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AMC Video Captures

*I scanned the majority of the pictures and made the video captures on my site.  Please ask before taking, Thanks!

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Images from Finola's time on All My Children featuring Alex, Edmund and Dimitri.  Click on the image to view a larger version.

Alex and Dimitri

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Alex and Edmund on "the beach"

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Alex and Edmund admit their a couple at Hayle and Mateo's Wedding

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Alex and Edmund in Wales

eahug3.jpg (37804 bytes)

Edmund's Proposal to Alex
The setting is a Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, which is suppose to be Alex's favorite. Alex is dressed in a beautiful lacey dress, little Maddie is dressed up as Mustardseed, Sammy as Puck, Mateo as the fairy king and Hayley as Princess Tatiana.  Edmund briefly wears the donkey's head, then he and Alex are left alone so that he can propose. A thrilled Alex accepts his proposal.

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Miscellaneous Alex and Edmund Scenes

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Alex, Edmund and His Children

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Alex, Edmund, Charlotte and Dimitri

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