AMC Character Bios (arranged by first name)
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Adam Chandler: The manipulative mogul's ex-wives includes Erica, Brooke, and Dixie. His current wife, Liza, found out that he switched the sperm samples which resulted in the birth of their daughter Colby. Adam's need to control everyone destroys his relationships with his family, except for his twin brother, Stuart, who manages to put up with his manipulative nature. At odds with David and Tad.

Adam Chandler Jr (Junior): Adam's son with ex-wife Dixie; conceived while she was his housekeeper and he was wed to Brooke. Close to Jamie and Amanda. Adores his stepfather Tad, who Adam jealously wants to destroy.

Aidan Devane: Nephew of Alex and Anna, Aidan has a mysterious past. He had a fling with Kendall but is attracted to Maria. He hates his aunt's significant other, David.

alex4.jpg (15049 bytes)Alexandra Marick: A renowned neurologist, Alex was retiring from practice when Dimitri sought her medical help. The two fell in love and married. After Dimitri's supposed "death", Alex was forced to remain in Pine Valley and was constantly at odds with his brother, Edmund. Alex is despised by Erica, who firmly believes that only she could be Dimitri's true love, and  she holds a grudge against David Hayward. Alex's father, a painter who had mental problems, died while she was in school and her mother is a math/computer whiz. Alex became romantically involved with Edmund but was reunited with Dimitri, leaving poor Edmund out in the cold. Both she and Dimitri left town to return to Vadsel.

Anna Devane Scorpio: Ex-super spy and former co-police chief of Port Charles, Anna is the twin sister of Alex. When she arrived in Pinve Valley, she was suffering from memory loss due to head injuries sustained in a boating explosion in 1992 that was suppose to have killed her along with hubby, Robert, and her kidnapper, Cesar Faison. Anna is mother of one child, Robin. In 2002, Anna and Dr. David Hayward began a bumpy but passionate marriage and are currently awaiting the birth of their daughter. Anna is also the Police Chief of Pine Valley.

Bianca Montgomery: Daughter of Erica and Travis, Bianca lived with her father until his death. She adored her stepfather Dimitri and is Erica's favorite child. Still struggling with anorexia, Bianca shocked her mother by announcing she was gay.

Brooke English: Editor of The Tempo magazine, Brooke has one son, Jamie, with ex-husband Tad. Once married to Adam and involved with Edmund. Often at odds with rival Erica over men. Her reunion with Edmund was derailed when his supposedly-dead wife, Maria, resurfaced. Brooke then had a very briefly fling with ex-hubby Adam.

Brynn Wydd: Supposedly a sanitarium, this place was the front for Charlotte's mysterious spy operations. Alex was supposed to have been a patient here after her mysterious "nervous breakdown". Dimitri was held prisoner here for several months. The place was blown up.

Chandler Estate: Adam's elegant home, complete with secret passages to assist would-be gaslighters. Adam had a fallout shelter secretly added. Inhabitants include Adam, Liza, and Colby. Stuart also lives on the Chandler estate, in the carriage house with wife Marian.

Charlotte Devane: Alex's enigmatic mother, she apparently was the devious head of some sort of spy organization. She held Dimitri hostage while allowing her daughter to think Dimitri drowned. Charlotte is supposedly some sort of computer guru. Before being carted off by the police, Charlotte revealed that she had kidnapped Alex, who had been born a twin, and raised Alex as her own child.

Colby Martin (Chandler): Thought to be the only child of Liza and Jake Martin through artificial insemination, Colby is actually Adam and Liza's biological child.

Dr. David Hayward: A doctor at PVH, David believes that the means justifies the end, and has blackmailed or used many of PV residents. He was at odds with Alex, who stood in his way to be director of the Andrassy Foundation, and had an affair with Erica Kane. David despised his mother, Vanessa, who he believes was responsible for killing his father. On David's relationship to Alex- "I knew there was a reason for David and Alex's animosity, and now that it has been developed [and revealed that she blames him for the death of her med school roommate], it is much deeper than I expected- and the stakes are a lot higher. And while they have a mutual respect for one another's genius in their respective fields, she will always be a stumbling block in his pursuit of certain goals." After his breakup with Erica, David had a torrid affair with Dixie but his cat-and-mouse games with Anna became more passionate and the duo married. He is now expecting his first child with Anna.

dimitri3.jpg (7242 bytes)Dimitri Yakov Marick: The once presumed dead hubby of Alex, Dimitri is a wealthy and worldly Hungarian count. He had a long and complicated romance with Erica for several years. Despite fighting with baby brother Edmund over the years, Dimitri is also protective of him as well. Dimitri resurfaced as a captive at Bryn Wydd and later managed to get back to his family. He and Alex left to live at Vadsel.

