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The Mail Bag-  Fans Speak Out

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Below are some comments by fan about Finola's Anna character.

Ta-Ta!: Didn't AMC's Anna (not to mention fans of her portrayer, Finola Hughes) deserve a better exit than she received? Seeing as just about every case she ever investigated- in Pine Valley or Port Charles- involved her friends and family, having the cop skip town because she was too intimately involved with those caught up in the Cambias case made no sense. Worse, she left town without saying farewell to her nephew, Aidan! The least she could have done was leave him a note like the one Jackson received! (SID 10/28/03)  

Fan Campaign of the Week: This week, fans are talking about AMC'S Anna and daughter Robin. Many are wondering why the duo hasn't reunited on-screen for Anna's pregnancy and birth. "Robin would never choose anything over being with her family in a time of need," huffed one viewer. "She should at least return for a little while to lend Anna support."  (SOD 3/11/03)  

The Fine Line: As much as we've enjoyed David and Anna's love/hate relationship, the writers need to realize that a little back-and-forth goes a long way. In a single recent episode, David tried to win over Anna, who rejected his attempt at wooing her, after which the dejected doc declared himself unworthy, leaving the mother of his child attempting her love! Miss a day, miss a case of romatic whiplash! (SID 12/10/02)  

Sister, Sister- "Just when I thought I was through with AMC for good, the powers-that-be brought back GH's Anna Devane as Alex's twin sister," praised an ABC enthusiast. "Now AMC has a chance to recapture the magic they've been losing. Tears came to my eyes when Anna briefly remembered her husband, Robert Scorpio, and their daughter, Robin. Those were the days on GH. Maybe AMC can talk to some of the actors who played Anna's family and friends about appearing on the show." (SOD 4/3/01)

No Place Like Home- Robin's flight to AMC has ruffled the feathers of GHites. "I can't believe ABC has the nerve to reunite Anna and Robin on AMC," blasted a GH viewer. "That belongs on GH." Others hope the reunion will pave the way for both women to return to GH. "I'll enjoy seeing Robin on AMC," admitted a fan. "And I hope that Robin will escort Anna home to Port Charles and GH, where Anna's life is." (SOD 5/15/01)

A New Home- "I am a former GH viewer who is enjoying the Anna/Alex storyline on AMC. Finola Hughes is doing an outstanding job portraying both Devane sisters, and I applaud AMC for having the guts to tell Anna's story. Watching Anna struggle as she regains her strength and memories and becomes the Anna we all loved is what makes this story interesting. The GH of today is different from the one that Hughes left nine years ago. I'm not even sure the show has room on its canvas for a strong, female character like Anna Devane. Luckily, AMC does." (SID 6/19/01)

Robin's Return- "Thank you, AMC, for bringing the wonderfully talented Kimberly McCullough (Robin) back to daytime!" says Heather S. of Redwood City, CA. "She has been sorely missed. Let's just hope that Kimberly- and Robin's- next visit will be longer." But some, like Phyllis Naylor of Morenci, MI, would rather see the character where they believe she belongs. "Please bring Robin back to Port Charles to be with Mac and her friends." (SID 6/24/01)

The Phantom Menace- "After consulting our spy-games handbook, we finally figured out why Anna's return has left us a tad disappointed. As any James Bond fan knows, every spy story needs a charismatic villain, and none have been present in this story. Seeing Anna, one of daytime's most progressive and spunky ladies, be addled by amnesia and forced to cower (a WSB agent... cower?) for so long for fear of a faceless foe turned the former snapdragon into a shrinking violett. Whether the baddie is Charlotte, Fiason or someone else, let's give Anna someone whose butt needs kicking!" (SID editors, SID 7/10/2001)

Who is Alex?- Fans are buzzing about the arrival of Hunt Block's Guy in Pine Valley. "I'm sure he somehow is connected to the mystery of Alex's past," writes G. Landers of George. "But I'm dying to find out exactly how! Ever since Finola Hughes and Alex first debuted, I've been glued to my screen!" (SID 4/4/2000)

The Mystery of Love- Alex's past may be shrouded in mystery, but there's one thing that's perfectly clear to fans: She and Edmund are ideal together! "I thought I'd never accept anyone but Maria in his arms," writes M.B. of Chicago, IL. "But that was before Alex came along! Knowing that Maria could possibly return again makes this story all the more fascinating!" (SID 5/2/2000)