Daytime Emmy AWARD Show 5/19/2000
Images of Finola and other soapsters attending various award shows. Click on the images to see a larger version.

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Finola Hughes looking very chic in all black. She, John Callahan, and Vincent were presenters at the awards.

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*CC Palmtree has some emmy pics at her site, including Finola.

Read Finola's pre-emmy Q&A from

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Tony Geary and Michael Nader chatting.

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Michael waving to the fans.

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 Vicent Irizarry and wife.

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Jeanne Cooper, Jess Walton, Susan Flannery, Finola Hughes, and Hillary B. Smith were all up for Lead Actress. The five pals met up for lunch before the awards. The four nominees gave a standing ovation when Flannery won the coveted award. Hughes, who won the award in 1991, had stated publicly early on that she wanted Flannery to win.

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John Callahan escorted wife Eva.

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Reel News (SOW 5/16/2000): Submitted for Finola's reel was "After dimitri's 'death', Alex flashes back to their wedding ceremony. Alex slaps Edmund when he says her irresponsibility led to the riding accident that caused the horse to be put down.

Prediction on her chances of winning the emmy (4-1). Pros- Hughes' soft beauty and rich, understated acting are a stunning combo. Cons- Panelists who knew and loved Hughes as General Hospital's Anna Devane may have been turned off by Alex."

Presenters from AMC for the emmys will be Finola, John Callahan, Vincent Irizarry, Kelly Ripa, and Mark Consuelos.

emmynoms2.jpg (56631 bytes)Emmy Nominations 2000- With 12 nominations, AMC came out on top among the ABC soaps. However, only two members of its cast were recognized: David Canary (Adam/Stuart) and Finola Hughes (Alex), who only joined AMC in July. 'I'm really surprised,' says Hughes, a '91 winner for her role as GH's Anna. 'I just started .'  And forget figuring out what to wear for the big day. Hughes, who was on hand to help read off the list of nominees, was having a devil of a time just deciding whom to phone with the news. 'I'm going to call my husband, then I'll call [fellow Lead Actress nominee] Susan Flannery (Stephanie, B&B), and then I'm going to call Ian Buchanan (ex-Duke, GH). 'Actually,' she decided, 'he'll be cross that he's third on the list so maybe I'll call him before Susan.' 

27th Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations were announce early March 15th at the Rainbow Room:

"The room did come alive when AMC's Finola Hughes' and DOOL's Patrika Darbo's names were read, since they took part in the ceremony. When her name was announced, all of the blood drained from Hughes' face. 'I was very, very shocked,' she said afterward. Hughes feels her nomination proves the Alex/Anna Devane mystery gamble has paid off for her, AMC and ABC. 'Yeah. Definately. I mean, I think it's intriguing; I don't even know who I am!'

emmynoms.jpg (53782 bytes)Those 8 a.m. Daytime Emmy nominations can throw off an actor's body clock. Used as they are to early morning studio calls, they have to do a bit of resetting to prep for this even earlier call. Looking bright and beautiful in the merciless light of the Rainbow Room's floor-to-ceiling windows, Finola Hughes (Alex), one of the announcers, said that the day before the event she had slept 'in shifts'. I finished work at 4 and I was exhausted, so I went home and slept from 5 till 9, then I got up and ate and went back to bed at 11 and got up at 4:30 a.m.' She was in makeup at 5:30." (SOW4/4/2000)   

Best Stand Alone Actresses- "As Alex on AMC, Hughes rolled into Pine Valley last year and stole the show. Such intelligence, such ease as a performer, such maturity and sheer credibility in her interpretation of a vital, vulnerable, (and sometimes terrifyingly haunted) grown-up woman! Versatile Hughes, a writer's dream, makes magic with every actor she works with, including Vincent Irizarry (as a contentious David) and Michael Nader (husband Dimitri)."
-excerpt from Marlena's 11th Annual Marlena Awards (SOW 3/21/2000)

Dream Ballot for the Daytime Emmys! (SOW 3/14/2000)
Finola Hughes was chosen for Outstanding Lead Actress category.

For Your Consideration! (SOW 2/22/2000) "Finola Hughes, Alex- Hughes faced not only one but two daunting tasks when she burst onto the Pine Valley scene last year: As an actress, she had to step out from the shadow of her uberpopular GH character, Anna Devane Scorpio (while still keeping open the possiblity that Alex is Anna!)- and, as Alex, she had to win the audience's support as Edmund's first viable love post-Maria. Considering fans' loyalty to her predecessor in Edmund's heart, it's no small feat that Hughes has made herself irresistable with her charm, beauty and resonance. The meatier the material, the more she excels Her true bewildered anguish over David and her quest to move beyond her mysterious past putsHughes back where she belongs as a beloved and talented daytime star."

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