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Winners and Losers List

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greenfinola2.jpg (6367 bytes)The Winners

Kimberly McCullough. Her moving account on AMC of GH's Robin/Stone story was more than enough to remind us how amazing the story was. No clips necessary. (6/26/2001).

As NuDimitri, he has great chemistry with Finola Hughes and he made the opening credits in record time (5/1/2001).

AMC's cameramen and editors- For the romantic reunion between Dimitri and Alex, despite the fact that Finola Hughes is seven months pregnant (9/19/2000).

AMC writers- For giving Finola Hughes, once a professional dancer, the opportunity to strut her stuff on the dance floor at SOS (2/8/2000).

Finola Hughes and A Martinez- Doesn't it seem like they've been on AMC and GH, respectively, forever? (1/25/2000).

Let's Play Doctor- Only someone as stunning as AMC's Finola Hughes (Alex) can take a doctor's lab coat and blue O/R scrubs and transform them into a sexy fashion statement (12-7-99).

Finola Hughes, for commanding the second spot in the AMC opening sequence, right after Susan Lucci (11-9-99).

Finola Hughes, who as black widow Alex, has amazing chemistry with every AMC actor she's worked with so far, women included! (8-24-99).

Finola Hughes, for charmingly laughing off her faux pas when she called AMC's fictional town Port Charles instead of Pine Valley, during a local New York news segment (8-17-99).

The Losers

AMC's Edmund- He loses the girl (Alex) and a good relationship with his brother (Dimitri)... to each other (9/19/2000).

Dream job- We realize AMC's Edmund is a wealthy man, but does he ever spend one day at the office? (2/15/2000).

Don't throw stones in glass nuthouses- How hypocritical for AMC's Erica to be knocking Alex for spending time in a psychiatric facillity, considering all the time she clocked at Betty Ford. (2/1/2000).

AMC's Erica. For having to learn the hard way- via David's biting words- that she is no longer considered a member of the Marick family. It seems she was among the last to know that Dimitri hadn't really died the first time (10/26/99).

Anna Devane Devotees. The revelation that AMC's Alex is a doctor doesn't offer much hope that she could be Anna- unless Anna went to the same accelerated med school that GL's Rick attended (9/28/99).

AMC's Erica. She plays the grieving widow, goes on and on (in front of Alex, the real widow) about being Dimitri's soul mate, then flings herself into David's arms for comfort. Tacky behavior, Miss Kane (8/31/99).

AMC's Michael Nadar. He gets Finola Hughes as a TV wife just as his character, Dimitri, dies (8-3-99).