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Fun Poll Results

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-Should David and Anna give up on their love? (SID 9/16/2003) With 86% saying Give Up!, even die hard supporters of this pair have lost hope. "They were already on shaky ground," observes one fan, "and with Finola Hughes leaving, there's no happy ending in sight."

-Would you prefer to see Maria with Aidan or Edmund? (SID 3/4/2003) While some are falling for Aidan themselves (67%), it seems many just want to keep Edmund a bachelor (33%). "I'd simply rather see him with Brooke," writes one loyal fan.

-Should Maria be with Aidan or Edmund? (SOW 11/5/2002) A close call, with 49% having waited years for Edmund and Maria's reunion, while 47% want to explore Maria's budding relationship with Aidan.

-Will Anna's pregnancy save her marriage to David or destroy it? (SID 10/29/2002) Fans of this couple (76%) remain convinced that a baby is just the thing to turn David and Anna's relationship around. "A David Jr. would give his pop motivation to change," predicts one fan.

-Should Anna Forgive David? (SOW 10/29/2002) 74% say yes, "She is his only redeeming quality!" while 26% say no, "If Anna forgives David, I'll never forgive her!"

-Should David and Anna have a baby? (SIF 7/9/2002) 62% say yes, call the stork! while 38% say it's still too soon.

-Can Brooke and Edmund make it work this time? (SID 2/5/2002) Many fans (75%) are hopeful that this couple at last might get the happy ending that they deserve. "Brooke and Edmund have found nothing but heartache and pain in their search for romance," notes one fan. "I'm glad they've finally realized that true love had been under their noses all along."

-Top 5 Actresses (SID 6/24/2001) Finola checks in as the #1 Top Actress as voted by SID readers. Anna Devane and Edmund Grey made it as #5 of the Top Five Couples.

-What Would You Like to See Ultimately Happen to Alex's Twin Sister, Anna (Readers' Poll, SID 5/1/2001) Many people (50%) want to see Anna return to her original stomping grounds, but some (40%) also suggest that she eventually should move to Europe to reunite with daughter Robin.

-Who You Thought Was Behind Alex's Disappearance (Readers' Poll, SID 2/20/2001) Could David have whisked Alex off to prevent her from spilling the beans about the Libidozone incident? That's what most fans think (58%), although many others believe faux mom Charlotte to be responsible (22%), or perhaps even twin Anna's obsessed former foe, Faison! (10%).

-Actress You Most Want to See Return- #2 Eva LaRue Callahan (SID ABC Soap Awards 12/12/2000) As hectic as Callahan's current schedule is- she's recurring not only on Third Watch, but on Showtime's screen adaption of the film Soul Food- she can see her self returning to AMC sometime in the future. "Who could predict? It could happen," her manager tells SID. In the meantime, he adds, "Eva misses her friends at AMC, and she really appreciates all the fans' support.

#5 Finola Hughes The most interesting tidbit revealed by this category isn't how much fans still miss leading ladies like Marcil and Callahan, but how specifically they miss their favorites. Case in point: As well-received as Hughes' work as AMC's Alex has been, a surprising number of poll respondents indicated that they would prefer to see her relocate from Pine Valley to Port Charles and resurrect her role as GH's late, lamented Anna.

-Should Alex remain with Dimitri or turn to his brother Edmund, for love?  (Readers' Poll, SID 10/31/2000) "Most fans, 68%, were happy to see Alex return to Dimitri's arms, beliving it to be where she belongs. As for Edmund, (32%) most suspect that a handsome, rich guy like him won't be single long, while others still hold out hope that he'll be reunited with Maria!"  

edmundalex.jpg (13087 bytes)-Which duo were you more anxious to see walk down the aisle?  (Readers' Poll, SID 10/3/2000) "The overwhelming majority, 85%, think David should pop the question again, and this time, Erica should accept! Coming in a distant second, with 11%, are fans who think Alex should forget her past with Dimitri in favor of a future with his brother!" 

-Who is better for Alex- Dimitri or Edmund?  (Readers' Poll, SOW 7/25/2000)
"Most of you wanted to withhold judgement, since 'the incredible chemistry' Alex and Dimitri have 'has only been seen in a handful of scenes together so far,' but you do admit that their union is promising. Their 'love-story' flashback was very beautiful and romantic,' prompting the conclusion that 'this is the first woman for Dimitri that has been the right one.'"

-Who should Alex be with  (Readers' Poll, SID 7/25/2000)
"51% think that Alex perfectly fills the void in Edmund's life. 42% believe that once Alex learns that Dimitri is alive, she'll be anxious to reunite with her husband. 7% find themselves in a position to which Alex soon may be able to relate- they couldn't decide!"

-Which character who has been gone more than a year do you want back on a soap  (Readers' Poll, SOW 4/18/2000)
"Robert Scorpio had most of you saying that he 'needs to come back immediately.' Many of you clamored for the presumed-dead cop to 'go to AMC and prove that Alex is really Anna,' bring her back to GH, and help his brother cope with his failing marriage."

-If Viewers thought there was more than meets the eye to Alex and Edmund's past (Readers' Poll, SID 1/25/99)
"98% are sure that not only is there history between David and his lady colleague, but that this history was a romantic one. 2% think that there's nothing behind David and Alex's words but what the two say there is.

-If Viewers were happy to see Alex making Pine Valley her home? (Readers' Poll, SOW11/16/99)
"98% love the intrigue that surrounds the mysterious vixen and hope that she stays for a long time to come. 2% are concerned that the longer Alex stays, the more imminent a romance with Edmund will become- a bleak prospect for those concerned about their beloved Maria's memory."

-In an ideal world, with whom should Alex be paired? (Viewer's Choice, SOW11/9/99)
"If the majority of AMC fans have their way, Dimitri would return and be paired with Alex. 'Bring back Dimitri and pair her up with him. These two were magic together- he was funny, caring, vulnerable and sexy as hell', said one reader. 'They can generate enough heat to make Dimitri rise again,' exclaimed another fan. Many would love to see her paired with Edmund. One viewer admitted, 'Alex is the only woman I will accept since Maria.'"

-If you would like to see Alexandra Devane become Edmund's new love (Reader's Poll, SID 9/7/99)
"68% say no, citing that Maria is the only woman that Edmund ever will love. 32% want to see Edmund learn to love again, and think falling for Dimitri's widow would be a great storyline twist."