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Top 5 Reasons Anna Should Forgive David (SID 10/29/02)

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The police chief should reunite with her ex while she still can!  Okay, so what David did to Maria was unthinkable. But this is David we're talking about, so Anna, of all people, shouldn't have been the least bit surprised that he'd kept a woman from her husband and kids for years. After all, she knew what he was like when she married him. So if she needs motivators to give the doc another shot, here are five doozies.

#1 She has a bun in the oven. Sure, Anna may be the one carrying the baby, but what about afterwards? She must have forgotten how hard it was raising Robin by herself and having a hectic career at the same time before reuniting with the girl's pop, Robert Scorpio.

#2 David is a World-Renowned Doctor. Dixie and Maria are just two of many whom David has saved. Considering that Anna has had quite a few brushes with death herself, she would be wise to stick with someone who could bring her back from the dead should she need him to.

#3 Their Attraction Level is off the Charts. Great sex may not be the most important factor in a relationship, but lets face it, it sure does help! And how can Anna forget that chemistry is what brought them together in the first place?

#4 There are Other People to Consider. Since suffering at the hands of Vanessa, Maggie has looked to her cousin and his wife for a stable home life. If Anna doesn't reconcile with David, there won't be any willow trees for the orphan to look forward to.

#5 Anyone Else would be Boring. Could Anna be content with any other man? Sorry, but no. For example, as much as we love Jack, he just doesn't have that special something that would keep Anna as captivated as David. Wait a minute- that might be a plus!