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Anna Shares A Secret Maria shared a visit with her sister, Julia, who was helping her to keep Aidan hidden on the grounds of Wildwind. After Julia left, a delirious Aidan pulled Maria into a kiss and called her Fiona. As if that weren't bad enough, Anna later told Maria that the English authorities wanted to question him regarding the murder of a woman named- of course- Fiona! After Maria threatened to call the cops, Aidan told her that while he'd made love to Fiona, she'd been very much alive when he left her. He'd later returned to find his lover dead and the message "You're next!" On New Year's Eve, Maria accepted Edmund's invitation to dinner, which Aidan was forced to witness from his hiding spot in the stables!

Aidan Reaches Out As Maria continued to make up excuses as to why she was spending so much time in the stables, Aidan snuck into Wildwind and tried using Edmund's computer to send an E-mail, only to be interrupted by Maddie. After the message, which read "Come and get me," was discovered by Maria, the mysterious Aidan stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself to her just as Edmund was returning home.

Trouble For David & Anna After treating a boy named Reggie for a stab wound, David intended to report the incident to the police, but was stopped by Janelle, who said the clinic couldn't afford to lose the trust of the neighborhood residents. When Anna unexpectedly arrived, Janelle accused David of going against her wishes by calling the cops. Overhearing this, Reggie grabbed Anna and held a pair of scissors to her throat. The situation quickly escalated when two officers arrived, but Anna convinced Reggie to let her go by promising to speak to the judge on his behalf. Later, David and Anna overheard Janelle being threatened by Luis after she told him that there wouldn't be another gang war. After learning from Dr. Clader that her baby might have a heart valve defect, Anna, accompanied by daughter Robin, went to a Swiss clinic.

Trouble For Aidan! To prevent Aidan from being discovered by Derek at the bus station, Kendall pulled the fugitive into a kiss. After spotting Archie- the man who had shot him- Aidan reluctantly allowed Maria and Kendall to take him back to Ms. Hart's condo. Even as Aidan told the women that they would have to remain at the condo for their own protection, Archie was scouring Pine Valley for the Brit and his female associates. While Archie lurked outside the condo, Aidan assured the ladies they would be safe once he was out of town. Meanwhile, an increasingly desperate Edmund stole a sample of the untested drug which David hoped might help restore Maria's memory. Later, the journalist arrived at the condo, where he was furious to find Maria with Aidan. After Anna's nephew told Maria that it would be best for all concerned if she returned to Wildwind, the two shared an emotional farewell. The moment Aidan was alone, Archie arrived and knocked him out!

Edmund Strikes Again- Realizing that he may have harmed Maria by giving her David's experimental drug, Edmund threw out the vial of serum. But when she confessed to having feelings for Aidan, the journalist retrieved the drug and slipped it into her drink! After Dr. Hayward warned that the drug could kill Maria, an alarmed Edmund confessed to having given her a second dose. Isabella later told Edmund that her daughter wasn't feeling too well, leaving him to wonder if desperation had driven him to make a huge and potentially fatal error!

Aidan Is Trapped- A tied up Aidan tried to weasel his way out of Morgan's clutches by proposing that they go on a crime spree together for old time's sake. But when he became enraged at her suggestion that Wildwind be their first target, Morgan realized the prisoner had been playing her for a fool. Curious, Morgan went to the estate solo, posing as a London detective. Upon meeting Maria, Morgan began asking questions about Aidan. When Maria left her alone for a moment, Morgan found the Wildwind safe, just as Aidan had described it to her. But before she could steal anything, Edmund arrived and sent her packing. Meanwhile, after managing to break free of his restraints, Aidan waited for Morgan to return and then tried to overpower her! Unfortunately, Aidan wound up staring down the wrong end of a gun and being bound once again. Morgan then said that they would be robbing Wildwind that night!

Will Maria Leave? After an ill Maria collapsed in his arms, Edmund called David to examine her. Once the doc left, a guilty Edmund confessed to Maria that he was responsible for her sickness. Isabella- who knew that David had made a house call- insisted that her daughter needed to see a different doctor. Edmund called Jake, who took a blood sample from the patient. After first warning David that Jake might find the drug in Maria's blood, Edmund confessed to his wife that he had given her not one, but two doses! Furious over this revelation, Maria vowed to leave Wildwind forever. Meanwhile, after he and Morgan had successfully broken into the safe on the estate, Aidan pulled a gun on his partner- who returned the favor by pulling a gun on him as well!

