Daytime Emmy AWARD Show 5/17/2002
Images of Finola and other soapsters attending various award shows.

Finola: "I think Anna is an exceptional character when she's thinking, when she's thinking on her feet, when she using her gut instinct. And that's the good use of the character apart from like going head-to-head, toe-to-toe with Vincent, that's also fabulous." (Soapnet interview)

Digest: How did you hear you'd been nominated?
Hughes: I was asleep and the phone rang. By the fourth call, I decided to get out of bed because I thought something had happened to someone. I jumped out of bed and it was one of the AMC producers who finally reached me. I screamed and asked who else was nominated. I was so excited.
Digest: who did you tell first?
Hughes: My husband, Russell [Young].
Digest: Aside from your nomination, whose are you most excited about? 
Hughes: Kelly's [Ripa, Hayley] for Live with Regis and Kelly. I think she really deserves that.
Digest: What are you planning to wear?
Hughes: I have no idea. I have every magazine on my floor, trying to decide. (Soap Digest, May 21, 2002)

Against All Odds (SOW 5/21/02)

Outstanding Lead Actress- Anna, AMC
Pros- Her reel is 99 percent Anna, opposite the much-missed Robin. 
Cons- Hughes is a supporting player to Kimberly McCullough in both episodes.
Odds- 8-1 

Outstanding Lead Actor- David, AMC
Pros- He delivers a passionate, romantic performance. 
Cons- David's trial confession was anticlimatic. 
Odds- 6-1

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