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David Injects Himself- Before being knocked out by David, Roger managed to tell Anna, Edmund, Brooke and Chris that Dr. Hayward cared about nothing but his drugs. Hoping to gain the trust of her lover, Anna showed David the vial of truth serum Chris had given her. Upset, David sequestered himself before breaking out a needle and sticking it into his own arm! Soon after, Anna found David in his room, nearly unconscious! Mistaking Anna for Dixie, David claimed to have injected himself with a drug which might have a profound impact upon Mrs. Martin's future. When her beau was more lucid, Anna told him what he'd admitted, but David still refusted to trust the spy... especially after discovering a syringe in her bag.

Elsewhere in the Valley- David warned his mom that he would take drastic measures if she didn't stop cheating on Palmer. Rising to the challenge, Vanessa issued a few threats of her own. 

David & Anna Save Dixie- When Jake received a phone call from Tad, who was in the Caribean with his soon-to-be ex finalizing their divorce, Anna listened in on the conversation and realized that Dixie's health was failing. Although Anna didn't tell David about his ex-lover's condition, he found out then Dixie's doctor called to get her medical history. To make up for keeping mum, Anna used her WSB connection to fly them to the island ASAP. When they arrived, Tad was understandably reluctant to let his rival treat Dixie, but the patient prevailed, convincing both that it might be her only hope. At first, Dixie's body seemed to react negatively to the injection. But soon, the medicine was able to cure what ailed her. Meanwhile, back in Pine Valley, a fed up Joe fired Dr. Hayward for neglecting his duties on the homefront!

Dixie Decides to Leave Pine Valley!- When Dixie refused to get an abortion, David gave her the name of a clinic in Zurich that would treat her fragile condition. Wishing her luck and promising to keep her secret, David gave Dixie a farewell hug. 

Chris is Shot!- While David operated on the federal agent, Anna found evidence which seemed to indicate that Vanessa might be Proteus. When the superspy later presented her finding to David, the doc refused to believe that his mother was smart enough to pull off such an elaborate scam. After realizing surgery had left him unable to walk, Chris vowed to prove that David was the mysterious drug lord.

Edmund Wants to Wed ASAP- When Simone tried to relinquish her research duties on the Proteus case, Edmund refused to accept her resignation. After overhearing Brooke sing his praises to the journalist/waitress, Edmund decided to ask his new fiancee if they could move up their plans to walk down the aisle.

Vanessa Frames David- After dodging Marian and Stuart while trying to find some way to get rid of Maggie, her hostage, Vanessa planted files on David's computer which made it appear that he was Proteus. Just as David realized he was being framed, the police arrived and arrested him, acting on Chris' orders.

Anna Becomes Mrs. David Hayward!- In order to avoid testifying against David regarding his experiments, Anna and her beau rushed to the Justice Of the Peace. During the ceremony, both were surprised by the surge of real emotions felt while exchanging vows. When the newlyweds shared their news with Vanessa, she was so displeased that she made a stunning announcement of her own: Every step of her son's medical career had been financed by her. Later, David was called before the hospital board, where Jake filled everyone in on the fact that every award David ever received had been funded by his mommy. With the word "fraud" being bandied about, Joe suggested David resign. But instead, Dr. Hayward pulled out a stack of documents making Joe look bad and suggested Dr. Martin be the one to quit. The beloved doc shocked everyone by doing just that. Although David anticipated being named the next Chief of Staff, he was stunned when the board instead appointed Jake.

Trouble in Paradise- Although David denied being the father of Dixie's baby, Anna wasn't entirely convinced, and threatened to testify against her new husband. Although their arguement lead to a flare-up of passion, Anna stood by her decision to provide testimony against David. Later, Adam received a phone call from Barry in which the lawyer warned that David might have found a way to benefit from Liza's medical condition! Armed with this nasty bit of information, Adam paid Dr. Hayward a visit, during which the fists flew. Walking in on the fight, Liza fainted dead away. David, meanwhile, urged Anna to trust in his innocence. When she remained doubtful, David reminded his bride that if she didn't testify against him, the results of his research could make them both very, very rich!

