Daytime Emmy AWARD Show 5/19/2000
Walt Wiley and Finola Hughes corresponded live from the red carpet at the 30th annual Daytime Emmys for Soapnet on May 16th, and then did a post-show recap on May 17th.

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Carpet Magic: Walt Wiley and Finola Hughes are co-hosting SN’s lie pre-Emmy Coverage this Friday at 7:00 PM. “I love my Finny, I really do,” raves Willey, who winks, “Unfortunately, she doesn’t have good fashion sense and she lacks confidence. Hopefully, she’ll follow my gracefully example!” He plans to spice up the standard red-carpet chitchat. “What’s it like to be nominated?” gets boring, the actor notes. “I’m gong to start ask the stars, ‘Do you think curling should be in the Olympics?’ That stuff’s important, too!” (SOD 5/20/03)

If there's anyone qualified to critique daytime's most fashionable night, it's All My Children's resident fashionista, Finola Hughes (Anna). She'll be talking the red carpet runway for Soapnet's pre-Emmy showcase on May 16. "I want to find out why people chose certain things to wear, and also what fashion means to them, anything as shallow as that," she informs TV Guide Online. "I'm hoping some of the young, cute girls go short. There's some beautiful couture short stuff out there. I hope people put a little imagination into it." Hughes let her own imagination run wild at the creative arts Emmy ceremony at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, mixing a stringy pearl top over a teeny black tee with Sex Pistols emblazoned across the chest. "[Designer] Anne Bowen lent this me beautiful top and I said, 'You know I'm just going to wear it over a cheap T-shirt, is that going to be okay?' and she said that sounds great," Hughes explains of her edgy mixture. "[Emmy nominee] Rebecca Budig (Greenlee, AMC) gave me this T-shirt, which she didn't want, and I cut it up and put it with a vintage skirt and amazing diamonds. You can wear anything if you wear diamonds." Hughes would have worn a potato sack, as long as she could participate in the night's award ceremony. "I admire the creative artists who work on these shows, and I've collected so many friends from the crew," she gushes. "I'm proud to be here tonight." (TV Guide Online, 5/16/03)

And the Winners are...

Outstanding Lead Actor: GH Maurice Benard
Outstanding Lead Actress: BB Susan Flannery
Outstanding Supporting Actor: ATWT Benjamin Hendrickson
Outstanding Supporting Actress: GH Vanessa Marcil
Outstanding Younger Actor: GL Jordi Vilasuso
Younger Actress: B&B Jessica Finnigan
Top Ten Most Memorable Moments in Daytime History: #1 Luke and Laura's Wedding
Outstanding Drama:  ATWT
Drama Series Writing Team:  GH
Drama Series Directing Team:  AMC

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