Dixie Cooney Martin: Tad's wife... for the third time,  Dixie desperately wanted to have a child with hubby Tad. Dixie is mother of Adam Chandler (Junior). After a torrid affair with David, Dixie got pregnant by Tad and left town to have the baby. She supposedly died in a car crash in Switzerland but no body was ever found.

emundg.jpg (7320 bytes)Edmund Grey: Younger half-brother of Dimitri, Edmund is the illegitimate son of the late Hugo Marick and servant Flora. A journalist by trade, he's claim to fame includes winning a Pulitizer Prize. He spent three years mourning the "death" of his beloved wife, Maria. After Dimitri's "death", Edmund fell in love with his brother's widow and planned to marry her but lost her when Dimitri reappeared. Then became attracted to Alex's twin sister, Anna, but ended up getting engaged to his business partner [and former lover] Brooke. Their wedding day went awry when "Maria" returned, very much alive.

Erica Kane: The much-married former model and Enchantment Cosmetics guru is PV's resident diva. She has two daughters, Kendall and Bianca, and her close friends include Palmer and Opal. Claims Dimitri to be the love of her life, so Erica naturally resents his current wife, Alex. Erica's exes include Jackson, Dimitri, Mike Roy, and Adam. She's currently engaged to Chris Stamp.

Eugenia Von Voynavitch: Matriarch of the Marick family, the kindly Eugenia's had a hard time dealing with Dimitri's "death".

Gabriel: Younger half-brother of Alex and Anna Devane, Gabriel had an unpleasant childhood thanks to psycho Charlotte, who had his parents murdered. He left to go to study medicine.

The Gallery: Where Stuart displays his artwork and occassionally showcases other artists' paintings. Located within walking distance of Holidays and the Boutique. Has a back room where affluent ner-er-do-wells occassionally reside.

The Glamarama:  Opal's hair salon, bought with the money she suddenly acquired upon marrying Palmer. Insidious little detail: Tad used to work there as a towel boy during his gigolo days.

Gillian Andrassy: The once spoiled princess matured into a lovely lady. Gillian wass married to Jake after mistakenly thinking her ex-hubby Ryan was in love with Greenlee. She once had a torrid affair with the smarmy David. Gillian and Alex hit it off right away. She was torn between love Ryan and Jake. In 2001, Gillian was killed by an assassin who mistakenly thought she was Anna.

Greenlee Smythe: Spoiled granddaughter of sociolite Milicent, Greenlee is a terrible flirt. Once a girlfriend of Scott's, she went after Ryan with full gusto only to realize that Leo might be the one for her. Got disinherited by her grandparents but married Leo anyway, despite his psycho mother's attempt to kill her. Currently recovering from being made a widow.

Guy Donahue: Pretending to be a horse trainer, Guy was actually keeping tabs on Alex and had apparently been involved in her missing years. Realizing Alex was starting to get her memory back, he tried electrocuting her by rigging the power box to the hunting lodge. That failing, he confronted her and Alex managed to shoot him after he tried kissing her.

Holidays: Mateo and Hayley's TGIF-style bistro. Used to be Hal's Roadhouse, a seedy dive.

Jackson Montgomery: A former District Attorney, Jackson was once involved with Erica, who chose to marry his brother instead, and Brooke. Currently attracted to co-worker Anna and hates her significant other, David.

Jake Martin: A doctor at PVH, Jake is Joe and Ruth's unlucky-in-love son. He married Gillian to gain custody to Colby's, whom he mistakenly thought was his biological child. Afterwards, he and Greenlee became involved but after she dumped him for Leo, Jake fell in love with Liza's half-sister, Mia.

Jamie Martin: Biological son of Tad and Brooke. Close friends with Tad's step-son, Junior.

Joe Martin: Former Chief-of-Staff at Pine Valley Hospital and the voice of reason for his impetuous sons. 

Leo Dupree: Younger half-brother of David, Leo was interested in Becca, then fell in love with good friend Greenlee. He married the pathetic daughter of Brooke, Laura, to grant her last wish before dying, but unfortunately for him, she lived. They later divorced and Leo was able to marry his true love, Greenlee. In 2002, he "died" after trying to save her from his pyscho mother, Vanessa.

Liza Colby Chandler: The reformed bad girl, is married to Adam, helms TV station WRCW, and dotes on her only child, baby daughter Colby. Liza was once involved with David Hayward and Tad Martin. 