Vanessa Vanishes!- Vanessa attacked her younger son after a mysterious person injected her with a drug. By the time David arrived on the scene, Vanessa was reenacting the past she had shared with his dead father, Charles. After the distraught doc demanded that Jake do a chemical screen on his mother, both he and Leo were stunned when they learned that she had disappeared!

Welcome to the Cutting Edge- Although Leo stopped by to see if Greenlee was safe from his missing-in-action and dangerous mother, the couple's old problems quickly surfaced, which prompted him to leave. Meanwhile, David found a syringe in Vanessa's room. When Jack came upon the scene, he accused David of being responsible for his mom's disappearance. Later, at a party for Edmund and Brooke, guests were horrified when a disguised Vanessa suddenly came into view- holding Greenlee at knifepoint.

Anna Gets the Goods on David!- After convincing Maggie to stay in Pine Valley, David paid Anna a visit at work, where he claimed to have no part in the destruction of the evidence against him. Not quite believing her hubby, the police commissioner secretly compared his fingerprints to those linked to the scene of the crime. Curses- they matched! Although Mrs. Hayward was able to keep her activities from Jackson, she couldn't prevent the D.A. from once again pointing out that she should be testifying against David.

As Jamie's behavior continued to bring Brooke and Tad together, Edmund couldn't help feeling threatened and overheard his fiancee commend Tad for being such a devoted dad. When flowers arrive later from Tad, Brooke and Edmund wound up in an argument.

Leo's New Game- After questioning Leo about the cash found in the safe in his hotel room, Anna warned him to remain in town. Once alone with David, Anna revealed that a mysterious caller had tipped her off about the tucked-away cash as well as Leo's plans to leave town. With their wedding day fast approaching, Greenlee asked Leo if he would consider relocating to Paris with her, but he claimed to have unfinished business regarding his mother. Later, Anna agreed to cut a deal with DuPres regarding the charges against him in exchange for information leading to Vanessa's secret stash of cash. After jolting Anna with talk of having a baby, David overheard her talking to a doctor about Vanessa's mental state. The newlyweds had a spat when he wrongly assumed she was trying to find out if his mom's wacky gene could possibly be passed on to their child. 

Divorce for Anna?- When Anna pressured her husband to define their relationship, the topic of divorce was broached. Although it was tabled, things again turned a bit uncomfortable when he insisted on attending the memorial service for Dixie, where he wasn't exactly a welcome sight for Tad. Brooke and Edmund decided to put their own plans on hold, opting to postpone their plans to walk down the aisle in light of recent events. 

Anna Defends Aidan- David wasn't pleased when Anna continued to defend her nephew. Despite the evidence against Aidan, the police commissioner was unwilling to listen to her hubby's advice. Later, Anna told David that their marriage had hit another snag, and further angered him by offering up a little unwanted analysis. After yet another argument, David was surprised by a confession uttered by his wife. When Aidan interrupted, David took the opportunity to make a mysterious phone call. Erica meanwhile hired Aidan to build her new apartment. A jealous Edmund found Brooke and Tad embracing.

Around Town- Greenlee and Leo quietly exchange their vows in the boathouse, then received some bad news from David and Anna. When Jackson pressed Anna to turn in her badge in the wake of Wolfe's shooting, David leapt to defend his wife. Although her hubby did his best to offer reassuring words, Anna still had doubts regarding her motives for pumping a bullet into Count du Pres' secretary. 

Tad Joins the Search- Hoping to prove that Maureen was not, in fact, a back-from-the-dead Maria, Tad and Brooke went to the mystery woman's hotel. Maureen watched from the shadows as Brooke sought information from the hotel clerk. After catching a glimpse of Maria, Brooke fainted. At that very moment, Edmund- who learned from a loose-lipped Simone what his fiancee had been up to- arrived to see Brooke in Tad's arms! Despite Tad's attempt to explain, Edmund had a tough time accepting what was going on, as did Ms. English, who tried to take comfort in the fact that Maria was dead.

