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Want to know how Anna and Alex came to Pine Valley? Who they hooked up with? Read some of their adventures here.

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The Devane Files
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-Alexandra Introduces Herself (7/27)
-Alex and Dimitri Wed (8/2)
-Snuggling in Bed (8/5)
-Dimitri talks about Edmund (8/6)
-Alex Steals Maddie's Picture (8/9)
-Alex Admits Taking Maddie's Picture (8/11)
-Dreaming of a Baby (8/12)
-Blind Date (8/17)
-Alex begins treating Dimitri (8/27)
-Alex Talks about Dimitri (8/30)
-Edmund Finds the Vial (8/31)
-Edmund's strong hints (9/2)
-Alex Admits She's in Love (9/3)
-Alex's Promise to Dimitri (9/6)
-Dimitri's Not Dead (9/7)
-Edmund Sees Dimitri (9/8)
-Dimitri's Alive (9/9)
-Alex caves in to Edmund (9/14)
-Adam Tries to Stop Test (9/15)
-Alex Performs Surgery (9/17)
-Dimitri's Last Request (9/20)
-Alex Puts Her Foot Down (9/22)
-Dimitri Disappears (9/23)
-It's Your Fault Part 1 (9/27)
-Alex's Sililoquy (10/1)
-Stuart Gives Alex a Gift (10/6)
-Alex Learns About the Codicil (10/8)
-Dimitri's Will (10/11)
-Alex asks Jack for Help (10/18)
-Ed & Alex Call a Truce (11/16)
-Erica Threatens Alex (11/28)
-Edmund and Alex Agree About David (11/30)
-Ducking Bullets (12/1/99)
-Alex agrees to go to the Crystal Ball (12/7)
-Alex's Comprise (12/15)
-Alex Drops the Crystal (12/16)
-Alex is Upset by the Clock (12/20)
-Alex Sililoquy 2
-Dancing at SOS
-Alex, Kung Fu Expert
-Edmund Gets Too Close
-Two Loves
-Alex Meets Greenlee
-Alex Threatens David
-Edmund & Alex Kiss
-Edmund Finds Alex
-Colby's Custody Mess
-Alex Buys a Horse and Meets Guy
-Catch that Bat!
-Edmund's Suspicious of Guy
-Alex Accuses Edmund of Being Jealous
-Alex Has a Flashback of a Little Girl
-Robin's Reunited with Her Mum
-Robin and Anna Part
-Anna Sets Brooke and Edmund Up for a Date
-Robert's Letter
-Anna's Rushed to the Hospital
-Mac Confronts Anna
-David and Anna Marry
-The Morning After
-It's a Little Girl
-Anna's Departure part I (8/26-8/27), II (9/3-9/5) and part III (9/10-9/15)

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