Aidan And Maria Share Much More Than A Kiss- Arriving in the Bahamas, Aidan and Maria met up with Kingman- Aidan's old pal and former partner- who informed them that Julian hadn't yet surfaced. With a little time to kill, the pair enjoyed some time alone on the beautiful island. But when Kingman alerted them that Morgan had arrived and Julian wouldn't be far behind, Aidan asked his pal to keep Maria safe by taking her back to the room. Alas, Morgan and Julian were already on the island, waiting to pounce! Forcing Maria to leave with him, Julian put his prisoner in restraints and attached an explosive device to her leg. Aidan located Maria, who was being guarded by one of Julian's goons. Aidan knocked out the goon, and then disarmed the apparatus. He then carried her off to a hut on the beach, where Maria's heart broke for her rescuer as he recounted the painful story of Fiona's murder. Having bonded over the story, Maria gave Aidan a kiss, and the two finally wound up giving into their attraction by making love. Meanwhile, Julian told Morgan that he was still intent upon killing Maria in front of her new lover. Back in Pine Valley, a depressed Edmund told Brooke that he had lost Maria to Aidan.

David Saves Anna!- While David operated on Anna and their unborn baby, both mother and child's heart rates began to drop. Though determined to save his wife and child, David feared he would be unable to do so. His worries proved unfounded, however, when the patients seemed to be on the road to recovery. Grateful for the miracle bestowed upon him, David went to the chapel and thanked God. A recovering Anna learned from Jack that the murder charges against Aidan had been dropped. She relayed the news to a visiting Edmund, who realized that his wife had been right to believe in Aidan's innocence. Edmund insisted he was over Maria, although Anna found that tough to believe.

Anna Gives Birth- After going into premature labor, Anna was given medication to put the brakes on the process. David called on Aidan to help keep her calm, hoping it would prevent her going into labor again. Anna panicked upon realizing that she was bleeding, and learned from Dr. Clader that she was suffering from a condition that would necessitate a C-section. As the patient underwent emergency surgery, the baby's heart rate continued to drop. With David by her side, Anna gave birth to a premature baby girl, which she named Leora in honor of Leo.

David got angry when Anna got a second opinion about their daughter's medical condition, and his wife worried that the doctor was too consumed with Leora. Aidan and Maria's investigation into Chris' past revealed that he'd withheld evidence in a particular case. David couldn't help but feel the emotional impact after a young boy was brought into the clinic with a pacemaker which had failed. Afterwards, Janelle urged her colleague to reconsider getting a pacemaker for his ill daughter.

Will Aidan Lose Maria To Edmund?- Maria and Edmund were brought together when Maddie fell ill. Isabella took Aidan to task, making it clear she did not approve of his relationship with her daughter one little bit. Although the Brit assured the concerned mother that he wouldn't come between Maria and her children, Isabella asked him to remember that promise if her daughter regained her memory. Aidan couldn't help but reflect on those words when he arrived at Wildwind to find Edmund and Maria sharing a close moment.

Edmund And Mia Grow Closer- While Edmund and Mia continued to bond, they overheard Maddie pretending to be Maria. Edmund became upset over his daughter's tough time regarding her mother, which reminded his date that he was still in love with Maria. Mia suggested that they hold off dating for Maddie's sake, but when Edmund showed up at her door, they both succumbed to their mutual feelings and shared a kiss. Mia later explained to Maddie that she would never try to take Maria's place, which seemed to make the little girl more willing to accept her dad's new friend.

Maria Wants Answers- After she and Aidan enjoyed a night out with Henry and Maggie, Maria had a disturbing dream regarding her future, and wondered what would happen if her memory returned. The amnesiac turned to Joe for help, but he sympathetically informed her that David was the only person who would know for sure if she were regaining her memory.

David promised Anna a romantic night after she accused him of making all the important decisions regarding Leora without her. Alas, he ended up tending to their little girl and ignoring his better half. Later, Leora's fever cut David and Anna's night out short.

Will Maria Marry Aidan? Aidan told Maria they were moving from the Pine Cone to the Valley Inn, and then asked her to become his bride. Despite concerns that her memory might someday return, Maria accepted. But the moment was interrupted when Edmund called, saying Maddie was at the hospital, apparently in a state of shock. At the hospital, Maria realized that her daughter had witnessed Chris' shooting and told Edmund. Meanwhile, Flanders snuck into Maddie's room, intending to silence her permanently, but took off when she awoke and called for her parents. To keep Maddie safe, Edmund sent her into hiding with Aidan and Maria.

