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Erica Discovers Alex's Secret- David turned down a ski trip with Erica in order to keep an eye on Alex, who admitted to Edmund that she had called David "Geoffrey". Later, David blasted Erica after she informed Edmund that Alex had spent time in a mental hospital. Alex confessed to Edmund that she had blocked out the memory of why she'd been committed. When he offered to help her remember, Alex maintained that some things stay secret for a reason. In front of Rae, Edmund denied having any romantic feelings for Alex.

Alex Sets David up for a Fall!- David sent Alex screaming by surprising her with flowers. After sending David away, she threw his flowers across the room. Findind Alex in the midst of an anxiety attack, Rae suggested there might be some connection between David and New Year's Eve, and that he reminded Alex of someone from her past. At the Crystal Ball, Alex grew tense upon seeing David in a tux, then ran off when he asked her to dance. When Erica dismissed her as a scorned woman, Alex urged her to ask David for the truth. David demanded to know why Alex was acting so irrationally, causing her to flash back to a past conflict with an older man. Lost in the memory, she pushed David down the stairs! After waking, he shocked everyone by claiming he'd tripped. Eventually, Alex admitted to Edmund what really happened. Looking to exploit Alex's anxieties, David pushed her buttons until she accidentally called him "Geoffrey". Erica, meanwhile, phoned a friend in London, hoping to dig up some dirt on Alex.

Alex Gets a Kiss- Alex is spooked when she nearly paralyzed David with a deadly move. Later, Edmund's attempt to comfort Alex led to a kiss. As she fled to England, a stranger kept tabs on her. Stunned by Edmund's arrival in London, Alex admitted that their newfound closeness had scared her. Edmund convinced her to return to Pine Valley and resolve her past.

Alex Exhibits Deadly Moves- Edmund's attempts to learn more about Geoffrey, the diplomat whom Alex had killed, were blocked by the government. After recalling having seen Geoffrey murder his daughter, Cassandra, Alex was upset to learn from Edmund that someone was covering up her past. Later, when Alex was grabbed by a crazed gunman, she used martial arts to subdue the attacker. Unable to recall where she learned her skills, a frightened Alex pulled away from a close moment with Edmund, who vowed to help unlock her secrets. She told Joe about killing Geoffrey. Insults from David pushed Alex to pull a deadly move on him.

Alex Continues to Crumble- Unable to locate the doctor who treated her in Wales, Alex was further dismayed to learn that her medical records had been sealed. She sought Rae's help in recovering her memory, but hypnosis revealed little. Back in Wales, Erica told David that Alex was suspected in the disappearance of Geoffrey, a dignitary. Erica then admitted to being in love with David. After seeing David standing over a patient, Alex had a disturbing flashback and again called him "Geoffrey".

Guy Spies on Alex- Alex bought Edmund a new stallion- which she named Scorpio- then warily bonded with Guy, the new stable hand. Later, Guy jogged Alex's memory by whistling a familiar song, and observed her behavior. 

Alex and Edmund Get Closer- Edmund was stunned when, in a crisis, Alex spoke fluent Russian to a friend of Eugenia's. Alex, though, insisted to Edmund she was unfamiliar with the language. She was shocked by Adrian's theory that she had been brainwashed. Later, Guy uttered a cryptic phrase which caught Alex's attention. She and Edmund came close to another kiss. Guy's request to terminate Alex was denied; instead, he was ordered to get closer to his target. As Edmund, Alex and Jack tried to investigate her medical records, they received an ominous message warning them to back off.

Alex and Edmund Get Warmer- After Guy alerted his superiors that Edmund might need to be 'removed,' Alex had a nightmare about Edmund's life being in danger. While visiting a young patient, she flashed back to carrying for a little girl named Robin. Guy secretly followed Alex and Edmund to Wales, where they questioned Dr. Griffith about her past. Later, Guy told Griffith, a cohort, that it might be time to eliminate Alex. Rattled after Griffith's housekeeper called her "Anna"- then mysteriously vanished- Alex was comforted by Edmund, and the two made love. After making love, the two discuss their past romances.

