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The Marick Time Line-  Now and Then

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To know them is to love them, so here's some tidbits on the Marick Family.

Lovers' Luck- David and Anna "Their marriage may have begun as one of convience, but these usually indifferent individuals stumbled upon love in the process. Now, if they could just learn to trust each other and stop arguing about his dirty deeds and her nephew and having a baby and..." (SID 3/21/2000)

Alex's Top Secrets "When she first came to Pine Valley, Alex Devane Marick entertained happy flashbacks of her whirlwind romance with Dimitri. As of late, however, she has been plagued by dark, fleeting glimpses of ominous men and deadly deeds. Eager to get on with her future, Alex is hoping to remember her past, and no government cover-up can stop her! One problem, though: Someone else shares her keen interest in her history. But why?" (SID 3/21/2000)

The Parent Trap- "As Alex and Edmund have searched for clues to her past, they have been met with dead ends and deadly opposition. Now, the mastermind behind the lady doctor's plight, as well as 'late' husband Dimitri's kidnapping, has come forth, as has her own mother, Charlotte- and, unbeknownst to everyone but Dimitri, they are the same person! By the time Alex realizes Mom's ruse, it may be too late to recall that Mother's Day card, but she can rest assured, she's not the only Pine Valley person to have a problem parent." (SID 6/13/2000)

Casket Case (SID 8/24/99) What is Alexandra Hiding- in Dimitri's Coffin?  "Ever since she stepped off Dimitri's plane a few weeks ago, Alexandra has had people wondering who in the world she is. Aside from her being the late count's mysterious last wife, er... widow, we really don't know much about the beguiling beauty at all- except she's obviously got something to hide. So, it's safe to assume that this lovely but sad lady has a story to tell, much like those who came before her.
    Till Death Did They Part- Although it's painfully apparent that Alexandra truly is grieving her ill-fated better half and that the lovely has a deep affection for the man she vowed to honor and cherish, it's also clear as crystal that love isn't the only thing she's harboring. When the jet-setter hasn't been placing mysterious phone calls or conspiring with Dimitri's doctor, she has been preoccupied with keeping anyone from opening the deceased's coffin. Unless in his final days the count took to drinking blood a la another certain count, we can't imagine why."

In Search of... Kit and Kin "Another long-lost sibling settled into Pine Valley when Kit Fisher- aka Christine, Jack's presumed-dead sis- shocked her brother with her resurrection. Pegging Kit as a con artist, a wary Jack doubted her claims until DNA tests proved that she was, in fact, bona fide. Alas, just as Kit found family- and a bit of romance, with Edmund- she also found tragedy, as a victim of a rape. Following the ordeal, Kit moved to Seattle to get to know her other bro, Travis." (SID 12/14/99)

Crossing Over Sea of Love Trapped in a seaside drainage ditch by Jim Thomasen (the man responsible for bombing the plane that killed his wife, Maria, one year prior), Edmund figured that his number was surely up. But when he dozed off to sleep in the damp freezing hole, he dreamed that he was visited by his late missus. Nonplused by her husband's plight, Maria filed her her nails and assured him that he would survive his ordeal and continue to raise their two beautiful children. She also urged him to continue trying to break free from his chains, then kissed him and vanished. A short time later, Edmund was discovered by Tad Martin and rescued. (SID 5/15/2001)

Fallen Soap Heroes- Maria A compassionate doctor, Maria was devoted to helping others. In 1997, Maria, her husband, Edmund, and Brooke took a plane from New York to Pine Valley. In a typically thoughtful gesture, Maria switched seats with Brooke so Ms. English and Edmund could discuss Tempo business. When the plane crashed, Brooke escaped unscathed, but the section where Maria sat plunged over the side of a cliff. Unlike some other ungrateful and/or absent-minded soap denizens, Brooke struggled with survivor's guilt and Edmund pays annual tribute to his wife with the Crystal Ball. (SOD 5/29/99)