Aidan And Maria Face Danger On The Sea! While hiding out on the Fidelity, Maria's memories continued to return, and she even had a prophetic nightmare in which she had to choose between Edmund and Aidan. Flanders learned that Maddie was on the yacht after she called Edmund's cell phone, which the criminal had in his possession. As Maria and Aidan realized that Maddie had unintentionally tipped Flanders off to their location, they suddenly felt the yacht moving. While Maria hid with Maddie, Aidan went on deck to confront the hijacker. Alas, Flanders knocked Aidan unconscious, found Maria and Maddie, then threw the little girl overboard! A revived Aidan managed to overpower Flanders, which allowed Maria to jump into the water and save her daughter. Doing so triggered memories of having done the same exact thing when Maddie was an infant. Just then, a horrified Maria looked up to see the yacht crash into the rocks and explode! After Maria and Maddie were saved, Edmund went with them to the hospital. Having survived the blast, Aidan was thrilled to reunite with Maria, but quickly sensed a change in her and suspected that her memory had returned full force.

Has David Finally Given In To Anna? With Joe's support and over David's objections, Anna decided her daughter should have the pacemaker implanted. Told by Joe he could not watch the surgery, David seemed to have a change of heart, letting Anna know that he would no longer fight what she thought was best for Leora.

Edmund & Maria Reunite At Last!  Having regained her memory, Maria told Edmund that she wanted her old life back and the two made love. The reunited couple looked forward to the future, but took the time to properly end the relationships they'd been involved in. Although hurt over losing Edmund, Mia understood that Maria was the love of his life. Maria said an emotional good-bye to Aidan, who- despite his heartache- tried to remember the love they had shared while together. Not willing to spend another moment apart, Edmund proposed to Maria, who responded with an enthusiastic "yes!"

Anna & David Face Tragedy  When a worried David disrupted Leora's pacemaker surgery during a critical moment, Tad was forced to remove him from the room. Alas, Anna and David got a heartbreaking shock from Joe when he told them that their daughter had died during the operation. Both parents were devastated, but David's grief led him to blame Tad and Joe for Leora's death. Anna sang a lullaby one last time to her child, then blamed herself for what had happened. Greenlee found David at the waterfall where Leo had died and urged him to unleash his anguish, but the doc was unable to do so until he got home, where he smashed the baby's cradle. When her husband refused to help make arrangements for Leora's funeral, Anna felt shut out and called Jack for support. Later, David again blamed Tad and Joe for Leora's death when they arrived to drop her belongings off at the cabin. Although Anna tried reaching out to her husband, David continued to be caught up in his own grief, and even fantasized about his daughter's future.

Aidan's Anguish  Edmund surprised Maria with a midnight wedding at the Wildwind chapel, where the two declared their love for one another and remarried. The next day, Aidan was devastated to learn of the nuptials and admitted to Kendall that he finally realized that he had lost Maureen for good. Ms. Hart tried to convince her pal not to leave town, but that didn't stop the Brit from unleashing his pain by destroying the Pine Cone motel room he had shared with the woman he loved. Maria assured Edmund that she wanted to focus on their future, and told Joe that she wanted to return to work as a doctor at the hospital.

Tad stepped in when he found David about to physically harm Jamie, who the doc wrongly believed was harassing Laurie. Before Anna arrived and broke up the fight, David- who still blamed the Martins for Leora's death- went on a tirade and hit Tad.

David Goes Off The Deep End  While walking to his car, Tad was knocked unconscious and handcuffed to a chair. He awoke to find out his attacker was a vengeance-seeking David, who made a subtle threat against Jamie, then left. Tad managed to call Anna, and asked that she find a way to stop her husband before he wound up hurting someone. Unfortunately for Tad, Anna had to leave before she was able to uncuff him from the chair! Liza arrived and assumed her ex had been the victim of a little adult fun gone wrong. In fact, hoping to teach him a lesson, she, too, left without uncuffing him! Meanwhile, David worked on a mysterious formula, promising an imaginary Leora that he would get justice for her death while plotting to spike the lemonade at the Martins' Fourth Of July picnic. After David kicked her out of the cabin while he was working, Maggie alerted Anna to the supposed miracle cure he was working on. When David showed up, ready to spike the punch, Anna pleaded with him to stop blaming the Martin men for what had happened. David then threatened to take the memory-erasing drug himself in order to forget his pain. Declaring her love, Anna begged her husband not to take the drug, and David finally broke down in the arms of his wife.
  Later, Anna arrested Luis for stealing the Habitat For Humanity work supplies. Anna was also forced to handcuff Reggie for his actions, but he agreed to testify against Luis.

