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The Widow Marick- Edmund, Jack, Gillian and Erica were rocked by the news that the doctors had been unable to save Dimitri. When Edmund ordered an autopsy to be performed on his sibling, a woman named Alexandra stepped forward. In addition to putting a kibosh on the journalist's request, the mystery lady threw everyone for a loop by providing proof that she was Dimitri's widow. But when she attempted to take his remains out of the country, she was stopped at the airport by Derek, Jack and Edmund, who convinced her to let Dimitri be laid to rest in Pine Valley. As she was planning Dimitri's funeral, Alexandra recalled their wedding. Later, she refused Edmund's request that the memorial be open casket. While grieving for her boss, Peggy sensed that the new Mrs. Marick was hiding something.

Dimitri Phones Home- After receiving a phone call from Dimitri, who said that he soon would be coming home with a special surprise, Edmund planned a welcome back party at Wildwind. But when word got to the journalist that his brother's plane was haivng problems, Edmund and the other guests rushed to the airfield. They were horrified to see Dimitri being rushed on a guerney to the hospital. After everyone had departed, a beautiful woman emerged from the aircraft.

Alex is Exposed!- Alexandra was spotted by David, who referred to her as "Dr. Devane". When Edmund questioned them, Alex admitted she was a neurologist. Edmund threatened to inform the police that he suspected she was involved in Dimitri's death, but Alex placated him by telling him that the count had died of an aneurysm. Later, though, David planted more seeds of doubt in Edmund's mind. Meanwhile, Gillian and Alex bonded when Alex shared details of her and Dimitri's courtship. After Edmund came across a mysterious vial in her possession, he had its contents analyzed and was told by David that it was poison. Edmund requested that David do an autopsy on Dimitri. The two pried open his coffin and were astounded by what they saw.

Edmund is Suspicious- After comforting his grieving sister-in-law, Edmund grilled Alexandra about her relationship with Dimitri. Recalling that she and the count had planned on having children, the widow stole a picture of Maddie. At the hospital, Alexandra hid when she heard David's voice. Edmund was reminded of Maria when Alexandra used complicated medical jargon to describe Dimitri's death. Brooke tried unsuccessfully to get Alexandra to talk about herself, and Edmund was unable to get info about her off the internet. Edmund told Joe he was skeptical of Dimitri's collapse. After learning that Edmund's wife had been a neurologist, a panicked Alex stole one of Maria's medical books, out of which she then ripped a picture of herself. Later, at the hospital, David recognized Alexandra.

Dimitri is Alive!- After he and David found Dimitri's coffin empty, Edmund confronted Alexandra and demanded to know where his brother was. Admitting that her hubby was indeed alive but not well, Alex agreed to take the journalist to see Dimitri at Seaview Hospital. Although Edmund wanted his sib to return to Wildwind, Dimitri implored his bride to get his brother to leave. Back at the estate, Gillian and Eugenia lambasted Alex for keeping them in the dark. Later, the neurologist informed Edmund that there was an experimental treatment that could help save his brother. In an effort to bring down Adam, David suggested to Edmund that he ask Liza if she would donate some of Colby's stem cells for the treatment. Much to Adam's chagrin, Liza and Jake agreed to help out the Marick family. Fearful that the DNA testing run on Colby's cells would reveal her true paternity, a desperate Adam asked David for help, but his archenemy declined. The mogul later was caught switching the cell samples by a lab tech. Alex learned that Colby was a match for Dimitri.

Dimitri Dies- Again!- At Seaview Hospital the Count asked Edmund to look out for Alex, then told his brother he loved him. Later, Alex and Edmund found Dimitri missing from his room. They discovered his robe on the beach and realized, horrified, that he had deliberately drowned himself. Alex blamed her brother-in-law for her husband's suicide. While riding Dimitri's horse, Alex fell off. The horse broke its leg, forcing Edmund to put it down. Erica was livid upon hearing that the creature that was to be given to Bianca was dead, and further upset to discover that Dimitri actually had been alive and was now gone forever. Edmund was moved watching Alex mourn his brother.

Dimitri Surprises Alex- Following their private memorial at the beach where Dimitri had drowned himself, Alex told Edmund that she was heading to London for the reading of his brother's will. As Alex said goodbye to Gillian and Eugenia, Jack informed a stunned Edmund that Dimitri recently had added a codicil to his will. An adamant Edmund insisted that Jack accompany him to the reading of the document. Shocked to see Edmund in London, Alex was also surprised to learn that the codicil established a medical research foundation to be located in Pine Valley, and run by her. Alex, though, balked at the thought of returning to medicine.

Gillian Worries about Jake- Alex agreed to remain in Pine Valley until Gillian was fully recovered. David was displeased to learn that Gillian's case had been turned over to Alex, who was pursuing a new course of action to treat the aphasia. Edmund and Alex were impressed by Jake's commitment to Gillian. Alex was touched when Edmund invited her to Palmer's party, but gently declined; later, she reconsidered and accepted. A pained Gillian worried how she will tell Jake the truth about Colby.

Erica Gets a Shock- Alex assured David that his role in Siobhan's death would prevent him from heading up the foundation. After hearing of Gillian's accident, Edmund opened up to Brooke about all the loss in his life, then vowed to find out who upset Gillian before the crash. Infuriated that Edmund chose David to treat Gillian, Ms. Devane stunned Erica with the revelation that David had once paid Gillian for sex. Edmund then asked Alex to stay in town for Gillian's sake.

David Spills the Truth- Alex warned David that she would never appoint him as the director of Dimitri's foundation because of his involvement in the death of his ex-girlfriend, Alex's former med school roommate. Aghast that David might head the foundation, Gillian revealed to Alex how he once extorted sex from her. Erica suprised David with invitations to the party where she planned to announce his appointment. Wary of David's involvement in Dimitri's stem-cell transer, Alex maintained that he was all wrong for the directorship. Erica wondered what Alex had against David, and accused her lover of withholding the truth. Blaming Adam for his loss of the directorship, David got even by spilling to Gillian that Adam, not Jake, had fathered Colby.

Alex Teams up with David- Erica asked David if he and Alex once had been lovers. He laughed off her accusations, then admitted that Alex blamed him for her friend Siobhan's death. David explained to Erica that Alex hoped to destroy him because he had rejected her sexually. Alex, however, claimed to Joe that she rejected David. Angered when David was named the Foundation's director, Alex refuted Edmund's theory that she once had been in love with David. Later, David was horrified when Alex insisted they run the Foundation together. New Year's Eve- and a chiming clock gift from David- triggered nightmares for Alex. Vanessa taunted Erica after witnessing a moment of apparent closeness between David and Alex. Edmund talked a reluctant Alex into attending the Crystal Ball.

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