The Yearly Devane Recap
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1999- The Count Cashes In: Dimitri secretly marries Alexandra Devane, then leaves her a widow; Edmund's suspicious of his new sister-in-law while David and Erica plot to gain control of the Andrassy Foundation; after spending some time with Alex, Edmund becomes intrigued with her; however, the widow Marick may not be such a widow after all.

2000- The Love Triangle: While helping Alex uncover the secret to her past, Edmund falls in love with her and becomes obsessed with protecting her. Unbeknownst to them, Dimitri is alive. He resurfaces and reveals himself to Edmund in order to get rid of Alex's devious mother, Charlotte. David secretly treats Dimitri. Edmund's later devastated to lose his fiancee to his brother and vows revenge.

2001- Double Devane: What will happen as the new year is rung in with another Crystal Ball? Alex's mysterious disappearance causes more angst between the battling brothers. In order to locate her, the brothers Marick call a truce and later discover Alex and her twin sister, Anna, hiding in Canada.

2002- Unexpected Liasons: Anna and David's playful games lead to a quick justice-of-the-peace wedding. David suffers the loss of Leo and Vanessa, while Edmund discovers Maria's alive- she just can't remember much. Anna discovers she's pregnant and divorces David, but later takes him back. Aidan meanwhile poses a threat to Edmund's reunion with Maria.

2003- A Year to Forget: Now that Edmund's decided to move on, Maria's memory returns, leaving poor Aidan out. David loses his brother and mother in an accident, and the loss of his and Anna's baby daughter, Leora, drives a wedge too deep to recover. A heartbroken Anna departs to Paris to join her daughter Robin.

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