Alex Learns About Anna Devane- Alex told her 'surprised' mother about her possible past as a spy. Later, as Charlotte pressed Dimitri for answers on how he penetrated her organization, the count was relieved to learn that Alex and Edmund were alive. Back in Pine Valley, Edmund and Alex told Gillian about their relationship, while Charlotte disclosed to Dimitri that Alex is in love with his brother. Dimitri attacked Charlotte when she suggested that Edmund and Alex's romance was payback for his affair with Maria. A clever Dimitri told Charlotte he'd do anything to be free- including turning his back on his wife. Alex was shocked to discover that she looks identical to a dead spy named Anna Devane.

Bye, Bye Guy- After Guy nearly killed Alex, Adrian reported tha the MIA horse trainer's background was phony, and he's likely a spy. Before tracking Guy to London, Edmund and Alex professed their love for one another. After Edmund left, Alex was surprised at the lodge by Guy, who wanted to "reminisce with Anna." Alex seized Guy's gun, then killed him during a struggle. Leaving Gillian to handle the body, Alex raced to Byn Wydd to help Edmund. At Bryn Wydd, Edmund was knocked out before he could discover Dimitri. After keeping Dr. Griffith from killing Edmund, Dimitri was detained by Charlotte, the nefarious organization's mastermind, who assured Dimitri that his heroic efforts were futile. Having barely escaped Bryn Wydd before it exploded, Alex and Edmund paid a visit to Alex's mother- Charlotte!

Can Dimitri Save Alex?- At Bryn Wydd hospital, Edmundcreated a diversion as Alex sought to get the truth about 'Anna'. Alas, upon discovering the mysterious housekeeper's dead body, a spooked Alex and Edmund returned without learning that someone they both loved dearly also was in Wales- Dimitri! Wrongly believing his captive, Dimitri, was catatonic, Dr. Griffith plotted to use him as leverage against Alex. While she and Edmund reaffirmed their feelings, Dimitri stole Griffith's keys and vowed to return to Alex. Edmund questioned Guy about is recent 'coincidental' absence from Pine Valley. Later, after Alex remembered Guy calling her 'Anna', the sinister stable hand alerted Griffith. On hearing Griffith authorize Alex's termination, Dimitri tried to warn Edmund. Meanwhile, Alex checked out a faulty fuse box... unaware that Guy had rigged it to kill her!

Dimitri Confronts Edmund- Alex realized that details from Anna Devane's life match up with her own recovered memories, while Charlotte arranged for Dimitri to be thrown from a plane. Dimitri, though, escaped his airbourne death and later surfaced on the Pine Valley beach. Adrian informed Alex that her fingerprints matched Anna's. Alex elicited outrage from Erica, Dimitri's ex, when she and Edmund went public with their relationship. At the Wildwind chapel, Dimitri thanked God for returning him to Alex, but was later distraught to overhear his wife and Edmund profess their love for each other. An irritated Charlotte decided to investigate Adrian. Alex overheard Charlotte say that she must get her daughter away from Edmund. Meanwhile, Edmund was shocked to find his brother at the chapel [actually it was the mausoleum] very much alive.

David Pops the Question- Erica demanded that David tell her about his relationship with Alex. Later, learning that he planned to propose to Erica, Dixie questioned the doctor's true motives for doing so. 

Dimitri: the Living Dead- When Edmund demanded that Dixie and David reveal Dimitri's whereabouts, David lied and told him that Dimitri was dead, which left Edmund reeling. Later, Dimitri had mixed feelings when he found out about David's lie. Meanwhile, Dixie was upset for her part in the lie. Later, an unsuspecting Alex worked with David to keep Dimitri alive. David administered an experimental hormone to him, which had a positive effect. However, Dimitri became violent when he found out that David had asked for Alex's help. Thinking of Alex gave Dimitri the will to live.