Maddie Grey: Daughter of Edmund and Maria, Maddie was the object of a nasty custody battle when Dimtri and Edmund both though he was her father.

Maggie: David's cousin, Maggie is close friends with Bianca and plans to study medicine.

Maria Grey: A doctor, Maria is Edmund's wife and was presumed dead in a plane crash but resurfaced in 2002 as "Maureen", a secret patient of David's who cannot remember her past. Though trying to rebuild her marriage with Edmund, Maria is attracted to Aidan.

Marian Colby Chandler: Alcohol-fuel flings earned Marian quite a reputation, but hubby Stuart's love transformed her into a blushing schoolgirl. Now she wants the world to see Stuart through her eyes. She is leary of her daughter Liza's hubby, Adam.

Mateo Santos: Owner of the SOS restaurant, Mateo's marriage to Hayley fell apart after his childhood sweetheart, Raquel, showed up with their son, Max. His siblings include the Maria, Julia, and Anita. He and Hayley eventually remarried Hayley and have decided to move to LA.

Myrtle Fargate: Kind-hearted mother hen, Myrtle dispenses advice and runs a board house. Erica goes to her for advice.

Martin House: Joe and Ruth's domicile, redone because it was partially destroyed by a tornado.

Myrle's Boarding House: Where just-starting-out-twenty-somethings usually wind up.

Myrtle's Boutique: The town emporium. Why do to New York City when you can get Prada right here in Pine Valley?

Opal Gardner: Outlandish ex-wife of Palmer and owner of the Glamorama, Opal is mother of Tad, Petey, and Adian. Opal is best friends with Erica and Marian.

Palmer Cortlandt: Born as Pete Cooney in Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia, Palmer rose up from his poor background to become a electronics mogul. His exes include Daisy, with who he had a daughter, Nina, and Opal, with whom he has a son, Petey. He was married to Vanessa, who he was having followed by a detective as Palmer suspects she is being unfaithful to him. Good friends with Erica.

Petey Cortlandt: Spoiled young son of Palmer and Opal.

Pine Valley Hospital: All-purpose treatment facility. Insidious little detail: The emergency room seems to be on the fifth floor.

Robin Scorpio: Only child of super spys, Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane Scorpio, Robin is currently studying medicine and lives in Paris.

Ruth Martin: Joe's wife and a nurse at PVH.

Sam Grey: Adopted son of Maria and Edmund.

Seaview Hospital: Hospital near the Wildwind estate where Dimitri was being secretly treated before disappearing and assumed drowned in the ocean.

Stuart Chandler: Adam's simple but sweet twin who runs an art gallery. Married to Marian and a painter by profession. Stuart adopted stepson Scott, who's mom Cindy died, and has a strong relationship with him. He was very kind to Alex after Dimitri's death.

Tad Martin: Adopted son of Joe and Ruth Matin, biological son of Opal and thug Ray Gardner. Tad "the Cad" was quite a handful in his youth, but has relaxed in his role as dad and husband. Detests Adam and David.

Trey: Given away at birth, Trey is the younger brother of David and Leo. Can be very deceitful if need be. Trey is attracted to his brother's wido, Greenlee.

Vadzel: The Marick ancestral home in Budapest which belonged to Dimitri. Insidious little detail: Erica was locked in a crypt there. Dimitri and Alex currently reside here.

Valley Inn: Where the rich and famous go to see and be seen. Moneyed folk like Palmer and David reside there. Insidious little detail: Was the site of Erica's infamous "Woman of the Year" meltdown in 1996. Alex likes the cheesecake there.

Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt: Gold-digging ex-wife of Palmer and mother from hell to David, Leo and Trey. Vanessa tried to destroy Erica's reputation. She was revealed to be drug lord "Proteus", went nuts and tried to kill her daughter-in-law Greenlee, but instead fell to her death with her favorite son, Leo.

Wildwind: Edmund's estate. A mansion, stables, hunting lodge and mausoleum can all be found on the grounds, along with numerous abondoned wells and mine shafts just waiting to trap a lost pedestrian. Current occupants include Edmund, Sammie and Maddie. Alex used to reside in the hunting lodge. Insidious little detail: Dimitri slept with Maria in the hunting lodge. Also, the estate is now located next to a mysterious "beach" whose coast runs near the Chandler estate and Seaview Hospital.

WRWC: Adam's TV station, where Liza is the station manager and Tad hosts The Cutting Edge. Adam tried to stage a coup of the station and had Tad fired. Insidious little detail: Trevor's wife, Laurel, was shot and killed there in 1996.

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