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Standout Scenes!

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Anna Blames Herself Pushed to the edge by the death of their daughter, Anna and David couldn't help lashing out at one another, each placing blame for the tragedy on the other. Until, that is, Anna suddenly took the blame upon herself, telling David that her "so-called love" for him had "destroyed everything." Pushing the flowers off Leora's casket, Anna's voice broke as she became overwhelmed with emotion. "What I should've done as soon as you were born... I should have packed you up and taken you away as far as possible. Then you'd still be here." The devastated mother clung to her child's casket, feeling all alone in the world, despite the fact that David sat just a few feet away. (SID 7/22/03) 

David Sees the Light! Perhaps it was Anna leaving without so much as a good-bye that forced David to see how irrational he was being in regard to their daughter. Not only did he apologize- twice, no less- but he explained the very reason whey had had been "acting like a guard dog" around Leora. "When I operate on someone's heart I feel a lot of things: exhilaration, hope, determination. But never fear," he confessed. Was this the great Dr. Hayward actually admitting that he was afraid? Hey, stranger things hav happened. And although David told Anna what a great mother she is, it was his much-needed reminder of how much he loves her that seemed to make everything all right."

Edmund Sets Maria Free!  After months of hoping against hope, Edmund at last decided to throw up his hands and accept that Maria likely would never regain the memory of her past life- or their love. So when she returned from the Bahamas, Edmund was at the airport, ready to say a fond farewell. Perplexed by his sudden willingness to let her go, Maria wondered if something had happened, as it suddenly all seemed so simple. "Do you think it's easy for me to say good-bye to you?" asked the heartbroken journalist. "Knowing that this is final? Knowing that there's no second chance?" When he promised to let their children know mommy was gone for good, she was quick to react. "I don't ever want to say good-bye to them, Edmund!" Saddened, he flatly replied, "Just me." As Edmund's strong facade trembled, our tears came tumblin' down. (SID 4/1/03) 

Julia Pays Maria a Visit!  Although it was only for two brief days, the return of Julia was just what Maria needed. When the sisters first encountered each other after so many years apart, it was like no time had passed- at least not for Julia, who had some explaining to do to her skeptical memory-deprived sib. Once Maria realized that Julia was indeed who she claimed to be, however, her eyes welled up with tears, and she grabbed her in a tight embrace. "Merry Christmas, then," Maria said. "It is now," replied Julia, her voice heavy with emotion. But the best part of this joyous reunion came later when Maria tenderly touched her sibling's cheek and commented on the scar that was no longer there. Without even realizing it, Maria had tapped into yet another memory. (SID 2/4/03) 

Maria Fights Back!  It looked as if David would be getting away with everything that he "did" to Maria, it really did. After all, Maria's gratefulness for having her life saved seemed to overpower any thoughts of pressing charges against him. When she found the dead body at the beach, however, any and all bets were off. "You've got something wrong here. It's all wrong," David told her as she pointed her finger at him for murder. "No, I finally got it right. I finally got it right," Maria retorted, and you could almost see the light bulb appear above her head. At the same time, glimpses of the old Maria we knew and loved started to resurface, soemthing not seen since she returned to town. Although her memory wasn't back yet, everything she stood for was. And David was going to pay, pay, pay! (SID 12/24/02) 

Anna and David face off!  Despite learning that Anna had divorced him, David proved once again that he doesn't go down without a fight. Upon hearing that she fully intended to raise their unborn child without him, David immediately staked him claim to his heir. That made no difference to Anna, however; she was willing to go head to head with the man by whom she felt so betrayed. The police chief refused to back down, confident that she would nail her unethical ex. When David asked her if she honestly thought that he would give up, an unwavering Anna responded, "I would love you to be smart enough to realize when you've lost." "I haven't even started," said the determined dad-to-be. Criminy! We'd much rather have Anna and David make love than war. But considering that Finola Hughes and Vincent Irizarry portray them, we're sure the best is yet to come! (SID 10/29/02) 

Anna Stands up for David!  This time last year, Anna Devane was struggling to remember the identity she had lost when that ill-fated boat blew up back in 1992. Now, a whole decade later, the woman who first kicked butt in Port Charles is back in full force as Pine Valley's newest police chief. Never was this more evident than the day Jackson Montgomery dicided to harass our favorite double agent. The tough-as-nails policewoman showed the D.A. who was boss after he once again accused her of being responsible for the destruction of evidence against her husband. When Jackson declared that his going after her and David "wasn't over," Anna retorted, "Oh yes, it is. Right now." It's about time that the Anna we knew and loved came back. And, by the way; You go, girl! (SID 5/28/02)