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Snappies from TV Appearances

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Eva La Rue (2)
John Callahan (4)
John and Eva (1)
Michael Nader (1)
Samantha Eggar (1)

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Pics of Finola Hughes and friends from their various tv appearances.

1. Daytime Emmys, May 2000- A jubilant Finola cheering as good friend Jeanne Cooper wins.

3. Soapnet, 2000- Finola saying that it was probably best that Alex and Anna were two separate persons since it would be difficult after a year to make them the same individual.

5. Regis & Kelly, 3/2001- Finola and Kelly crack up Regis out with their bantering. Read the transcript.

7. Soapnet 6/8/01- Finola talks about how much she loved working with Kimberly Mccullough on AMC.

2. Soapnet, 2000- Finola goes on record saying she wants her friend [and fellow Emmy nominee] to win instead of herself.

4. Soapnet, 2001- Finola talks about her new baby and the chemistry she has with Ian Buchanan and Michael Nader.

6. GMA, 3/5/01- Finola talks about playing dual roles and the return of Anna.

8. Soapnet 2001- Finola and Michael E. Knight talk about Disney songs.