Always the Last to Know Caught Unawares (1997)- When Maria Grey got the news that she was pregnant, Skye Chandler- the one person who knew about Maria's one-nighter with brother-in-law Dimitri- saw a chance to torpedo her marriage and have Maria's hubby, Edmund, to herself. As such, Skye wooed a lab tech into making the paternity test name Dimitri as the father of Maria's baby! Although Skye eventually revealed her deception in a note to Maria, Mrs. Grey perished in a plane crash before she could spread the news. In the end, Skye came clean with Edmund, who at last took his and Maria's daughter into his arms! (SID 11/16/99)

The Big Kiss-Off "All in the Family- So, you think you've got problems, huh, Mateo? Take a number. Only a few short years ago, your own beloved sister, Maria (may she rest in peace), betrayed husband Edmund with of all people, his half-brother, Dimitri. When the truth came out, naturally, Edmund wasn't thrilled. But because he dearly cherished his missus, he moved beyond her one-night misstep and fought hard to restore their marriage to its former solidarity. As a result, the day she died in a plane crash, they were as close as two people ever could be." (SID 8/10/99)

Pregnant Pause "Talk about the best of times and the worst of times! Erica miscarried her and Dimitri's baby on the very day that they were to remarry. Afterward, not even talk of adoption could mend their relationship. (SID 3/20/2001)

Bossom Buddies "After Dimitri Marick drugged half-brother Edmund so he'd appear to be an unfit father, the count took off for Hungary to honeymoon with bride Gloria Marsh and daughter/neice Maddie. Little did he suspect how hard Edmund's maternal- yes, maternal- instincts would push him to reclaim his 'napped' kid. Donning dresses, purses and painfully high heels, he and pal Tad Martin (Gloria's jilted fiance, co-incidentially) sneaked across the border into Budapest and got their well-manicured hands on the lab tests that revealed Edmund as Maddie's biological father. Then, finally he was able to take home the precious final souvenir of the love that he shared with late wife Maria Santos- their little girl." (SID 5/16/2000)

Cheaters Never Prosper "Downer for the Count (1997)- Pine Valley's previous paternity secret saga found Dimitri Marick learning that daughter Maddie had been fathered by his half brother, Edmund. Rather than come clean, Dimitri fled with Maddie and wife Gloria in tow.
    Tailing the trio to Budapest, Edmund apprised Gloria of Maddie's true paternity, then took custody of his daughter. Defeated, Dimitri sought revenge at the first Crystal Ball, where he shot Edmund... unaware that Tad had loaded the gun with blanks. Eavesdropping on Dimitri's sordid confessions, Gloria summarily ditched her devious hubby." (SID 4/11/2000)

In Search of... "To Del the Truth- "Part of what shook up Kendall's relationship with her mother was her plan to pen a tell-all about Erica, with the help of Del Henry, a hunk who had connections of his own in Pine Valley. Not only had he once been involved with Maria Santos (who was now wed to Edmund), but he was also Dixie's half-brother! In fact, Del was in town to ask Dix for no less than a kidney, so he could undergo a transplant! Tad discouraged his wife, but ultimately, blood proved thicker than marriage, and Dixie obliged." (SID 12/14/99)

Shanghai Surprise!  "Hungary for Justice- Wildwind housekeeper Helga knew that Edmund was Hugo Marick's son. Heck, even Edmund knew it. The problem was convincing Hugo's other son, Dimitri! Knowing that the truth was out there, Edmund chased his half-brother and Erica to Budapest. Thinking a desperate act might illuminate his family ties, Edmund took Erica hostage in the wine cellar at Vadzel, the Marick family home, hoping that Dimitri would cave in and admit to their connection. When stubborn Dimitri refused, amateur abductor Edmund freed his beautiful hostage." (SID 1/11/2000)

Friendly Mergers- "As Edmund snooped for clues to Will Cortlandt's murder, the investigative reporter piqued the professional- and prurient- interests of fellow journalist Brooke. Collaborating to uncover the naked truth, Edmund and Brooke soon discovered their own cries of passion." (SID 8/22/2000)