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Finola's love for fashion has led to design her own jewelry line, host Fashion Week in New York, emcee who's wearing what on the red carpet, and now she's host of her own show on The Style Network called "How Do I Look."

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Finola Hughes hardly needs an intervention to get her fashion in check. But if she did find herself a "victim" on her new show How do I Look?- premiering on Style Network Jan. 16- who would she trust to redesign her style? Would she defer to her spouse? "My husband, photographer Russell Young, used to direct music videos, so he has a great eye for fashion," Hughes theorizes. Or maybe a good friend? "Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley, AMC) knows what I love. She bought me a pair of earrings before I left New York, and I wear them all the time." Or would she leave the job to the professional, namely her good friend Patricia Field, the Emmy-winning designer for Sex and the City? "Pat is awesome," Hughes exclaims. "With any of the three, I couldn't go wrong." But Hughes, you can only pick one. "Then I would love to see what Pat would put me in," she concludes. "She would be the most experimental." (TVGuide.Com 1/16/04)

See how city gal Finola survives her hubby's outdoor challenge on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Louis Vitton luggage on a camping trip?

Finola's latest projects include hosting the Olympus Fashion Week 2004, interviewing the stars on the red carpet before the Golden Globes, and rating the fashions at the Oscars. She also chatted with other celebrity style persons at the British Film Awards, then helped some men reinvent themselves on the Montel Williams Show.

Finola chatted about her style show on the Wayne Brady Show on Friday. Missed the episode? Watch the video here or check out some pictures on the promo page.

Finola talks about her new style show and upcoming novel on a recent visit to Soap Talk.  

Devane Inspiration: When Finola Hughes left AMC, Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) took possession of the framed photo of her that hung in the show's production offices. "I was like, 'Can I please have Finola's picture?' It's not the best photo of her," Budig allows. "It kind of looks like she's smelling something bad. We've discussed it; she knows it's not her best picture. But I use it as my inspiration, because I love, capital L, love her. And I miss her! I got to see her [at 2003's] Fashion Week- we hung out at at the Patricia Field show- and that was awesome. (SOD 3/2/04)

Tava Smiley (ex-Chloe, GH), Finola and Kirsten Sheridan (co-writer of In America) chatted at the opening of Minotti in West Hollywood on March 25th.

Sighted! Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), coffee clutching with former AMC divas Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley) and Finola Hughes (ex-Anna) under the beat pulsating through Gotham Hall, NYC, at the House of Field fashion showcase. The three ladies pow-wowed among the star-studded crowd that included singer Vanessa Carlton, celebrity reality star Jessica Simpson and tattooed rocker Tommy Lee. Moments before the show, Hughes ran off to cover the night's edgy offerings for the Style Network. (TV Guide Online, 9/20/03)

Hughes is 'Staying Alive' as a mother
(By Luaine Lee,, Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service)

PASADENA, Calif.- Actress Finola Hughes admits she's disorganized, impulsive and a dreadful cook. But when it comes to work or fashion, she's a veritable drill sergeant.

Most people remember her as Anna Devane from "General Hospital" and "All My Children," or as John Travolta's British nemesis in "Staying Alive." But Hughes has a new gig.

She's hosting the Style Network's new makeover series, "How Do I Look?" in which family or friends and a stylist pick a fashion- challenged subject to gussie up. Hughes guides the "victim" through fashion denial as her favorite jeans and sweatshirts are jettisoned for leather jackets and tight-tailored skirts.

She's a fashion expert, laughs Hughes, because of the '80s. "Ten years of horrible dressing. When I look back at those photographs, I was just wrong for an entire decade. When I look at those and the things I went out in public in I feel I can only be better than that. I became interested in fashion during the punk movement in the '70s. In '79 I guess the whole angry, dark, hardware (trend) swept the nation and that's when I first started really being aware of dressing. That influences me because I think you go back to that point in your life when you maybe got your individuality."

There's no doubt about Hughes' individuality. She started dancing at 3, sweated her way to professional school at 10, eventually copping the role of the White Cat in "Cats." It was in the middle of her dancing career that she got a call to audition for the role in "Staying Alive."

"After the movie with Travolta I was out here, and I suddenly realized: to be the kind of dancer I needed to be or wanted to be I couldn't do anything else. And to be the kind of actress I wanted to be I couldn't do anything else. So I decided to concentrate on one thing. Then I did the soap and it was sort of fun to try to learn what I was doing. What happened is I ended up staying there," she says over a breakfast of scrambled eggs with globs of ketchup.

"The one thing I found in stuffing dancing and moving to acting- and part of the reason I stopped it- is that in dancing you do get better by trying hard," says Hughes, whose brown hair falls in a fluid frame around her oval face.

"But oftentimes in acting you don't get better by trying hard. You actually get better by being more receptive, and you still need energy but it's a different kind of energy. There is an amount of humanity that in dancing you put on hold because you have to be an athlete as well. Whereas in acting, you do tune the instrument as an actor but then you also have to be more of a sponge. I was finding the two were competing in myself, that's when I ended one and tried to absorb humanity a little more to see how I could interpret that in my small way."

Married for 11 years to artist-painter Russell Young, Hughes admits that artists can be temperamental. And of the two, she's the spacey one.

But, as the mother of a 3-year-old son, her talents are constantly in play. "I'm good at entertaining my son, great if there's lots of kids. I can make a fort and a tent, a boat and crocodiles."

Until she married, career was all she thought about, says Hughes. "Up till then, I think I had been driven singularly. Then I actually had to take into account another person. That's not to say I hadn't done it before when I married Russell it was another sense of, 'OK I have to take another person into consideration.' I think I married late because I was afraid of distraction."

As a mother now, she's fully distracted by her son. "The birth of my son made me stronger, made me a woman actually," she says. "When he was born there was an enormous sense of wholeness. I'm sure that's what women say all the time, and it did feel like that."

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