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Bianca Makes the Tabloids!- Shocked by her daughter's "betrayal", Erica allowed a comforting Dimitri to take her to his hunting lodge, where the emotional diva revealed that she might not be able to forgive Bianca for her actions, accusing the girl of destroying both of their lives. When Edmund unexpectedly showed up, he was stunned to find Erica and Dimitri together.

Pine Valley Gossip- When Dimitri received yet another call from Alex, he asked his missing wife about David's role in her disappearance. But as it had done previously, the phone line went dead before she could answer.

Where is Alex?- When Dimitri and Edmund were able to trace Alex's call to Canada, both brothers set out separately to find the missing Mrs. Marick. Each were surprised upon discovering the other en route to Ontario, and then became suspicious that someone was keeping an eye on them. After the pair landed and made their way toward Alex's cottage, the pilot of their plane secretly tailed them.

Anna's Alive- After Edmund and Dimitri finally located Alex in Canada, she brought the men in her life up to speed on the shocking resurrection of her "late"- and now ailing- twin sister, former superspy Anna Devane Scorpio. The threat of danger, though, lurked in their midst, leading the group to snuff the turntail jet pilot's attempt on Anna's life. Afterward, Alex, Anna, Dimitri, Edmund and Bart (who had approached Alex at the yacht party from which she vanished back in November, asking her to quickly and secretly join him in caring for the sibling she'd never known, Anna), hesitantly decided to return to Pine Valley.

Anna Remembers- Anna continued to dream of a man in trouble, and Edmund asked if the man might be her former husband, Robert Scorpio. Unable to remember, Anna leaned on Edmund, who shared several tender moments with her. Anna had a memory of Robert. Anna had to be moved from the turret in order for newlyweds Ryan and Gillian to spend the night there. After seeing Edmund with Anna, Brooke mistakenly believed he and Alex were having an affair. Eugenia realized a picture of Alex was missing.

Gabriel Rocks the Boat- At Wildwind, Ryan, Dimitri and Alex helped Gillian search for her missing cameo as Gabriel prowled nearby with the lost medallion. As Gillian was suggesting to Dimitri and Alex that they all take a cruise together, Gabriel jumped out of a window and severly injured his leg. The mysterious wanderer escaped the Wildwind guard dogs by hiding in Ryan and Gillian's car. The newlyweds were stunned when Leo and Greenlee arrived at the yacht and announced their engagement, none of them realizing that a concealed Gabriel was hiding in a closet, nursing his wounds having nightmares about Bryn Wydd. Ryan spotted blood near the bar and became concerned, but worries were pushed aside as he, Gillian, Leo, Greenlee, Dimitri and Alex celebrated the engagement news with a cruise. Stepping away from the party, Greenlee screamed when she found a frightened Gabriel holding a knife. After she reported the intruder, Dimitri and Ryan searched the ship, causing the stowaway to jump into the ocean! Ryan rescued the young man, and Alex insisted they take him to Pine Valley Hospital.

Anna's Stalker- Alex went into a trance-like state after Anna found a doll from their past, and the two shared a memory of Anna's daughter, Robin. While Edmund assured Alex that she hadn't been brainwashed, Maddie befriended Gabriel. When the little girl mentioned Alex's name, Gabriel started a fire, leaving Edmund and Alex to wonder if the blaze was accidential. Alex convinced her sister to stay, promising to help her find Robin. Meanwhile, Gabriel searched Alex's trunk as a voice in his head told him to "get Alex". Later, Anna and Edmund came face to face with Gabriel.

As a distressed Brooke sought comfort from Edmund, Laura began suspecting she was dying.
Danger Closes in on Anna- After a cryptic phone call, the mysterious Ilene persuaded Gillian to let her film a documentary about Wildwind. After discovering that the yacht had been broken into, Ryan found Gabriel eating in the galley. When Gillian's cameo mysteriously reappeared, Ryan asked the stowaway if he was responsible for the jewel disappearing. After refusing to talk, Gabriel was taken to jail. As Ilene plotted to kill Anna while filming the documentary, Ryan nixed the project, saying Alex and Dimitri needed their privacy. 

Who is Gabriel?- Anna dreamed of Gabriel and wondered if he might be able to help restore her memory. After receiving several mementos of Robin from Edmund, Anna broke down and admitted that her daughter's belongings had no impact on her. Anna later admitted to feeling dead inside. Assuring the devastated former super-spy that she would someday regain everything she had lost, Edmund kissed Anna, not realizing that a very concerned Alex was observing the scene. Worried about what she had witnessed, Alex told Dimitri, who wondered if his wife might be jealous. During a later talk, Edmund privately confessed to Alex that during the kiss, he'd been thinking of her, and not Anna. And during a close moment with Dimitri, Alex found herself thinking about Edmund! Later, while Anna told Edmund that she believed a woman in one of Robin's photos resembled Gabriel, an angry Dimitri declared that Ryan may have endangered Anna by having the young man arrested. Visiting Gabriel in jail, Anna showed him a ring she found among Robin's belongings. After Gabriel claimed that it had belonged to his mother, Anna pointed out that the ring displayed the initials of her father. Implying that he and Anna might be blood related, Gabriel told her that the ring had, in fact, belonged to his father. Thinking Gabriel a liar, Dimitri proposed a DNA test. As the two angry men came to blows, Anna had a memory flash, recalling that the woman in the photo was named Cecilia!

Robin Leaves Pine Valley- Robin stunned Anna with the news that she is HIV positive and then shared the story of her love affair with Stone. After Edmund warned that both women were in danger, Robin returned to Paris.

Anna and Edmund Kiss- Anna defended Gabriel after Dimitri suggested that he was too dangerous to stay at Wildwind. Later, Gabriel told Anna that Charlotte had arranged for a car explosion to kill not only his mother, but Anna's parents as well. When Anna vowed to go to England and find Charlotte to make her pay, Edmund objected, and then pulled her into a steamy kiss!

Derek released Gabriel and Rosa after Shannon admitted that she had been the one who hit Marcus with the boat oar. 

Laura Schemes to Send Leo's Ex to Jail- After Brooke warned Greenlee to stay away from Laura, Mrs. du Pres arranged for her mom to find Greenlee hanging around. Edmund tried to help Brooke deal with recent events, but found her resisting the thought that her daughter might possibly have mental problems. Edmund kissed the worried mom, and the two seemed ready to take another shot at romance.

Tad Gets a Shock from the Past- While Tad comforted his distraught wife, Chris arrived to share his theory that David was Pine Valley's drug lord, Proteus. Looking out for Tad from "heaven," Jesse decided it was his responsiblity to help his pal bring down David. Meanwhile, Dr. Hayward questioned Anna after overhearing her and Chris discussing him. Even as David received another mysterious phone call, Anna became the latest to join Chris' investigation. 

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