Edmund is Shot!- Reuniting with his brother, Dimitri told Edmund of Charlotte's treachery. Edmund vowed to protect Alex from her mother, and promised not to reveal Dimitri was alive. Charlotte sedated Alex with an injection, then planted subliminal suggestions in her mind. The next morning, Alex abided Charlotte's instructions to distrust Edmund. Alex called him crazy when he told her that Charlotte, the head of an anarchist organization, trained Alex as a spy. After Edmund again thwarted her plans, Charlotte ordered Adrian (who was working undercover) to kill Edmund. Failing to access Anna Devane's General Hospital records, Dimitri collapsed. David revived him, then hid Dimitri from Erica. Edmund, worried about Alex's trip with Charlotte, told her that Dimitri was alive. Adrian arrived and shot Edmund, who supposedly died. Learning about her connection to Anna from Charlotte, Alex flashed back to pulling a gun on her double.

David Treats Erica's Ex- Charlotte told Alex about her twin sister, Anna, and revealed that she wasn't really Alex's mother. Edmund helped Alex overpower Charlotte, who then was led away in handcuffs. Dimitri refused to let everyone know he was alive, explaining to Edmund that his disease had spread and he'll be dead by summer's end. Following a meltdown brought on by stress, Alex debated contacting her niece (Anna's daughter), Robin. When Dimitri checked into the clinic, David helped the count stage his disappearance. Edmund was enraged to find Dimitri's "farewell" letter. Erica complained to Jack about David's recent inattentiveness. Dixie altered Dimitri's records so that Alex unwitttingly could help assess her husband's condition. Eavesdropping, a curious Erica barged in on David and Alex when she heard them mention Dimitri. Realizing that being put on the defensive was hurting David's relationship with Erica, Dixie offered him a few words of advice. 

Dimitri Gets a Shock- Unaware that Dimitri was alive, Edmund asked Alex to marry him. At first thrown by the proposal, she then rallied, saying she would be thrilled to become his wife. Meanwhile, Dimitri decided that he needed to find Alex. However, he was stunned and upset when he learned that she was going to marry Edmund. Dimitri went to the church to think things over. There, he encountered Eliot, and the two men decided to help one another with their problems. Later, Alex asked an emotional Gillian to be a part of her wedding, and Jake as well if he returned in time. Alex subsequently was stunned to see Dimitri at the airport, preparing to leave the country!

Ryan admitted his love for Gillian to Dimitri. Alex used her own painful love experiences to counsel Gillian. When Mateo expressed his concern about Edmund's increasingly stressed behavior, his friend snapped at him to mind his own business. Despite attempts to suppress his fury, Edmund fumed while eavesdropping on Dimitri and Alex.

Alex Learns Edmund's Secret- Edmund's downward spiral continued, especially after learning that Dimitri had purchased Wildwind! Alex spied Edmund battling images of Alf. In an effort to keep Edmund's secret, Alex decided not to answer Dimitri's questions regarding what was bothering his brother. She later stood by Edmund as he prepared to meet with his psychiatrist. Alarmed by Alex's renewed closeness to his brother, Dimitri demanded that his wife and Edmund stay away from one another. Realizing the damage his relationship with Alex was causing, Edmund decided to leave Pine Valley.

After celebrating Thanksgiving with his children, Edmund vowed to spend more time with them. Dimitri grilled his clueless brother for information on Alex's whereabouts.

Mateo later told Adam that Dimitri had hired a team of divers to search for Alex. They didn't locate Alex or Arlene, but did find Alex's Marick crest ring!

Bye-Bye Edmund!- Dimitri deliberately provoked Edmund so that he could get him admitted for a psych evaluation. Later, the count was touched when he overheard his brother admitting that he loved him. Back at home, Dimitri got a call from Alex, who also proclaimed her love for him- just before the line went dead. At the psych ward, Mateo got concerned when Edmund lashed out and demanded to be released. Later, Edmund and Dimitri reached an understanding.

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