David and Maria?- In Nevada, Brooke came face to face with "Maria." Despite the woman's remarkable resemblance to Edmund's supposedly deceased wife, she seemed unable to recall Brooke or anything about Maria's life. Back in Pine Valley, Edmund wondered where his fiancee could be. He eventually received a phone call from Brooke, but wasn't reassured by the story she spun to explain her absence. Meanwhile, things became even more puzzling when "Maria" placed a mysterious call to David Hayward! The devious doc got nervous when Edmund visited Anna to discuss the situation in Nevada. Realizing that Grey was getting much closer to finding out the truth, David tried encouraging him against getting too involved in Brooke's work. Jackson forced Anna to turn over her gun in the wake of Wolfe being shot.

Brooke Comes Home- Fresh from her encounter with "Maria," Brooke went back to the hotel and unleashed her pent up anger and fury upon Tad. While the journalist tried to find both her inner strength and a way to protect her future, "Maria" began playing tricks on Tad, who later returned to the hotel and added fuel to Brooke's burning insecurities upon recounting what he had experienced. Meanwhile, Edmund found out where Brooke was and who she was with! Upon returning to Pine Valley, Brooke went to explain the situation to Edmund, but he refused to remain in a relationship built on a foundation of lies! 

"Maria" Pays a Visit to Edmund and Brooke!- After Edmund asked Brooke to move into Wildwind, she considered, then thought better of telling him that she saw "Maria" in Nevada. Brooke then panicked when her fiance briefly contemplated hopping on a plane to investigate Maureen Gorman himself. Meanwhile, "Maria," too, was having a rough day. First the sight of Wildwind shook her to the core, then all of her belongings were stolen! At least she made a new friend in Aidan. He suggested that she go to the police with her story in hopes of regaining her memory, but she told him to forget it. Later, Edmund planned a romantic surprise for Brooke: a night at the Pine Cone Inn. "Maria" heard the couple in the next room, yet the trio never came face-to-face. "Maria" had more near misses with old friends and loved ones at SOS before finally confessing her big secret to Aidan: She's a fugitive from the law! Nonetheless, just as Brooke agreed to spend the night with Edmund at Wildwind, "Maria" mustered up the courage to knock on their door! Meanwhile, although Aidan caught Kendall red-handed, she put him on the hot seat by revealing that she overheard him making a call to a mystery woman at the Pine Cone. Before the electricity was restored and they could leave, Aidan kissed Kendall, and she responded... with a slap!

Anna Finds Out She's Pregnant- When David placed a call to "Maria's" cellphone, he was stunned when Anna picked up! "Maria's" stolen purse had been found by the police, it turned out. Later, a panicked David was caught breaking into Wildwind in search of "Maria." Flashing back five years, David recalled convincing "Maria" that she had to disappear. Despite the evidence against her husband, Anna chose to believe in his innocence. She had to- she learned she was pregnant. Naturally, upon realizing her better half lied about the incident at Wildwind, she was heartbroken.

David Catches a Break- Despite David's pleas for a second chance, Anna refused to let him be a part of her or their unborn baby's life. While the police chief waited for Maria to decide if she would testify against the dirty doc for what he did to her, David reminded the amnesiac that he did, in fact, save her life. After learning of Anna's pregnancy, Maria ultimately decided not to press charges against him, explaining to Anna, Edmund and Jack that she literally owed Dr. Hayward her life.

Will Anna Shoot David!- Faced with a subpoena, Liza gave Anna all the research materials David had asked her to hide, and was granted immunity in return. As Anna was about to leave, David arrived and refused to let her leave with the evidence against him. With no other option, Anna pulled out her gun!

