SOD AWARD Show 3/10/2000
Images of Finola and other soapsters attending various award shows.

Finola's Acceptance Speech:
"Thanks, Ian. Oh, I don't know, Best Comeback, it's very Sunset Boulevard, really, isn't it? I want to say thank you very much to the fans for their support and to Soap Opera Digest for their tremendous kindness in this whole bringing me back; it's overwhelming. I want to thank this new show I'm working with. The cast has been so wonderful to me since the day I started. Kelly and Mark, you make me laugh every single day. Angela Shapiro, thank you for calling me. 'Do you want to come to New York?' 'Sure!' Jean Burke, Agnes Nixon, and all the writers, thank you for making such a wonderful character for me to play. I know she's losing her mind, but so what? It's a soap opera. Thank you very much." sod2000e.jpg (57788 bytes)

The Favorite Return award was won by Finola Hughes. "Best Return. It's very Norma Desmond." Click on Finola's picture above to go to Soap City's SOD site and view pictures of the other winners.

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sod2000b.jpg (49738 bytes)Finola struck a straight-off-the-runway look by mixing top designers Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. The night before, pal Ian Buchanan jokingly called her category the "geriatric return." (quote from SOD)

*Sonny mama has video captures of the AMC winners from the SOD awards, including Finola.sod2000f.jpg (55064 bytes)

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John Callahan co-presented with Finola during the award show. He brought his wife, Eva LaRue Callahan, as his date for the evening. "Back up the truck," Callahan was overheard telling AMC Executive Producer Jean Dadario Burke. "It looks like we're going to win some awards!" (quote from SOD)

Other Award Show Pictures:


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