous, SID 4/4/00
-Licensed to Drool, SID 5/23/00
-Finola on the View Transcript
-Alex/Anna Questions Remain, SID 8/8/00
-Matters of Life and Death, SID 2/22/00
-The Count's Not Down, SOD 5/9/2000
-Can Dimitri Save Alex's Life, SOU 5/23/00
-The Hidden Enemy, SID 7/11/00
-Cheating Death, SOW 8/8/00
-Edmund Who? SOD 9/5/00

Articles from 1999:
-Finola Rocks AMC, SOU 8/3/99
-Simply Devane!, TV Guide June 1999
-Is Alex Really Anna Devane, SOU 12/21/99
-She's Back! Fan Favorite Finola Hughes Returns to Daytime, SOD 7/27/99
-Is Alexandra Anna?, SID 8/10/99
-How I Spent My Summer Vacation, SOD 8/31/99
-Beautiful Women- Finola Hughes, SOD 9/28/99
-Up Close and Personal, SID 9/21/99
-AMC: Hughes that Girl? SOD, 7/20/99
-Vibrant Hughes, SOW 12/28/99
-Editor's Choice- the Count's Down, SOD 10/12/99

-Widow of Opportunity, SID 8/10/99
-Dimitri's Alive, SOD 9/14/99
-Will Edmund and Alexandra's Combined Effords Be Enough to Save Dimitri's Life, SOU 9/28/99

Articles from 1997-1999:
-Just Call Her Kate, SOW 1997?
-Catching Up with Finola Hughes, SOM or SOW 1997?
-Keeping Track, SID 1998?
-A Ghost of a Chance:  Finola Hughes Reveals Her Wish for Anna's Resurrection, SID 4/20/99

Articles from 1990-1996:
-She's Glad to Be Bad, The Record 10/19/90
-GH Boss Gloria Monty Axed After Firing Finola Hughes, 1991
-There is Life After Soaps, mid-1990s
-Simply Lovely, In Style mid-1990s

Articles from 1985-1989:
-Riding High in Hollywood, 1986?
-Odysessy to GH, SOD 3/11/86
-Loves Her Leading Men, 1987?

-Up Close With Ian Buchanan and Finola Hughes, SOU 4/11/88
-A Day with Finola Hughes, SOU 1989?

Articles from 1983-1984:
-Stayin' Alive's British Bitch, Daily Star Features? 9/20/83
-Disco Fever Headliners, New York Post, 3/3/93
-Lightening Strikes, The Boston Herald 7/31/83

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-Finola Hughes Official Site articles
-The FinSpot