David Slugs Jackson- After begging Anna for a second chance, David was caught by his estranged wife trying to steal the sample of X-17. David smashed the vial onto the floor, forcing Anna to have him arrested. She called in a forensics team, hoping they could salvage something of the sample and run a complete analysis upon it. Later, Anna shared the joy of feeling the baby kick with her pal Jack. Meanwhile, David told Leo that he was certain that Anna wouldn't send him to prison. Trying to help his brother out, Leo begged Anna to give her hubby another chance, but she refused. Released on bail, David went searching for his wife, oly to explode upon finding her dining with Jack. The tense situation exploded when David slugged Jack. As Anna prevented her dinner companion from taking action, David vowed that Jack would never have a place in her life.

Maria is Kissed by Two Different Guys!- While Hayley "introduced" herself to Maria, Mateo was heartbroken to realize that his sister felt closer to Aiden than her own family. Edmund found out just how close his wife had grown to Aidan when he found the two of them sharing a kiss! When he finally got a little alone time with his wife, Edmund had a few questions about what he had seen! Edmund's emotions got he best of him as the amnesiac expressed feeling of guilt for all the pain she seemed to be causing. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, and this time it was Aidan who watched from the shadows. The buss impacted Maria, who realized she was causing many people a lot of pain. Deciding it was time to settle things, Maria told Aidan she couldn't consider a future with him until she found a way to unlock the truth about her past. Meanwhile, Brooke hoped to assuage some of her own guilt by helping Edmund find a way to trigger Maria's lost memories of the past.

Greenlee Takes Off- Realizing that Greenlee was missing, a desperate David searched and found her at the edge of the waterfall where Leo died. When the distraught widow told him that her life wasn't worth living without her husband, David expressed his need to have her in his life. After sharing an embrace, David said that he wanted to plan a memorial service for his brother. Although touched by her husband's compassion, Anna ordered another round of tests on the experimental drug he'd used on Maria when the initial tests proved inconclusive.

Edmund Has a Plan- After having a flashback of David burying something on the beach, Maria's doctor advised her to let her memory come back slowly rather than force it to come all at once. Later, the amnesiac cancelled her plans with Aidan to go out with Edmund, who recreated their first date. As Edmund held out hope this might spark Maria's memory, she admitted to having a good time.

A Tribute to Leo- As Leo's family and friends arrived for the service, Greenlee and David leaned on each other for comfort and support. Anna told her husband that if their child was a boy, she wanted to name it Leo.

Aidan And Kendall Make Love!- Putting aside their differences, Aidan and Kendall reached out to one another during a moment of loneliness and wound up making love. Afterward, Ms. Hart tried to cover her insecurities by saying that he shouldn't feel obligated to call her, but was pleasantly surprised when he asked her out for an official date. Across town, Edmund was about to make love with his wife, only to have her pull away when he called her Maria instead of Maureen. Deciding to take things slowly, Edmund questioned Maria's feelings for David. She explained that while his hatred of David was understandable, her experience with the doctor had been much different. Sam and Maddie were pleased when their mommy and daddy later shared a passionate smooch.

Anna & David Reunite!- David was pleasantly surprised to learn that Anna didn't regret their lovemaking session, and that she was giving him another chance. Their reunion was interrupted by Jack, who was not exactly thrilled to find David at Anna's, but nevertheless convinced his pal to consider taking a leave of absence rather than resigning permanently from her chief of police duties. When alone again, David assured his wife that he wasn't keeping any other secrets.

Kendall Sees Green- Maria met with Aidan to explain that she had broken their date in order to spend time with Edmund. Seeing Aidan with Maria caused Kendall to lash out at her new lover, accusing him of using her as a replacement for the brunette beauty. Although stunned by the outburst, Aidan admitted to Kendall that he did, in fact, care about her. When she seemed reluctant to believe him, the Brit decided the best way to convince her was with a steamy kiss!