Fleeing to the roof, Bianca was again plagued by visions of her rapist and almost fell off while trying to back away from "Michael." David saved Bianca, but feared she might be suicidal. Bianca attempted to convince him- and herself- that she wanted to live, and accused David of using her to replace Leora. When Bianca went MIA, Erica asked Anna and Jack to put out an APB on the missing girl. Feeling he'd messed up everything in his life, David shocked Anna by telling her that their relationship was over.

After learning of Greenlee's heartache, a sympathetic David wondered if anyone would ever be happy again- and then stunned Anna by asking her to re-marry him.

Michael Is Arrested! With the support of her friends and family, Bianca finally told Anna what happened, leading to Michael's arrest. Finding Kendall whipping up a batch of poison, Aidan realized that she was plotting to kill Michael. Jack got a visit from Anna, who told him of Michael's arrest and, when Jackson assumed Erica had been the victim, filled him in on Bianca's ordeal. When Michael taunted Erica at the police station, Aidan punched him in the face, even as Kendall purchased a deadly snake and planned to set it loose in her ex-lover's apartment! Edmund planned a romantic evening with Maria, but that had to be postponed when a bad storm drove Sam and Maddie to climb into bed with their mom and dad. Anna assured David that she thought they might have a future together.

Pine Valley Takes Action- Everyone in town plots Michael's death after he's set free. David concocted a mysterious formula, then formulated a secret plot with Erica. When Aidan caught Kendall with the knife, he kept watch over her for fear she would kill Michael. Ms. Hart tricked Aidan into leaving, but he was smart enough to have Mia and Simone keep an eye on her- until she managed to sneak off! Anna wondered about a bruise on David's face. Searching for Kendall, Aidan and Mia broke into Michael's condo- which was filled with police officers! When heroin was found, Anna issued an APB on Michael while David placed a cryptic call to Erica. Though Aidan feared that Kendall had gone after Michael on her own, she was actually in Las Vegas, where she ran into Ryan in a hotel lobby!

Pine Valley Takes Action- Things got even worse for Bianca when David privately confirmed her pregnancy! Respecting the young woman's wishes, he agreed to keep her secret. The moment Michael walked away from the courtroom, half of Pine Valley began plotting revenge: Kendall picked up a knife, Palmer schemed with Adam, and Jack stole a gun from the evidence room. Maggie and Reggie were seen with guns, as was Lena, who also picked up a box of poison! Opal tried to buy drugs to plant on Michael. David concocted a mysterious formula, then formulated a secret plot with Erica. When Aidan caught Kendall with the knife, he kept watch over her for fear she would kill Michael. Ms. Hart tricked Aidan into leaving, but he was smart enough to have Mia and Simone keep an eye on her- until she managed to sneak off! As for Michael, he was offered an intriguing deal over the phone and later invited a mystery visitor into his condo. Anna wondered about a bruise on David's face. Searching for Kendall, Aidan and Mia broke into Michael's condo- which was filled with police officers! When heroin was found, Anna issued an APB on Michael while David placed a cryptic call to Erica. Though Aidan feared that Kendall had gone after Michael on her own, she was actually in Las Vegas, where she ran into Ryan in a hotel lobby!

Anna Tells David She's Leaving Him!- After seeing David prowling outside of Michael's condo, Aidan found Erica's date book inside and told Jack about his discovery. Meanwhile, David told Erica that he couldn't find what she'd lost. Ryan snooped around Michael's place, but hid when David arrived. Showing up just as David was pouring the contents of a decanter down the drain, Aidan tried stopping him and broke the bottle in the process. When questioned by Anna, David was forced to admit there had been drugs in the decanter. Disgusted by her husband's actions, the police chief walked out as Ryan pocketed a piece of the broken bottle. Anna made a painful decision about her future while writing a letter to leave for Jack. Returning to the cabin, Anna gave the date book- which she had acquired from Aidan- to David, and then announced that she had quit the police force and was leaving both him and Pine Valley! David was stunned when Anna explained that she couldn't continue with the investigation because she knew it wouldn't end well for the people that she cared about, and then dropped the biggest bombshell of all: She no longer loved him!

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