Maria Goes Into Doctor Mode- After yet another vision of David digging in the sand, Maria became determined to unearth their true connection. She jumped into her car, only to have Edmund insist he was coming along as she drove toward the place where her plane had gone down. Disturbed by her increasing confusion over David, Maria lost control of the car, which plunged to the bottom of a ravine. Unable to revive an unconscious Edmund, Maria called David, who talked her through a tracheotomy, unaware that his tutorial was being videotaped by someone. When Edmund awoke in the hospital, he shared a warm moment with Maria despite not being able to speak. Maria tried talking to David about their shared past, but he covered his fear of the truth being revealed by pretending to be angry, then stormed off. She followed, only to find him digging for something on the beach. As Maria demanded to know what he was looking for, Anna worried that her hubby might be lying to her again.

Erica Has A Plan!- While Chris and Erica were out, Kendall convinced Aidan to let her come with him to work on Erica's penthouse. Unfortunately, Ms. Kane returned with her fiancÚ and was furious to find the two at her home. Aidan apologized and attempted to leave with his gal pal, but Chris stopped them, forcing Kendall to hand over a letter from Ryan that she had pocketed. Afterward, Ms. Hart confessed to Aidan that she had ulterior motives for wanting to go to the penthouse, but instead of being angry with her, the Brit offered to help her find Ryan. Meanwhile, Erica told Chris that she could accept the fact that Trey might not be punished for setting the fire, but she seemed to have a hidden agenda when she privately called Kendall afterward!

David Confesses To Anna!- Outside the courtroom, David tended to a still-recuperating Edmund, who had collapsed following all the drama at the arraignment. As Maria brought her husband back to the hospital, she vowed that Hayward would pay for his crimes, even if she had to lie on the witness stand. Edmund, however, urged her not to give false testimony, as it would go against her character. Meanwhile, David admitted to Anna that he knew the drug he had given Maria would erase her memory. He also added that he had kept his research a secret so that he could reap the rewards all by himself! Fortunately for David, he was later released on bail.

Edmund Makes A Deal With The Devil!- After learning about the Crystal Ball from Maddie, Maria told Edmund that she thought it was important that the event be held again this year. Already frustrated by her continued memory loss, Maria was only further angered when David stopped by and claimed he might be able to help restore her memory- if she could keep Jackson from prosecuting him! After she tossed the doc out, Edmund suggested she give serious thought to whether it was worth striking a deal with Hayward. Desperate to have his wife back as he remembered her, Edmund asked David to prove he could do what he claimed. Armed with information to check the validity of, Edmund said he would do anything to help his wife, but warned that Maria mustn't know about their deal! Learning of David's offer, an irate Aidan knocked the physician unconscious, threatening to drug him as Maria had been drugged!

Anna was stunned when Jackson admitted to having feelings for her.

David Finally Tells Anna The Truth!- When a concerned Anna couldn't locate Aidan, Kendall pointed out that he could fend for himself. Returning to the cabin, Anna was startled to discover a bullet hole in the wall. Looking for answers, she questioned David about what he was hiding. Deciding to come clean, the doc explained that her nephew nearly had injected him with X-17, and then fired a shot in his direction to stop him from taking off with the drug. As if that wasn't enough to ruin her day, Anna then got some startling news from Chris: Aidan was wanted for murder in England!

A proud Maggie watched as David, who was working at the clinic as part of his community service sentence, saved a man's life.

Maria Hides Aidan!- Although she was shocked to find Aidan bloody and shot, Maria honored his request to not call the police. Fighting for his life, the Brit asked Maria to steal medical supplies from the hospital, which she managed to do despite questions from an inquisitive Opal. When finally he regained consciousness, Aidan refused to say who'd shot him. As the wounded man made plans to flee to Canada, Maria found Edmund on her doorstep and worried that he might discover what was going on. By the time Edmund walked into the room, Aidan had taken off, and Maria soon found him waiting in her car! Although relieved to have found him, she panicked when he again lost consciousness. After taking Edmund up on his offer to spend the holidays at Wildwind, Maria stashed her wounded pal in the stables. As Aidan continued to avoid providing Maria with any answers about the shooting, Edmund found himself being questioned by an FBI agent!

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